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When Two Hearts Collide

Chapter 12



"I want to do everything tonight."


"Mmmhmm. Everything."

He frowned. "Such as?"

She shifted, put one arm across his chest, rested her chin on it. Looked into his eyes. "I want to go Around the World."

His heart stopped beating. He couldn't breathe. Time seemed to have frozen in place. "Are you sure?" he asked quietly, once his heart was working again, and his lungs had filled with enough air to speak, and time was moving as it should be.

"Positive. I never…" she lowered her eyes. "Until I met you, I never really wanted to make love to a man. I…my heart had to be involved, my soul had to be touched first. That never happened until I met you. Now-" she broke off, her eyes went wide, and the color drained from her cheeks.

"Casey?" he frowned at the look of panic that filled her eyes.

"Never mind," she whispered hoarsely. She tried to move away from him. His arms tightened around her.

"Honey, what's wrong?"

She refused to look at him. She hadn't even made love to him yet and she was acting like a slut…a whore…telling him that she wanted to do things that he might not be interested in doing.

Daniel was a quick learner. And he had already learned two important things about Casey: her eyes would tell him more than her words ever would, and there were times when he had to force her to look at him, to make eye contact so that he could see what was going on in that pretty little head. He wrapped his hand around her chin, lifted her face to look at him. "Honey, talk to me."

"I'm sorry," she whispered.

"For what?"

"I'm…I guess she was right," she said morosely.

"Who? Right about what?"

"My mo…my adoptive mother. I'm a slut…a whore."

The pain in her eyes, the deep sadness, cut him to the quick. "Why, because you want to make love to me? Because you're offering the most precious thing to me that a woman can give the man she loves? Because you trust me enough to make love to you in one of the most intimate ways possible? That doesn't make you a whore or a slut, Casey. That makes you a passionate woman, a woman willing to love the man who loves her, adores her. Makes you an amazing woman, Casey. Not…not that… never, ever that!"

The only thing she saw in his blue eyes was love. Could see that he believed what he was telling her. She could hear the anger in his words, but her heart knew, her mind understood that the anger wasn't directed at her. "I try so hard not to be…that," she whispered.

"I know," he replied softly. "She hurt you so deeply. You have to believe me when I tell you that she lied to you…hateful, spiteful lies. You aren't a slut or a whore. You never will be…that's not the kind of woman you are. Now, are you sure you want to go Around the World?"

She nodded, her cheeks flushing pink.

He smiled. "I would be so honored, Casey, to take you on your first trip. I promise to be gentle. If at any time you want to stop, if you get scared, or it hurts, or you just want to wait, you tell me, okay?"

"Okay," she whispered.

"We'll take our time, babe. I'll make it good for you, I promise," he whispered in reply.

"I have no doubt of that," she smiled.

His heart soared at her declaration. He shifted so that he was once again on his side, and she was on her back beside him. His hand caressed her cheek, then began to move over her, from her shoulder to her hip, his fingers just barely grazing the skin of her belly as he moved his hand back up to massage, caress her breasts, first one, then the other. "You are so beautiful," he said softly, "so passionate, so giving…so amazing. I love you."

"I love you," she replied softly, her hands wrapped around his face. Her eyes blazed with that love. She gently pulled him closer, traced his lips with her tongue as soon as they made contact with hers. She suckled on that full lower lip, felt him shiver beside her. "I want to please you, make you happy," she whispered.

"You already do, you make me very happy," he whispered in reply, before his tongue invaded her mouth. He kissed her until they were both breathless with desire; the fire of need, of desire…of love, burning ever higher in them. He kissed his way back to her breasts, his hand moving from one round, firm orb to the other, holding her as he suckled with abandon.

She had one arm around his shoulders, the other hand in his hair, running her fingers through the short, dark blond locks as he made love to her, arousing her all over again. She gasped when his fingers moved down her belly…over her mons…began to caress the moist flesh between her thighs. In just a few minutes he would be inside her. She would be a virgin no longer, and she would belong wholly to him. Her heart began to pound with anticipation. If he could turn her mind to mush making love to her orally, what would he do to her when he used his impressive manhood to love her?

His fingers had felt no resistance, he didn't think that there was a hymen to worry about. Still, as slender as she was, he had no doubt that she was going to be tight. He worried about hurting her.

"I was made just for you," she whispered.

He smiled. Living with a seer was going to be damned interesting. "I'm glad," he replied. He continued to caress her, to make love to the breasts he adored. When her breath was coming in gasps, and she was slick and wet beneath his fingers, he shifted his body over her, spread her legs wider with his knee. "Wrap around me, babe."

She obeyed, her arms tightening around his shoulders, her legs wrapping around his waist. Her hips were pointed up, she could feel the tip of his shaft touching her. It sent a shiver of excitement through her.

He reached between them, rubbed himself against her to gather as much of that sweet honey as he could. "If it hurts, or you get scared, or you just want to stop and wait awhile, tell me," he whispered, repeating what he'd said earlier, making certain that she understood that she was in complete control of what happened between them.

She nodded, her eyes wide with a mixture of expectation, excitement…and fear.

He moved slowly, pressed gently against her. He slid forward, felt the head move into her. She was ready for him; hot…wet…and so damned tight! He watched her face, looking for any signs of pain. He pushed again, felt himself move deeper. Another gentle push, and another…until his hips were pressed against her. She felt so damned good!

He had stretched her to take him in. It had been…uncomfortable, for a few seconds. But now …to be so full, so completely full…it was incredible! His body was one with hers, in the intimate act of love that joined two bodies, two hearts, two souls into one entity. She shivered when she felt him throb deep inside her.

"Are you okay?"

She smiled. "Mmmhmm."

It was becoming difficult to remain still. He wanted to give her body enough time to become accustomed to his presence before he started moving. The need to pull out and then drive back into her was making him shake. Sweat broke out over his upper lip, his shoulders, his back, as he forced himself not to move.

Why wasn't he moving? She knew that was part of the routine. Was something wrong with her? Did he suddenly not want to make love to her? Her body was beginning to clamor for more. She moved her hips up and down slightly, felt the friction of their bodies rubbing together, jumped from the intensity of the sensation.

He almost lost his mind when she moved her hips up and down. Her sudden jerk worried him. "Case?"

"Oh, god, that felt good," she moaned. When she realized what she had said her cheeks turned pink.

He grinned. Moved gently up and down against her, pushing his body against hers.

She gasped. "Oh, god, that's incredible!"

"It gets better," he promised, his breath coming harder as he struggled to wait just a minute or so longer.

"I don't know if I'll survive better."

Daniel grinned. She had her head back, her elegant throat was arched. He couldn't help but lower his head to take a nibble of that soft, fragrant skin.

"You're trying to drive me insane, aren't you?" she moaned.

"Just want you to feel good. Ready?"


He pulled out slowly, pushed back in just as gently. Did it again. She wasn't the only one on the verge of going insane! Hot and tight and she had taken every blessed inch of him the very first time! That had never, never happened before! He continued to move in and out of her, felt her hips meet his with every gentle thrust. Oh, god, it felt incredible! The fact that he hadn't been with a woman in over a year…well, that particular 'encounter' didn't even qualify as making love. A quick fuck against the wall was all it had been…sexual release…that was it. Kegan had had no interest in him, exactly, although she had been rather interested in Carlin, the personality that he had been 'stamped' with. Until he started hanging around with Thera, who was actually Sam, and Jonah, who was actually Jack. Kegan had made it clear that he had to choose between her, or them. He'd made his choice... He moaned softly when Casey began to grind those slender hips against him, her body begging him for more.

"Please…more," she whispered, her back arched beneath him, pressing her breasts against his chest.

That sweet whisper was almost enough to destroy the self-control he was barely clinging to. He knew that to do what he wanted to do, drive into her until she was begging for mercy, would hurt her. But god she felt so good, and she smelled good, and…Sweet Jesus! What the hell was that? He pushed deep, felt the muscles deep inside her begin to massage every inch of his cock. He began to pant. If she kept that up, he wasn't going to make it…he'd be pounding into her like a man possessed!

"Do you like it?" she asked shyly.

"Oh, god, yes," he breathed, closing his eyes as she clamped down on him again. "Casey, I don’t know if I can stand much more…"

"Love me, Daniel, take me the way you want to…the way you need to," she whispered, her lips moving over his shoulder. Her body was screaming for more, knew that he held the key to the release she was so desperately seeking.

With a groan he gave in to the desire, the need that flooded him, his self-control in tatters at her feet. He began to move harder, faster, pulling out nearly all of the way before plunging back into her warm, accommodating body.

"Yes," she moaned softly.

All ability for coherent thought was lost as that whisper echoed in his ears. He rose up on outstretched arms, began to pound into the body beneath him, reaching for that shimmering climax that danced in front of his eyes. He was grinding his hips against her, trying to shove himself into her as deeply as possible.

"Oh, god!" she cried out, her back arching further from the bed as the sensations began to overwhelm her. She tightened her legs around his waist, her hands locked around his biceps as her hips met his thrust for thrust.

He opened his eyes when he felt her thighs begin to quiver. Listened to that sweet whimper fill her throat. Watched her face as her orgasm exploded, felt her well begin to pulse and contract around him, felt the flood of warm honey that washed down his cock, over his balls and onto his thighs. Listened to his name echo off of the walls. Her hips hadn't stopped moving, and the stimulation was about to drive him insane. He knelt on the bed, grabbed her hips and drove into her until it felt as if his body was trying to fly apart. Hot and incredible and good…he felt the fire in his belly, as it raced up into his cock. Suddenly he was there - hurtling over the cliff and into the abyss, waves of pure pleasure rushing over him. He dropped down on top of her, panting, his body shaking, each spasm his cock gave as he filled her making him jerk slightly.

Totally amazing, she thought, when her body finally stopped trembling. She'd orgasmed again within seconds of him grabbing her hips, and his efforts to bring himself to completion had only served to make it so long, so intense that she'd thought she would pass out. She wrapped her arms and legs around him again as he lay on top of her trying to catch his breath.

"Are you all right?"

She smiled at the concern in his voice. "Any better and I'd be unconscious."

He grinned against the soft skin of her shoulder. "I didn't hurt you?"

"Oh, no! It was amazing! Thank you," she said softly, pressing her lips to his neck.

"You're welcome. Thank you," he replied. He worked his arm beneath her hips, and with a groan, managed to roll over, keeping her body tight against his own; remained buried deep within her. "And you were worried about me being disappointed," he teased softly.

"You weren't?"

"Absolutely not! I've never been with a woman who makes love with so much passion!" he told her truthfully. He had thought that Sarah had gotten wild. Had thought that the passion between him and Sha're had been incredible. And it had been. It had, however, been nothing compared to the feelings and emotions and sensations that he'd experienced just now. Never before had he ever allowed himself to let go like that...never before had he been driven to the edge of insanity like that, all ability for coherent thought completely gone. He'd never been with a woman who'd been able to take all of him the first time…who'd been able to take him completely. Always did he have to take care not to hurt his lovers. "Are you sure you're all right?"

She crossed her arms on his chest, rested her chin on her arm, and looked into worried blue eyes. "I'm so good like you can't even believe," she said, smiling at him.

His hands moved over her hips, to her waist, then settled into a soothing pattern, moving up and down her back slowly, rhythmically. So damned slender, yet she was able to take him. All of him. Just for me, he thought gleefully. She was made just for me!

Even though he was no longer as hard as he had been while he made love to her, she could still feel him, was still 'full' of him. She loved that they were still connected, still 'one'. Her back moved up slightly to maintain contact with his warm, strong hands as he continued to caress her. Physical contact had been minimal in her life. Usually consisted of slaps, or spankings, or being shaken until she was dizzy. The gentle touch of those long, slender fingers was like succor for her very soul.

"Penny for them," he said softly, watching her eyes.

She blushed. "I was just thinking about how much I like it when you touch me," she said, not able to look at him when she spoke.

"I'm glad. I like touching you," he replied. He knew instinctively that physical contact…loving physical contact…had not been a part of her life. He hadn't had much either, not after his parents had been killed. He remembered hugs and kisses from his mother, and the weight of his father's arm around his shoulders. But once he'd entered the foster care system, those things had been missing from his life.

Casey moved her arms, let her hands trail down his sides. She rested her head on his shoulder. So safe. So warm. So right. She had never believed that she would ever have feelings like this. That she would ever find a man capable of touching her heart, her soul. She hadn't realized until meeting Daniel that she had needed…been waiting for…the man who could touch her emotionally before her body would follow. Destiny. He was her destiny every bit as much as she was his. You were right, Miss Eloise, she thought gratefully. You were right. She swore she could hear the old woman cackling with delight.

She had sighed again, a contented little sigh that made his insides quiver. When she snuggled closer, as if she were trying to crawl inside his skin with him, he couldn't help but sigh happily himself. His. She was totally, one hundred percent his. No other man had seen her beautiful, sexy, alluring body. No other man had ever tasted her sweetness. No other man had ever experienced her passion. The grin that spread over his face was one of pure satisfaction.

"You're looking…pleased," she said, smiling up at him.

"Yep." The grin widened.

"Care to share the reason?"

"You're mine."

She giggled. "Yes, I am."



"All mine."

She giggled again. "I take it that this makes you happy?"

"More than you'll ever know," he said, smiling at her.

She sat up, her hands moving softly over his chest. "You're a beautiful man, Daniel Jackson," she said softly.

His cheeks flushed with embarrassed heat. The face he saw every day in the mirror was…acceptable. He'd never considered himself to be overly handsome. He'd always been the geek…the nerd…the guy with the glasses, tall, skinny…oh, yeah, he understood that he had outgrown that image, and certainly working out at the SGC as a part of the requirements of being on an SG team had afforded him a body that could take a lot of abuse, and was strong enough to fight back. He had heard the comments from some of the women in the SGC, the nurses mostly, about his eyes. Or his smile. Not that he could see anything so special about either. "Thanks," he mumbled.

She smiled, ran a fingertip over his jaw. "You're the type of man a woman dreams about…handsome, strong, gentle, kind…" she sighed again. "You have the most incredible blue eyes. This sexy, shy smile that turns my knees to mush. Those broad shoulders were made to hang onto, your chest is wide and perfect for cuddling up to, and let me tell you, we might say that size doesn't matter, but it does, and I hit the jackpot, baby! Yep, you're the perfect man, Doctor Daniel Jackson."

He couldn't help but laugh. "I'm glad you think so. I can guarantee that in two weeks you'll be able to name my faults alphabetically."

She shook her head. "I doubt that very much."

Daniel reached up and wrapped a lock of long blonde silk around his finger. "You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen," he said softly.

Once again that blonde head moved back and forth.

"You have the most amazing green eyes…so full of light, and life…and warmth. Everything you feel is there, they're a window to your beautiful soul," he continued. "Your smile can warm me to the very core of my being. You have the body of a goddess, you have the heart…the soul…of an angel. You have this…gentleness…that surrounds you…"

Body of a goddess? Beautiful? Certainly he was seeing her in a way that she had never seen herself. If he loved her, then he was seeing her with the eyes of love, not with the harsh light of reality. "I’m glad I please you," she said softly.

"You more than please me, Casey. You totally blow me away," he replied just as softly. He ran his hands over her shoulders, pulled her gently back down to lie against him. "Love you," he whispered, his arms holding her tightly.

"Love you, too," she whispered in reply.

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