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When Two Hearts Collide

Chapter 17

It took less than forty minutes for Casey to have her stereo, CD's, and candles packed. She stood up, put her hands on her hips. "Has anyone thought about what we're doing for dinner?"

"Yep," Jared replied. "We are taking the two of you to the Met."

Her eyes went wide. "You're kidding!"

"Nope. We have reservations for seven thirty," Jared told her.

"The Met?" Daniel asked.

"The Metropolitan Grill," Kevin said. "One of the best steak houses in the country. They have seafood and pasta too. Great food, great ambiance…"

"We wanted to do something special for you, Case," Kells said softly. "Sort of a going-away party/wedding gift."

Casey hugged her friend tightly. "You don't have to."

"I know. But we want to. That's what friends do," the redheaded woman replied.

"Do we need to change?" Daniel asked, glancing at his watch.

"Nope. That's what's so great about this place. Jeans or tuxedoes. Your choice. Either are completely acceptable," Jared replied.

"If the reservations are for seven thirty, we'd better get going," Ricky said, looking at his own watch.

"Okay, you and Kelley ride with us. Daniel, you can follow," Kevin said, settling the transportation arrangements before a lengthy discourse on the subject could ensue.

Casey giggled. "Geez you're bossy!"

"Tell me about it," Jared grumped. "Ow!"

Kevin shook his head. "That didn't hurt."

"It did too," Jared argued, rubbing his arm where his lover had hit him.

"I'll show you pain," Kevin threatened.

"You know I love it when you go dominatrix on me," Jared grinned.

"TMFI!" Casey declared.

"TMFI?" Daniel asked, wondering if he really wanted to know.

"Yeah, Too Much Freaking Information."

The archaeologist laughed. He stood to his feet. "Just in case I get lost, where are we headed?"

"Downtown Seattle. Second Avenue," Kevin told him.

The group headed toward the parking lot. Daniel waited until the Chevy Blazer he saw Jared climb into pulled out of the parking space. "Your friends are going to miss you."

"I'm going to miss them," she said quietly.

He glanced over at her. "No regrets? No changing your mind?"

She reached over and caressed his thigh. "No regrets. No changing my mind. You're stuck with me, Doctor Jackson," she said softly.

"Not stuck with you, Case. Blessed with you."

"You say the sweetest things," she sighed.

He grinned. Took the hand from his thigh, where it set his body on fire. Held those sweet fingers to his lips. "Shit!"


"We have to stop by the jewelry store."

"Can I use your cell phone?"

He handed her the small device.

She quickly dialed the number she knew by heart. "Kev? Pull off at South Center. We have to pick up our wedding bands," Casey said, a soon as Kevin answered his phone. "Not really…does she? Okay, that will work…Okay, see you in a few." She closed the phone. "They'll pull off, let Kelley out, and head on to the Met to make sure we get our table. She remembers exactly where the place is at, so she'll get us there."

"I'll run in and get the rings. Won't take me but a minute or so," he nodded.


A   A   A   A   A   A


Thirty minutes later Daniel, Casey, and Kelley walked into the Metropolitan Grill. The waitress led them to the table where Kevin, Jared, and Ricky were waiting. Ricky had obviously been flirting with the woman since his arrival, and Casey smiled when she saw the woman slip him a piece of paper. Her name and phone number, no doubt.

When Casey had opened her menu, and paled at the prices, Daniel had taken it from her, closed it, and then read the available items to her. Kevin and Jared had cheered him on, telling Casey this was her going away party, and that they were more than capable of picking up the tab.

They all agreed on an appetizer of Dungeness Crab cakes. Casey ordered a spinach salad, while Daniel ordered Maine Lobster Bisque, delighted to have a chance to sample the rich soup again after several years. The last time he'd had that particular type of soup was when he and Dr. Jordan had gone to dinner in a popular restaurant in Chicago to celebrate the success of one of their digs in Egypt. Jared talked them both into having the Filet Mignon, although Casey insisted on getting the smallest cut available. Kevin ordered a bottle of Merlot, knowing that it was Casey's favorite, a fact he shared with Daniel, and promised champagne before the evening was over.

During the course of the conversation, Casey pointed out to her friends that Daniel was a linguist. He blushed brightly when she informed them proudly that he spoke twenty-three languages. Jared, who had spent nearly two years in France, began a conversation with him in French. When the two began to laugh, she became suspicious.

"I'm serious Daniel. One word. Six months. Alone. Completely," she hissed under her breath.

He laughed, put his arm around her shoulders. "And just how would you find out if I've said anything?"

"Kevin. Jared will tell Kevin. And I'll find out from him."

The young man rolled his eyes when Jared looked accusingly at him. "She hits hard," Kevin protested defensively.

He, Jared, and Ricky chuckled loudly. Daniel leaned closer. "Not a word, Angel, I promise. What goes on between you and I is no one else's business."

She smiled. "Thank you," she whispered.

"You're welcome," he whispered in return.

The meals were exclaimed over and eaten. A second bottle of Merlot ordered, opened and poured. When the waitress put a slice of Nine Layer Devil's Food Cake in front of Casey, she began to protest. She hadn't been able to eat all of her meal, although the four men at the table had made quick work of her leftovers.

"It's your favorite," Jared said softly. "Enjoy, Case."

Another tidbit of information about her, Daniel thought. He understood that the two men wanted her last dinner with them to be one she remembered. He wondered, however, if making sure that her favorites were pointed out was for his benefit. He accepted the bites she offered him, knowing that she'd never be able to eat all of the rich dessert alone. And he happened to be pretty damned fond of chocolate, and chocolate cake, himself.

By ten o'clock the meal, including dessert, had been cleared away. Evidently that had been the signal, and a bottle of champagne was brought to the table. When everyone had a glass, Jared held his up. "Casey, you've been a ray of sunshine in our lives. You were instrumental in getting Kevin and me together. You've been there for Kelley and Ricky while their mother has been ill. You've got a sweet, generous heart, and we're going to miss you like crazy."

Casey had tears in her eyes, wiped at them furiously. "I'm gonna miss you all, too," she said softly. She was grateful for Daniel's presence, for the way he gently squeezed her hand.

Kevin lifted his glass. "Daniel, I'm glad that we, as Casey's friends, her family, got a chance to meet you, and to know you just a bit. We can see that you love her, as much as she loves you. She's precious, and deserves the best. Take care of her, and you'll never need to watch over your shoulder."

"Then I'll never have to watch over my shoulder," Daniel said quietly. "She's the most precious, special thing to ever come into my life. That sweet light that shines from her heart has filled every dark, lonely corner of my soul."

Jared and Kevin both nodded approvingly. Ricky studied the man for a few seconds, then lifted his glass in salute as well. The clinking of six glasses echoed around the table.

Thirty minutes later final good-byes were said, tears were shed, and promises to keep in touch were made. As painful as it was to leave these people behind, Daniel's hand around hers was all the reassurance she needed that she was doing the right thing. Wherever Daniel was, that was where she wanted to be.




"I am so full," Casey complained as she walked hand in hand with Daniel back to the parking garage.

"I don't know how," he teased. "You don't eat enough to keep a bird alive."

"Birds eat twice their weight every day," she informed him.

He chuckled. "Animal Planet?"

"I never had a life," she explained easily. She put her head on his shoulder as they walked toward the car. "This is the first…party…anyone ever had for me," she said softly.

"I promise it won't be the last one." Party…oh hell! "Friday night is the SGC's annual Christmas party," he said. He cringed as memories of last year's party, or what he could remember of it, flashed through his mind.

"Oh," she said. "Do you have to go?"

He smiled. "Well, I don't suppose I have to go. But General Hammond would be a bit upset if I didn't at least show up. I’m the head of the Archaeological Research Department."

"Wow," she replied, suitably impressed.

"We don't have to stay long."


"Yeah, we. I'm not going without you." That he would be using her as a…shield…to protect himself from…over-zealous…nurses was something she need never be aware of.

She smiled. Hoped her black dress would be okay. She didn't have anything…extravagant…to wear. Maybe next year, she thought, sighing mentally with happiness. She'd be making a lot more working at the SGC, she'd be able to afford nicer clothes now. "I like the idea of not staying long. I'd rather just be alone with you."

He felt his ego soar. "You certainly know how to make me feel good," he told her. He planted a kiss on her forehead. Held the door open after he unlocked the car.




She watched the lights of Seattle as they drove through the city. Watched the skyline of Tacoma as they approached, realized that it would be some time before she saw either city again. For years, as long as she could remember, actually, she had dreamed of leaving the area, leaving behind all of the bad memories, the pain, the hurt. Starting new somewhere else. She was doing just that. She'd never dreamed, however, that she would be leaving to be with the man whom the Goddess had made for her, had promised to her before time began.

She couldn't hide the shiver when they passed the exit for 56th street. Her adoptive parents lived in that direction. She hadn't seen them, or spoken to them, since she'd left for college. That had been almost ten years ago, she thought. She'd made no secret of where she was. Her name was listed in the phone book. She'd even seen Sheryl a time or two at the Blue Gull, although neither of them had acknowledged the other.

"Penny for them," he said softly. He'd seen the shiver, had watched her eyes as they passed the exit.

"Nothing worth mentioning," she said softly.

"You're sure?"

She took his hand, lifted it to her lips, kissed each knuckle gently. "I'm sure."

Damn, what she could do to him! Nice little avoidance technique, his brain informed him. And you should know, it continued. Yeah, he was pretty good at avoiding things he didn't want to talk about. "We have to be at McChord by eleven tomorrow. Is there anything you wanted to do before we leave?"

"I wanted to stop by and say goodbye to Vicky Campbell. I don't want to stay long, she's not feeling well."


"Cancer. She's dying." She looked out of the window, blinked back the tears that threatened.

"We'll stop by on our way to the airport, I promise."

She nodded, unable to speak just yet.

"Anyone else you want to say goodbye to?"

"No one," she replied. For years her 'family' had consisted of Kelley, and her brother and mother. It had been Kelley who had been there when she'd been broken hearted after her first 'real love' had ended in heartbreak, because she wouldn’t…couldn't go to bed with him. Ricky had been the one to take her out to play laser tag, or a round of paintball, which prevented her from spending every weekend home alone. Vicky, while she'd been well, had treated her like one of her own. When Casey had met Kevin, at the homeless shelter where both had volunteered before it was closed, he had just 'come out' to his family. And had been shunned completely. Jared had suffered a similar fate with his family, and met the two just a few months later. By that time Vicky was battling cancer, and Kelley and Ricky were spending most of their time with her. So the three lonely people, two gay men and one straight woman, had become best friends, and family to one another. Jared and Kevin had been there to protect her, help her when Kenny Vincent had decided that he was going to be the man to 'melt the ice princess', and take her virginity. Those five people were the closest thing to family she'd ever had. No, there was no one else she wanted to see, or speak to.




She couldn't help but smile as she carried the Victoria's Secrets bag into the hotel. Last night she'd been nervous…scared to death that she'd never be able to please a man as virile as Daniel. Tonight…she almost giggled. Tonight she was going to put on that little white teddy. And she was going to drive him out of his mind. Hopefully before he drove her insane.

Daniel grinned when she brushed past him and hurried into the room. No sign of hesitation tonight, he thought gleefully. Which meant, his brain informed him, that you have awakened the very passionate side of that gorgeous woman. Yep, he agreed. And she's getting ready to drive us insane, his brain continued. Yep, he replied. He shivered with anticipation.

Two glasses of wine. One glass of champagne. She wasn't drunk, but she was definitely…relaxed. Her days of drinking herself to oblivion were long behind her. She'd learned quickly that besides being a costly habit, it put her at risk from men she didn't want to be around, and left her with hangovers that often lasted for the entire weekend. She smiled at Daniel, and disappeared into the bathroom with the shopping bag.

Just as she had the night before, she washed up, then applied her lotion. She decided to forgo the perfume, she'd wear it tomorrow. On the plane. Drive him crazy for the time they would be in the air. She pulled on the white teddy. Good grief! She might as well not wear anything! The legs were cut high; there was very little crotch to it, being a thong. The lacy cups barely covered her nipples, let alone the rest of her breasts. She took the garment off and checked the size. Size two. That was what she wore. Okay, then this teddy was meant to look like…this? She pulled it back on. It didn't feel too small. Just that there wasn’t anything to it. Which, she thought, there isn't! After careful examination of herself in the mirror, she came to a conclusion. He was going to love this teddy! She took a deep breath. Wondered just how long she'd actually have it on.

Daniel had stripped quickly, turned the bed back. Was stretched out waiting for her, hands behind his head. Eyes on that bathroom door. He was already hard and aching for her. Just the thought of her sexy body in either of those teddies was enough to have him moaning mentally. He glanced at the clock. Just after midnight. With a sigh, he picked up the phone, called the front desk, and left a wake-up call request for seven. That should give them enough time to shower, grab breakfast, stop and see Kelley's mother, and still make it to the Air Force base on time. The door opened slowly, and she stepped into the room. And his cock stood straight up. Sweet Jesus in Heaven! Except for a few strategically placed strips of lace, there wasn't a damn thing to that very little teddy. His mouth was watering to taste her as she walked toward the bed.

She watched his eyes, loved the look of lust that filled them, watched as he devoured her with them. "My little white teddy. Like it?" She gave a little turn.

"Uh huh."

"You look positively tongue-tied, Doctor Jackson," she teased softly.

"Let's take it off," he said, sliding toward the side of the bed, reaching for her.

She danced out of his reach. "I just put it on."

"That's nice. Let's take it off."

"Daniel, I haven't even had it on five minutes yet."

"Okay. Let's take it off."

She started giggling. Nothing was filtering through to his brain. Mainly, her brain told her, because his entire blood supply was in the anaconda at the moment. She settled down on the bed beside him. Caught his wrists with her hands when he reached for her. "Let me wear it for a few minutes," she said playfully.

"No promises," he replied. He was on his side, looking down at her. His fingers moved over her face. "So beautiful," he whispered.

She reached up, traced his jaw with her fingers. "So beautiful," she echoed.

He claimed her lips with his own, his tongue softly working the combination that would give him access to that sweet mouth. Pushed into her warmth when she opened to him. Closed his eyes as he began to stroke her. Soon his tongue was dancing with hers, from her mouth, into his, and then back again, as she moved to taste him, stroke him. No other man has ever known her passion, he thought. Sha're had been a virgin. It hadn't affected him as much as knowing that Casey had come to his bed untouched. Perhaps the difference in culture had something to do with it. For Sha're and her people, sex before marriage was unheard of…for a woman of Sha're's societal standing at least. Only harlots…whores…slept with men for the sheer pleasure of doing so. In his own world, it was rare to find a woman who had waited as long as Casey had. Which made her surrender to him all the sweeter, the gift of being her first all the more precious. Whatever the reason, his heart hammered with delight knowing that his lips, his mouth, his hands…were the first to touch her; his body the only male body she'd ever known.

Never before had just a simple kiss set her entire body on fire. Simple? There was nothing simple about the way Daniel kissed! It was a banquet of sensations, tastes…if they kissed long enough, she was certain that she'd come. Just to be in his arms, kissing, was the most wonderful thing in the world. Toss in making love, especially the way he made love, and well, she was the happiest woman on the planet. On any planet! Once again the thought that only Daniel's kisses could so arouse her, that her body responded only to his touch flittered through her mind. She just couldn't be a slut, or a whore, if she only wanted one man, could she? Of course not! Grandma Rose had told her to listen to her heart, that her heart would never lead her wrong. Right now her heart was telling her that only in his arms would she ever be happy. Only in his arms did her body fill with desire. Only at his side did she feel as if she were truly alive. Only Daniel's touch, she thought. Only Daniel.

Her arms were locked around his shoulders, one hand in his hair. That so turned him on, it had always turned him on when a woman ran her fingers through his hair while making love. Sha're had liked to run her fingers through his hair. It had been considerably longer then. And it had been the one thing that Sha're had done without hesitation. There was a distinct difference between the way Sha're had touched him, and the way Casey did. Sha're's touch had been gentle, comforting. And he'd liked it. A lot. She just never did it while they made love. Her hands went to his shoulders and stayed there. Casey's touch was just as tender. Until she became totally aroused, and then her fingers were clenched, tugging gently. God, that turned him on!

He was kissing, and nibbling, and licking her throat, and it was driving her crazy! She'd never known how much of a turn on such simple caresses could be…how each movement of his mouth against her skin sent fingers of pleasure up and down her spine, to center in that secret place between her thighs. The more time he spent making love to her like that, the more turned on she became. Her nipples were so hard they hurt, needed his attention, and that too would drive her insane with pleasure…with need. She turned her head slightly, offering greater access to that sensitive skin, and she shivered when he readily accepted the invitation. Whimpered with need when he moved away from her long enough to pull that sexy little teddy from her body. 

Daniel was quick to pick up on nuances. And he'd learned the night before that attention to this beautiful, elegant neck was the quickest way to turn Casey on. Her entire body reacted to his caresses…her back arched slightly, her nipples hardened, her hips pushed up against him, her hands tightened in his hair and on his neck. When she shifted, exposing more of that long throat to him, he was more than willing to take advantage. Felt the shiver in response. She was breathing hard…if they didn't have to be up so early in the morning, he'd spend more time on that fragrant skin. But they did. And tonight he was going to show her that making love could be sweet and gentle. He slid down, his mouth watering to taste those sweet pink nipples. My beauties, he sighed mentally, wrapping his hands around them caressing them gently.

His touch was soft, gentle…she could feel the need in his body, felt the desire in the throb of his erection against her leg. It felt…different…tonight; just as incredible, just as pleasing. But it was…slower…mellow. More like drifting on a cloud rather than riding the wild waves of passion. She couldn't help it when her back arched so high as he began to suckle, moving from one breast to the other, leaving soft, tender kisses in between.

When her back arched higher as he suckled, he smiled against her skin. Her entire body responded to every caress. Making love to her was like nothing he'd ever experienced before. Just as he'd reluctantly left her throat, he kissed his beauties one last time, and slid down her body. He would taste her, and allow her to taste him, something told him that she wouldn't be satisfied if she weren't able to reciprocate. But tonight it would be merely a means to fan the flames of desire. Friday night, he promised himself, they would make love all night. He could smell the sweet scent of her arousal, and it urged him on. He smiled against the skin of her hip when she opened readily to him.

How incredible was it that just his intimate kisses could make her come? She shuddered when he thrust his tongue inside her, felt the soft waves of pleasure move over her, felt him lap at her honey as it flowed. When he began to tease her hard, swollen clit, she gave a little sigh. He would tease her until she was delirious with need. But oh, it would be so worth it! She had read about making love. But there were no words that could describe the feelings…the sensations. She was certain that the love that she felt for Daniel, and that he obviously felt for her, made the experience all the more pleasurable.

He could see the question in her eyes as he began to kiss and lick his way back to her lips. "Slow and easy," he whispered. "No time to play hard."

She nodded her understanding. Tonight they didn't have the time to make love again and again. Still, he had tasted her…when he was lying on top of her, his lips and tongue coaxing a moan from her as he kissed her, she worked her hands between their bodies…pushed gently. "I need to taste you," she whispered. "Please, let me taste you."

Never had a woman begged to do that. Never. His heart seemed determined to beat its way out of his chest and into her soft hands in return. He smiled, rolled to his back. "Do it," he whispered to her, wrapping his hand in that long, blonde silk. He watched the desire that filled those green eyes, couldn't hold back the moan as her hot, wet mouth began a journey that started with his jaw, and ended with her licking his hips.

She ran her fingers through his pubic hair, that was just so freaking erotic, and she loved the way his body gave a little shiver, and his anaconda jumped. She was licking the precum from the head as she wrapped her hand around him. Just a taste. She opened her mouth and took as much of him as she could, moved her tongue against him, felt him jerk slightly. Oh, yeah, she thought delightedly, who's your baby? The thought had her giggling mentally. She looked up at him, locked her gaze with his as she established a steady rhythm.

"You're amazing," he whispered, brushing her hair from her face. "No other woman has ever done that like you do. No other woman ever took me all the way. No other woman ever wanted to love me like that."

Her eyes went wide. Were they nuts? Okay, sure, he was big. No, he was huge, but still! To pass up the opportunity to taste him…hold him like this…She let him fall from her mouth, licked him like a lollipop. "No one? Not ever?"

"No one," he whispered. "Not ever."

She smiled up at him. "Mine," she growled softly, just before gobbling him down as far as possible.

"Sweet Jesus!" he moaned. The look of glee in her eyes let him know that she had claimed him fully, completely, forever. And his heart was soaring.

She glanced at the clock. One thirty. And they needed to get up early. She slid up, kissed his chest. "Daniel?"


"Could we…well…would it be okay if we…" she stopped, shook her head slightly.

"Whatever you want, Case," he said softly.

She couldn't say it. But maybe she could show him. She knelt on the bed beside him. Tugged his arm until he sat up. Then she moved in front of him, got on her hands and knees, and looked over her shoulder at him.

He hissed a sigh when that sweet twat winked at him as she positioned herself. He was up on his knees, his hands around her hips, pushing into that warm well before she could change her mind. When she looked over her shoulder, her eyes full of love, and lust, and need, he almost blew his load right then.

She closed her eyes. So full…so wonderfully, delightfully full! She pushed back against him with each thrust he made. Gasped when he moved his hand around her hip, his fingers searching for, finding that swollen nub at the top of her folds. Within seconds he had her hips dipping against his fingers, then pushing back against that magnificent cock.

Last night had been wonderful. Damned near spiritual. Taking her this way allowed him the deepest possible access to her body, and he was going to lose his mind. He pulled out until just the head was inside her, then plunged into her, his balls slapping against those slick nether lips. Goddamn! It was amazing! Each time he thrust toward her, those slender hips were moving back to take him all the way.

"Oh, god, I'm gonna come," she whispered, that feeling of white-hot pleasure filling her belly, moving toward her very core.

"That's it, babe, give it to me," he whispered. Knew that he was going to fall right behind her as she pushed and wiggled back against him.

She moved her hips up and down, felt his fingers stroking her faster, harder…when her thighs began to quiver she was afraid she couldn't stay in place…then that whimper was filling her throat, even as she struggled to hold it back, and suddenly she was there…soaring into the clouds as her body shook from the climax that rocked her from head to toe.

The convulsions of that sweet well grabbed at him, pulled at him, milked him, and it was enough to set him off. She'd had him so close to coming when she had gone down on him that he was amazed he'd been able to last long enough to get her off! He groaned his release, held her hips against his own as he filled her. He dropped down onto her back, wrapped his arms around her and held tightly. "Love you," he said, once he could breath normally.

"Love you, too," she replied softly.

He collapsed onto the bed. Pulled her to lay beside him, and was asleep before she had the blankets over them.

She smiled. Yep, she had tamed the anaconda again. And worn his sexy ass out in the process. That was her last thought as she snuggled next to him, put her head on his shoulder, and fell asleep.

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