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Fire of the Gods

Chapter 3

The Goa'uld fleet moved through space, ever closer to the ruins of the Ancient city, wherein lay the greatest weapon ever created. Legend told that the weapon had been used once, wielded by a great warrior. And that the strength of warrior and weapon combined had rocked the universe, wiping from existence an entire civilization of creatures so hideous, so evil, that it had spawned the fables and stories of demons.

On board each individual ship, seven System Lords plotted the destruction of not only the Tau'ri, and Tok'ra, and to re-establish control over the Jaffa, but the overthrow of their 'brothers and sisters'.

Bastet read the communiqué with interest. She had allied herself with Kali before, and the results had been most acceptable. She smiled. This would indeed make taking possession of the weapon much easier. There would be time enough to betray her co-conspirator. "Bring Lord Kali to my chambers," she told her lo'taur.

"Yes, My Lord," the young woman replied, bowing as she exited the room.

The dark haired woman rose gracefully, and left the pel'tak, her personal guard following her faithfully. For so long she had dreamed of this, the power to rule the universe. Now, the opportunity lay within her grasp.

Kali swept into the room moments later. "Bastet, my friend…"


A  A  A  A  A  A


Klorel paced the pel'tak of his ship, his Jaffa watching nervously. Never had this Goa'uld been a gentle master; but his bitterness…his anger…his cruelty…had grown when he had been forcibly removed from a very suitable host. Just as several of his Jaffa were remembering the first host, so was Klorel. A very fine host; handsome, strong, many of the slaves had been eager to share his bed. Skaara had been the young man's name. A very strong spirit, that one. Breaking him would have been most…enjoyable. For a time Klorel was certain he had accomplished just that. But those damned Tau'ri! He would kill the ones known as SG-1 with his own hands! They had dared to oppose him…the first time when they had managed to board the ships that he and his father were taking to the human's worthless planet. The second, when they had been the 'archon' for the feeble Tau'ri during that ridiculous 'hearing' on Tollana. Twice they had nearly been eliminated from existence. Persistent people. But with the weapon of the Ancients, they would rise no more. They would die for treating a god in the manner in which they had. Yes, he would be the most powerful Goa'uld in the universe. "I will be greater than you, Apophis. It will be my name that shall cause all to tremble with fear!" he hissed.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Lord Olokun hid his smile as Lord Zipancna entered the room. Always this weakling bent his knee to another. He did not deserve the title of System Lord. He was weak…pathetic. Yet he offered information that might be useful. It would be amusing to have this…coward…groveling at his feet. "Lord, Zipancna, welcome. You wish to speak to me?"

The arrogant Mayan 'god' barely swallowed his sneer. "I have news that might prove of value to you."

"I see. And what will this…news…cost me?"

Your life, the Goa'uld thought angrily. "I suggest a truce between us…an…alliance, if you will. We shall both profit greatly from such an arrangement." Until that moment I no longer need you, he plotted silently. Then I shall take much pleasure in killing you.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Morrigan stared moodily out the window. She of all the System Lords was the most vulnerable right now. The others seemed unaware that she had lost a large contingent of Jaffa. She preferred that it remain that way; but if Lord Yu should decide to…expose…her weakness...She shivered. It had been centuries since she had felt this…vulnerable. She wondered briefly if Ba'al had felt this way…just before the Tau'ri killed him. She shivered again. A sense of dread washed over her. The thought that she should flee now took hold in her brain, and began to poke mercilessly at her.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Lord Yu waited. He knew that already partnerships were being formed, deals struck, as each of the System Lords schemed to take the weapon for themselves. He had invited the others merely to make it easier to destroy them. By now his Jaffa were on the planet, ready to take control of the weapon. When the fleet was near enough, the others would be destroyed. Then he would deal with the annoyances of the Tau'ri, the Tok'ra, and the rebel Jaffa.


A  A  A  A  A  A


"O'Neill!" Teal'c whispered.

"I see 'em," Jack replied. "How many do you think there are?"

"I count ten. I do not believe there are any others," the Jaffa replied.

"So what do we do?" Sam asked, her eyes watching the approaching enemy.

"Keep them away from this building," Jack replied. "And hope that Daniel doesn't take too long to figure that damned thing out."



Casey shivered. "Daniel, we have to hurry!"

"Are the ships that close?"

She shook her head. "No. Ground troops. I don't know who they belong to, or how many, but Jack and Sam and T aren't going to be able to hold them back alone, not for long."

"Shit! Okay…this is a warning…that the weapon cannot be used by anyone not Pure of Heart." He lowered his head. "Case, I can't do it."

"What? You can't translate the instructions?"

"No, I can't use it. 'Pure of Heart', I'm not."

She put her hand on his arm, turned him to face her, put her hands on his cheeks, her green eyes holding his blue ones firmly. "Daniel, you are! We couldn't have gotten this far if you weren't the one able to use this thing. You have a kind, loving, giving heart. You are the most gentle man I have ever met-"

He pulled away from her, began pacing. "No! No, I'm not! Do you know what I wanted to do to Nergal? I wanted to torture him, make him suffer, the same way he had made you suffer! I…I could see myself holding a knife over him… feel it in my hands, hear him screaming when I cut him, just like he cut you…I wanted to kill Ba'al with my bare hands! I wanted to wrap my hands around his throat and squeeze the life out of him! He raped you, and I wanted to make him pay, make him suffer for it! Hell, for awhile, I wanted to kill my own brother! I…I…I raped Betsy Harris, Casey. Brutally. I'm not sure how…what happened…but…I know I hurt her…How goddamn 'pure'  is that?"

She smiled. "Daniel, you may have thought about it. Fantasized about doing those things. Out of anger, hurt…from the need to protect me, avenge me. Given the chance, I mean, really given the chance, you never would have done any of those things. You have fought so bravely for the Innocent, protected so many. Even though most Goa'uld warp the host too much for that person to ever be 'right' again, you chose to give Rheda's host a chance at freedom rather than kill her along with the Goa'uld. You freed Ba'al's host when you killed Ba'al. You killed Nergal and the demon that lived within him. Those deaths saved how many innocent lives? You were so drugged out of your mind that you didn't know what was happening with Betsy. And if she was in that bed with you, it's because she wanted to be." She grabbed his shirt sleeves, let her hands caress his strong arms. "You are The Chosen, Daniel. Because you continue to learn, because you're a very intelligent man, a man who always chooses negotiation over violence whenever you can, peace over aggression. Because you have a good heart, a heart full of love. Of kindness, gentleness."

Daniel looked down into green eyes that blazed with love, with devotion. With absolute faith in him. He pulled her into his embrace. "What you do to me, woman," he whispered softly.

"We have to get this done, Daniel. Now, only you can use it. How does it work?"

With a smile, he turned his attention back to the cuneiform.



The Jaffa were close to the building now. The leader caught sight of a light flashing in one corner of the ruined building. He signaled his men to surround the structure. "You, inside the building, come out now, in the name of Lord Yu!"

"Not happening, Skippy. So you and your buddies just walk away now, and we won't have to kill you," Jack called back.

Several staff blasts marked the stone around them with black.

"Damn it!" Jack muttered. He spared a glance at the couple on the floor. To the casual observer they seemed to be asleep.

Aaron picked up Casey's P90, aimed it toward the opening in front of Teal'c, where the majority of the Jaffa seemed to be gathering.

"Let 'em get a little closer. We need to get them taken out as quickly as possible," Jack said quietly.

More staff blasts. Three dangerously close to Daniel. Fingers flexed, caressed triggers. The building was completely surrounded now. "Fire!" Jack ordered.

P90's replied to the volley of fire from the staff weapons, raining death upon the advancing enemy. Two nearly made it into the building before Teal'c took them out. His shoulder was smoking from the hit he took, although he seemed little aware of it. He whirled to fire again, bringing down another armor clad Jaffa.

When they realized that they were no longer being fired upon, they lowered their weapons. "Keep us covered," Jack said to Sam and Aaron. He led Teal'c outside, where they carefully examined each body, making sure that none of Yu's Jaffa were still alive.

"That seemed…easy," Sam remarked when her two teammates returned to the safety of the shelter. All of the staff weapons and zats had been confiscated. They would look good in the armory back that SGC Gamma.

"Yeah. Almost too easy," Jack replied.

Aaron looked around. Wondered if the Triad was near, and had assisted in keeping The Chosen and His Chosen safe.


So tired! Should have stopped the invaders sooner! Too distracted by the presence of the Triad…the presence of The Chosen One. Had it been so long that duty was forgotten in favor of curiosity? It seemed that this was so. Shameful behavior for one once known as Cerberus. Ships still approaching. Not much longer now. The Chosen One would destroy this enemy. The weapon would then…cease to exist. Rest at last. So tired…so very tired…Guarding this weapon, this secret, for so long…now…the end in sight. So tired…


A  A  A  A  A  A


Kali sipped her wine, watching Bastet with wary eyes. They waited together for word from Bastet's spies.

The dark haired woman looked at her companion. Once long ago they had shared… companionship. It had been a long time since she had taken a woman to her bed. She stood, held out her hand. "Come, let us…enjoy one another while we wait."

"Is this the appropriate time?" Kali asked, slightly amused. She shifted in her chair, giving the woman across from her a better view of long legs. Noted the soft gasp. She watched Bastet's eyes darken with desire as she slowly opened her legs, the slit in the gown she wore letting the other woman see for herself that nothing lay between her and the silk.

"Why should it not be? We are safe aboard my ship. My personal guard stands outside the door. No one will bother us. We can do nothing until we arrive at the planet where the weapon waits. We will know nothing of the others until my spies arrive," Bastet replied, as she slid to her knees and moved closer to Kali.

Yes, Kali thought, on your knees before me, as you should be. "I see that you…hunger, Bastet," she teased. She moved her legs farther apart, reached out and ran her hand over long, dark hair. "Do you hunger, my love?"

"Yes!" Bastet whispered, her eyes filled with lust.

"Then come, feast," Kali purred, guiding the woman's head between her thighs.

Bastet closed her eyes, pressed her face into that warm, moist flesh, let her tongue begin to taste, examine the gift offered.

Kali closed her eyes as well. She had forgotten how well Bastet could please her. Perhaps she wouldn't kill this one after all. No, she would keep this dark haired beauty to please her. All thought was pushed aside as Bastet's tongue began to thrust up inside her.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Olokun watched Zipancna carefully as they ate food served by scantily clad slaves. The Ceremony of the Feast always left such a…yearning…in one's body. One dark arm reached out and grabbed a young girl as she walked by, having delivered a tray of food. Black eyes stared into dark brown ones, watching his guest as his hand moved up inside the short skirt of the young girl. For her part, the girl gasped as thick fingers pushed their way into her body. "Do you wish…entertainment?"

"I have such on my own ship," Zipancna replied calmly. His body was reacting to what his eyes were seeing, however.

The dark skinned Goa'uld ripped the clothes from the young woman, revealing a supple body. One hand moved between her thighs. The other crushed a small breast. "Please my guest," he hissed, then shoved the young woman to her knees in front of Zipancna.

Afraid for her life, tears in her eyes, her stomach roiling with disgust, she lifted shaking hands to open the front of the man's robe. Barely quelling a shudder, she opened her mouth and took in the fully erect organ that throbbed just inches from her face. Almost screamed out loud when she felt her god shove himself into her unreadyand unwillingbody.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Klorel threw himself onto his throne. Never had his body felt like this…the need for release maddening. He had not yet chosen a consort. But there were a few slaves on the ship. "Jaffa, kree! Send the slaves to me. Now," he ordered, jumping again to his feet. He hurried to his chambers, his hand already reaching for an erection that was painful.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Lord Yu turned in surprise when Lord Morrigan was announced by his Lo'taur. He raised an eyebrow at her, noted that her gown fit tightly, and was held closed by only three buttons. The Ceremony of the Feast always caused such needs. His body was too old, too feeble to feel such yearnings. But he could see that the woman standing in front of him was ready, and willing. He suspected, however, that there was more to her visit than just the need for sex. He looked at Jarren. The young man would be more than capable of satisfying her. And finding out what she was up to. He motioned the lo'taur to his side. "See to it that Lord Morrigan is…pleased. Do this yourself. And find out what she wants."

Jarren felt his body harden. "Yes, My Lord," he replied. Occasionally Lord Yu's commands were such…pleasure…to obey.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Daniel heaved a sigh. "Okay, let's look over here. There has to be something here!"

Casey rubbed a hand over his shoulders. "You'll find it, Daniel."

He glanced over his shoulder at her. "Sure of that, are you?"

"Yes, I am," she replied, smiling at him. "Now, what does this say?" She pointed at a section of text that looked different from the rest.

He read for a few seconds, then grinned. "Why didn't you just point this out sooner?"

"That's it?" she squeaked in surprise.

He laughed. "Yep. Okay, now…according to this, I need to…"

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