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When Two Hearts Collide

Chapter 9

Casey had never flown before in her life. She hadn't even had a need to go to the airport. She settled nervously into the center seat of row ten on the C-22B jet that the Air Force used as a military transport. Daniel tucked their duffel bags into the overhead compartment, then took his seat next to the aisle, beside her.

"First time flying?" he asked, taking in the wide eyes, the way she was clutching at her purse.


He reached over, pulled one hand free from her purse strap, wrapped his fingers around it. "First thing you have to do is relax," he said softly.

"Easy for you to say. You've flown before," she replied. She pushed her purse beneath the seat in front of her, as the instruction card in the pocket of the seatback in front of her suggested.

Daniel smiled. "A few times."

She rolled her eyes. "What you've done makes flying no big deal."

That was certainly true. Flying in a military version of a Boeing 727 with service members and their families seemed…boring…when compared to being hurled through space faster than the speed of light through a stable wormhole, only to step out onto an alien planet. His smile widened, and he squeezed her fingers reassuringly.

The woman who was to be their seat companion for the flight arrived, making it necessary for them to step into the aisle so she could get to her seat. She was tall - around five feet, ten inches. As tall as Major Carter, Casey noted, who was three inches taller than her own five feet, seven inches. The woman's auburn hair was in a short, sassy little style, which accented her narrow face nicely. She smiled at Casey, glanced at Daniel, then caught the blonde's eye again. "Megan Zelenka," the young woman said, offering her hand to the woman beside her.

"Casey Webster," she replied. If she was puzzled by the fact that the woman held her hand longer than she thought necessary, she made no comment. Daniel's fingers closed firmly over hers again when the woman finally released her. The Airmen who were the attendants for this particular flight began the discourse regarding safety procedures, so she turned her attention to them. She listened carefully as the young man explained that in the event of an emergency water landing, the seat cushions could be used as flotation devices. "I don't remember seeing a lot of water between Colorado Springs and Tacoma," she said softly.

Daniel grinned. "I don't believe there is."

"So keep the seat cushion. I want a parachute!"

He laughed. "It's okay, honey, I promise we won't need them."


The captain announced that they had been given permission to take-off, and within a matter of minutes the plane was in the air, destination: McChord Air Force Base. There was to be one stop, at the Malmstrom AFB near Great Falls, Montana.

"So, where are you heading, Casey Webster?" Megan asked. She was determined to get to know this beautiful woman. And hopefully get a phone number…at least. A date if she was lucky.


"Me, too! Are you stationed at McChord?"

"Stationed…oh, no, I'm not in the Air Force," Casey replied.

The smile slipped the tiniest bit as she glanced again at the man with the short dark blonde hair sitting beside the aisle. Looked like an officer. He caught her eye. Smirked at her. Megan gave him her best innocent smile. There weren't any rings on that finger, she'd noted, in spite of the fact that they were laced with his. That meant all was fair in love and war! "So how did you wind up on a military transport?"

"Long story," Casey replied softly.

"We have a couple of hours," Megan said, winking.

Okay, this is weird, Casey thought nervously. Couldn't this woman tell she was with Daniel? She wasn't completely unaware of what was happening. She'd been hit on by women before. She just wasn't any more comfortable dealing with it now than she had been then. It was bad enough that men looked at her, watched her, talked to her, wanting only one thing from her, without having to deal with women doing the same. She hated being rude, and worried about hurting the feelings of those who were doing their best to convince her to date them…or let them into her bed. Most women were downright hateful towards her, didn't like her…so when one was friendly…it was just hard to shut them down as quickly as she did a man. "To be honest, it's all classified," she said, grabbing onto General Hammond's gentle reminder before she and Daniel had left the mountain. That she was to say nothing about what she had seen or heard, that everything that happened in the SGC was classified Top Secret. She had signed half a dozen forms, including a non-disclosure agreement, acknowledging that she understood and would adhere to the strict policy of absolute secrecy.

Deep blue eyes widened. "No kidding? Okay, I won't push. Wow, classified. So, are you a spook or something?"


"Special Ops. Spy. Something like that?"

Daniel listened to the exchange. Had squeezed slender fingers gently, reassuringly when that slender hand had tightened around his. He looked at Casey. Watched something flicker in those amazing green eyes.

"Something like that," Casey replied. She shouldn't do this. She really shouldn't. But she was still reeling from everything that had happened to her since Saturday night, and the week wasn't half over yet! She felt something, glanced down to see Megan's fingers running lightly up and down her arm. Looked back up into those black-lined blue eyes. Wanted to grab Daniel and screw him senseless on the spot…just to prove a point. Okay, maybe just because she wanted to do that anyway. Which in and of itself was a surprising thought, as she had never felt that way about any man before. But it would certainly let Megan Zelenka know that she was barking up the wrong tree! She had nothing against gay people. Several of her friends were gay. Which, she supposed, was the reason everyone believed that she and Kelley were lovers. She managed to rein in her wandering thoughts. "I could tell you what I do, but the ordeal you'd go through to make sure that none of the information remained in your memory would be quite…uncomfortable."

The feisty little redhead gasped.

 Daniel snorted…coughed, tried to hide his laugh. He'd seen a bit of the temper that Casey possessed. Now he was getting a glimpse of her sense of humor.

"Wow," Megan said softly. Not only was this woman beautiful, she was dangerous…and that was such a turn-on! She was more determined than ever to get to know Ms. Casey Webster. She leaned closer to the blonde, her breast pushing against a slender arm. "Okay, you don't have to tell me what you do. Tell me what you like to do."

"Excuse me?" Casey asked.

"You know, hobbies, what you do for fun, things like that," Megan explained patiently. Ignoring the laughing blue eyes of the man on the other side of this amazing blonde. "Or anything else you'd like to tell me," she whispered.

"I like to dance. Shoot pool-"

"I love pool! Are you any good?"

Casey blushed. "I do okay."

Daniel didn't bother to hide his grin. It hadn't taken long for him to figure out that Casey had a tendency to put herself down. If she said she did 'okay', that probably meant she was a freaking shark!

"I know a really great place, nice and quiet, nobody bothers you…we could have a drink or two, shoot a few games…" Megan said, smiling seductively.

She took a deep breath. "That's very sweet. And believe me when I tell you I'm flattered. But it won't happen. We're only going to be in Tacoma for a couple of days, and I don't plan on letting Daniel out of bed." The words were out of her mouth before she had fully processed what she wanted to say. Her cheeks went crimson.

Daniel's grin went wider, and he lifted her fingers to his lips. "You won't get any complaints from me," he said softly. Laughed inwardly at Casey's embarrassed glance.

Megan glared at him for a minute, then turned her attention back to her current object of obsession. "Well, if you find it too…disappointing…you can always call me," she said, reaching for her purse. She pulled out her checkbook, ripped a deposit slip from the back. "My address and phone number," she said pointedly, putting the paper into Casey's hand and folding her fingers around it.

Casey was looking at Daniel, had been since he had so tenderly kissed her fingers. "Disappointment and Daniel aren't even in the same universe," she said softly.

His soul soared at her words, his heart pounded against his ribs. He smiled at her, held those sweet fingers to his lips. Tasted them gently, subtly. Watched her eyes widen when his tongue moved over her fingertips. Saw the flames of desire flare, just before she pushed them down.

Casey turned back to Megan. "I'm sorry, Megan. I'm very fond of those dangly appendages in general, and one in particular."

He couldn't stop the laugh that erupted. Take that, honey! he thought, then laughed harder at the very…amusing…description of the male genitalia.

"Well, your loss," Megan huffed, then threw herself back against her seat.

Casey noted the angry set of the young woman's mouth. "I didn't mean to upset you," she said softly.

The redhead glanced at her. "I guess I was coming on pretty strong. You're so damned beautiful," she sighed.

She giggled. She was well aware of what she looked like. Beautiful it wasn't! "That's sweet …not true, but sweet."

Megan stared at her. "Been near a mirror lately?"

More than one as a matter of fact! "Unfortunately."

The woman shook her head. "Look again." She turned her attention to the clouds that didn't quite obscure the ground below them, laid out like a giant patchwork quilt, and commiserated with herself about the fact that the beautiful blonde was interested…no, that had been love in her eyes…with the jerk in the far seat. Megan was certain she could rock Ms. Casey Webster's world, and was just as certain that having that beautiful blonde between her thighs would be all it would take to send her for an extended stay in happy-land. Damn the bad luck!

Casey frowned at the comment. Then turned her attention to Daniel. "I'm sorry," she whispered.

"What for?" he whispered in return.

"What I said. That was…slutty…wrong…" she shook her head. She tried so hard not to be…that, and then she found herself frightened or nervous, or both, and the smartass just slipped right out. And she said things like…that.

"Slutty? Nope. Wrong? No way. I have no plans of letting you out of bed, at least, not often," he said softly. Watched her eyes widen, then soften with love.

She shook her head, leaned closer to him. "We need to talk about that," she whispered.

"Why?" He could sense her nervousness. His mind dragged up possible scenarios that would necessitate the need for such a discussion; something that would prevent him from being with her…the names of several STDs flashed in his brain. Daniel wasn't a prude. But doing the work he did was dangerous enough. He wasn't going to risk getting some damned disease just to calm the ache in his cock. Not even for Casey.

"I…well…I haven't…I've never…I…well…you'll be disappointed," she said, blushing brightly.

Her voice was low, her breath warm against the side of his face as she whispered to him. The meaning of her words impacted on his brain. Holy shit! He squirmed mentally; his previous thoughts about her seemed so…vile! He should have known better …her kisses were so shy, so…hesitant. He knew instinctively that she'd never kissed a man the way she had kissed him earlier that morning. Virgin. She was a virgin. And she was his, meant for him. His Destiny. His heart was pounding ever harder against his ribs. "Never," he whispered. "That will never happen."

She smiled at the look of love that flared in those incredible blue eyes. "I'll try to please you," she told him.

He smiled. "You already do." He lifted her hand to his lips yet again. Slow and gentle. That was the key. He had no doubt after kissing her that Casey was a very passionate woman. He could only hope to survive what he already knew was going to be an incredible night.


A   A   A   A   A   A


They took the chance to walk around a bit at Malmstrom, carrying the cups of coffee he'd purchased from a machine near the door that led to the tarmac. A group of Airmen waiting for the flight that would take them to Tacoma watched the couple, each of them getting the message loud and clear when Daniel looked over at themwhere they sat together talking softly about great legs and a terrific ass and perky boobs, and damn, wasn't she beautifuland slipped his arm around her shoulders. That she automatically put hers around his waist completed that message. The gorgeous blonde was spoken for. Taken. Not available. One of the young men shook his head with disappointment when the blonde leaned into the guy, put her head on his shoulder.

The flight from Montana to Tacoma was a little under an hour. Daniel and Casey spent the time talking softly, making plans for the two days they would be in Washington State. Megan sighed, and watched the beautiful blonde from the corner of her eye. No doubt the woman would be the object of fantasies during her late night sessions with her hands and vibrators for weeks to come.

It was just after four when Daniel called for a cab to take them to the nearest Avis car rental location, which was conveniently located just a few short blocks from the air base. It was four-thirty when they merged into the rush hour traffic that wasn't rushing anywhere.

"Do you have luggage?" Daniel asked, as he watched the BMW beside him. The woman driving it…which was a very generous description of what she was doing, between talking on her cell phone and fixing her make-up…continued to swerve back and forth in her lane.

"I have a suitcase and a garment bag," Casey replied.

"Good. Pack everything you think you'll need for the next few days. I don't know how long it will take to get your things to Silver Springs." He had contact information that Walter Harriman had located for him…General Hammond had made arrangements for the Air Force to ship Casey's belongings to Silver Springs. To his apartment.

She nodded. She'd probably be able to get most of her wardrobe in the two pieces of luggage. Her things had been in storage for so long, she wasn't even sure what she had any more. It would be a dream come true to actually unpack the cookware, the bowls and cookbooks that had belonged to her beloved Grandma Rose. She glanced sideways at the man behind the wheel. Still couldn't believe that he really did love her. She smiled when he looked over at her. His smile was shy, and she could see the happiness that filled his eyes.

Her smile was warm. Beautiful. Filled with as much love as those amazing green eyes. The smile that tugged at his lips was an automatic response. He'd come so close to losing her, before he'd even had a chance to know her, love her. His heart shuddered in his chest at that thought. Now that he'd…surrendered…to the inevitable, he couldn't imagine not loving her. Couldn't imagine trying to live without her beside him. What a difference a few hours had made in his life! From alone, and lonely, to having the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen at his side. As in love with him as he was with her. And the empty places in his heart, hidden in shadows for so long, were filling with the sunshine that seemed to flow from her.  If it seemed to be happening at lightening speed...well, it was Destiny, his heart sighed happily.

"You might want to start moving over," she said softly. "The exit we need is coming up."

He nodded, glanced over his shoulder, and flipped on the turn signal. When the gap was large enough, he steered the Monte Carlo into the next lane. "How long do you think it will take you to pack?"

"I don't know, it shouldn't take long, why?"

"Because I’m starving. We'll find someplace to eat, then we'll check into the room," he replied.

Her heart began to thump against her ribs. She was spending the night with him. Really spending the night with him. When the sun came up in the morning, she would no longer be a virgin. The butterflies in her stomach began to bump into one another they were fluttering so hard and so fast. "There's a Red Lobster not too far from the apartment," she said softly.

"Sounds good." He glanced at her. She had both hands in her lap, clasped tightly. He reached over, put his hand over both of hers. Smiled when he felt her fingers lace themselves with his. He followed her directions, drove down quiet streets lined with modest homes, duplexes, and the occasional apartment complex. When she pointed out a group of blue and white clapboard buildings, he pulled into the parking lot.

She sat staring at the building that she'd called home for the past four years. It looked…different; as if something had changed since she had pulled out of this very spot on Sunday morning. Something has changed, her heart told her. You've found your Destiny. You're not alone any more. You're in love. And he loves you.


Her eyes drank him in: the handsome face, the look of concern in his eyes, the slight wrinkles in his forehead as he frowned. She reached out, let her finger smooth the skin between his eyes. Smiled in return when he gave her that sexy, half-shy smile. "It looks different."

"Yeah, I imagine it does," he replied. His apartment had looked different to him when they had rushed through on their way out earlier that morning.

"It's not."

"No, it's not."

"I am."

"Are you?"



"I'm not alone any more."

The soft answer washed over him. Filled his heart. "Never alone again," he whispered. Was leaning toward her, needing to kiss her, before his brain registered that she was moving toward him as well. "Tell me, Casey," he begged quietly. "I need to hear that you love me as much as I love you."

"I love you, Daniel," she whispered, her fingers caressing his jaw. "I love you."

His lips found hers, and he gave himself over to the sweet taste of her lips, the feeling of adrenaline rushing through him. His hand was behind her head, holding her steady, close, as he took what he needed, gave her what she so tenderly demanded. His body went hard. His cock twitched. He had to break away now, before he wasn't able to do so.

She was trembling from head to foot. Images filled her mind; her body, his body, naked and rolling and writhing together. Heat, intense and deep, filled her. For one brief moment she entertained the thought of taking him into the bedroom, making love to him on the twin bed that was hers. No…no she didn’t want that. She wanted to be able to take her time, wanted to know every inch of him, what turned him on, wanted to learn what would make him moan, what would please him. Kelley had a very…impressive…collection of books about sex. The two virgins had pored over them, discussing the topic in great detail. Casey had practically memorized chapters of several of the manuals. They had even decided that learning to perform fellatio was something that they needed to do, agreeing that it was better to know, and not need the knowledge, as to need it, and not have it. So for weeks they had practiced on condom-covered cucumbers and zucchini, learning on as large of vegetables as they could find. Tonight she would discover just how much, and how well, she had learned those 'lessons'.



He smiled. Her eyes were still closed, her fingers still moving on his face. "A couple of your neighbors are staring."

She pulled away slowly. Smiled to see Jared and Kevin standing in their doorway staring, matching frowns on their handsome faces. She waved. "It's okay. They're friends." She looked into incredible blue eyes, eyes that were filled with love and a hint of amusement. She sighed, sat back in her seat. "Guess we should go in."


Her hand reached for the door handle.

"Don't. Let me," he said softly. He got out of the car, walked around and opened her door. Held her hand as she got out.

When they were close to the shared porch, the tall, dark haired man stepped out. "Casey?"

"Hi, Jared." Casey looked up at the man beside her. "Daniel, this is my neighbor, Jared Parker. And his significant other, Kevin Wilkes. Guys, this is Doctor Daniel Jackson."

The men eyed one another carefully. Daniel offered his hand, Jared took it slowly. "It's nice to meet you," Daniel said.

"Yeah," Jared replied noncommittally.

"Daniel is-"

"Casey's fiancé," Daniel said quietly, putting his arm around her slender shoulders.

Kevin gasped. "When the hell did this happen?"

Casey tried not to stare at the man standing beside her, his arm holding her…possessively. Remembered the declarations of love. Forever, he had said. "Last night. Well, actually, this morning."

"Where the hell have you been? Kelley was going nuts," Jared asked softly. "That note of yours wasn't very clear."

Guilt washed over her, filled her eyes. "I told her everything I could," she whispered.

"Not enough," Kevin replied.

She shook her head. "I need to get packed. Come on, I'll tell you what I can," she sighed. She began to dig through her purse.

"Want a cup of coffee?" Jared asked Daniel, grinning broadly.


"You'll have time," Kevin snickered. "It'll take her another thirty minutes to find her keys in that thing."

"The Great Pit," Jared intoned.

Daniel grinned. "In that case…"

"Oh, you two are just a laugh a minute, a regular comedic riot, ha ha," Casey grumped. She triumphantly held up the key ring that held four keys. "Ha!" She unlocked the door, pushed it open. Led the men into the tiny apartment. She walked straight into the kitchen and started a pot of coffee.

"Okay, Casey, start talking," Jared said, as soon as the door was closed behind him.

She took a deep breath. "Saturday night, after I stopped to see Kelley and her mom, I…um…I had a visitor."

The two men exchanged looks. "Yeah, we heard the argument; the raised voices anyway," Kevin said.

"Sorry," she said contritely. She had been quite…angry…at the assumption that she would just drop everything and run off on what she was sure would be nothing more than a fool's errand. "Um…Miss Eloise-"

Kevin stared. "The seer that helped you?"

Casey nodded.

"She's dead."

"I know," she replied.

Jared's handsome face went pale. "This is gonna be spooky, isn't it?"

She couldn't help but giggle. Both men were aware of her gift. Had witnessed her using it a time or two. "Yep."

Daniel took note that the two men didn't seem…surprised. They must know about her…talent, he thought.

"Okay, just give us the highlights," Kevin said.

"I was going meditate, you know, good thoughts for Vicky. So there I was, meditating, centering myself, and…well, I felt this…presence. Miss Eloise was sitting on the floor with me. She said I had to…um…well…she told me that there was something…important …that I needed to do…that only I could do…and that I had to do it…and…well…I drove to Silver Springs."

"Uh huh," Kevin replied. It was clear that he had no idea where Silver Springs was located.

"Just west of Colorado Springs," she said softly. "There's an Air Force base there."

"Colorado Springs? As in Colorado? The state?" Jared exclaimed, eyes wide, dark eyebrows halfway up his forehead.

"The same."

Kevin dropped down onto the sofa. "Oh, this is rich, just rich. Are you telling me you drove that piece of shit car all the way to Colorado…alone?"

"I made it okay," she replied defensively.

"Are you out of your damned mind?" Jared exploded. He crossed the room, grabbed her arms and shook her gently. "What if that damned thing had broken down? There are freaks and monsters out there, Casey! You could have…god, you could have been…Are you nuts?"

Daniel stepped up beside her, forced his way between her slender body, and the man who had grabbed her.

Jared let go of her as soon as Daniel stepped in front of her. He stared at the sandy-blond haired man for a minute. Satisfied at what he saw in the blue eyes, he took a step back. Looked around the man at Casey. "Well, are you nuts?"

"Certifiable," she replied dryly. "I figured that out on the way. I had a few hours to think about it."

The dark haired man chuckled, shook his head. "Okay, go on."

"Well, I…" she looked up at Daniel, her eyes begging for his help.

"Miss Eloise guided her to a…classified location. Helped Casey do something very important," Daniel said quietly.

"I suppose that's where you come into the picture," Kevin said.

"It is," Daniel replied simply.

"Destiny, Kev," Casey said softly, wrapping her hands around Daniel's arm, clinging to him. "You said you believe in Destiny."

Kevin's brown eyes softened, and he looked up into the dark eyes of his lover. "I do believe in Destiny."

"Then you understand," she said.

He nodded slowly. "I've always known that you would be leaving here. That you were…destined…" he broke off, shook his head. Casey had told him he had a 'touch' of the 'gift' himself. "Yeah, you're destined for something…big."

Casey giggled. "Yeah, well, can't get much bigger. I'm sorry guys, I can't tell you anything. It's all classified. Just…" she walked over to where Kevin sat, dropped down onto the arm of the sofa. "Do you remember when I told you that I wanted a knight in shining armor, on a white stallion to sweep me off my feet?"

The brown haired man smiled. Ran his hand up and down her back. "I remember," he said softly.

She smiled up at Daniel, then looked at her friend. "He's a hero, Kevin. The real deal. Shining armor and white stallion and unbelievable courage and a gentle heart…and I love him," she said softly.

Daniel's heart hammered against his ribs as he listened. Hearing himself described as the man she had dreamed of, longed for, sent his soul soaring. That she needed him, wanted him as much as he needed and wanted her stilled the yearning that had filled him for so long, that he had tried to so very hard to ignore.

"Yeah, I can see that," Kevin replied. He looked up at Daniel. "She's a very special woman."

"More special than you could know," Daniel said quietly. 

Jared glared at the archaeologist. "If you hurt her, there won't be anywhere on god's green earth for you to hide."

When Casey opened her mouth to object, Daniel held up a finger, then turned and faced the man. "She's my Destiny. The woman that my heart, my soul…have been waiting for. Hurting her is the last thing I would ever want to do. In any way."

The two men stared at one another. Jared could see the love that burned in those cerulean blue eyes. "Good."

Casey was on her feet, her arms crossed over her chest. "Are you two finished now?"

Kevin snickered behind her. "Hey, if Jared hadn't said it, I would have."

She rolled her eyes. "Too damned much testosterone in here for me. Coffee's ready. I'm going to go pack." She stalked into the bedroom, the sound of male chuckles following her.

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