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Happy Birthday, Darlin'

Chapter 9

When Casey got to the ring transport, she saw the redhead trying to wrap her arms around Daniel. "Get away from my Husband!" she hissed.

The woman turned and looked at the young blonde, her eyes wide with surprise…and fear.

Casey took three steps, doubled up her fist, and hit the woman across the jaw. Betsy flew back against the wall, leaned there, terror in her eyes. "I don't even know where to start with you! You shot my baby! Did you know that? You sick bitch! My Baby girl will have a scar on her leg for the rest of her life! You addicted my Husband to your damned drugs! We won't even go into the shit you did to me!" She had the woman by the throat was ready to hit her again when the rest of the team raced into the room.

Jack caught Casey around the waist, lifted her off the floor, turned around and sat her down on her feet beside Daniel. "You take care of him. We'll take care of her," he said calmly.

As soon as she wrapped her arms around him and he inhaled that sweet scent he began to shake. He pulled her closer, held her tightly. "I need you, Casey. Now."

"Daniel, Doctor Montigue needs to take a look at you-"

The Fire was shooting from his blue eyes. "Now, Casey," he growled. He picked her up and carried her to the quarters they had been assigned the last time they had been on the ship. "I…babe, I might be a little…out of control," he said as he closed the door with his hip and put her on her feet.

She nodded. "I understand."

"You do?" One eyebrow went up. There was something in her eyes…she knew!

She blushed. "Doctor Montigue thought I should know…because of you being kidnapped. It…it scares me Daniel. But it sort of helps me understand what's going on…with men, I mean. As long as you're the only one…addicted…to me, I think I can live with it."

He moaned softly, pulled her into his embrace. "If I had realized it would help you…I would have told you as soon as we found out."

She was clinging to him. "I know." She stepped away long enough to strip her clothes off. "I'm here, Daniel, take what you need."

"Oh, god," he murmured, thankful for the woman who loved him. Her reaction was so typical…so…Casey! "Lay down, babe," he whispered, pulling his own clothes off. He was hard and aching and his mouth was watering to taste her. He laid down beside her, his hand trembling as he touched her. He kissed her, the taste of her sweet lips enough to make him moan. She opened to him, he moved his tongue into her mouth, pushed deeper with each caress. When he moved his mouth to the tender flesh behind her ear, she sighed softly beneath him. Her arms were around his shoulders, holding him tightly.

She could feel the tremors in his body as he began to make love to her. She couldn't hold back the smile that covered her face. He loved her…he was addicted to her…and he didn't seem to mind that addiction one bit! She started giggling.

He pulled away from her and looked into her beautiful green eyes. "What?" he asked, already smiling.

"I'm your fix," she giggled.

"Oh, yeah! You are one addiction that I'll never break, I promise," he whispered. "I love being addicted to you, Angel."

She put her hands around his face, pulled him in and kissed him, her tongue seeking and gaining entrance to his mouth. When she had satisfied herself, she pulled away. "Sorry…go on with what you were doing," she giggled.

He chuckled. "Thanks. Don't mind if I do." His mouth went back to that long, elegant neck, marking her at will before moving on to her collarbones. He had to force himself to be gentle when he reached her breasts…the need inside him wanted to squeeze and bite those perfect curves until it subsided. The taste of her nipple, the way it hardened against his tongue made him ache and throb with desire. Hazy, broken images flashed across his mind. He firmly shoved them away.

Casey arched her back, pushing her body toward his caresses and kisses as Daniel made love to her. He was settled on her, his hands holding, squeezing, massaging her breasts as he kissed and licked his way back and forth from nipple to nipple. He always built such wonderful fires in her, made the flames leap and dance over her skin, around her…flames that consumed them until they took off for the stars. She had been dead for most of the three weeks he had been missing. But her desire for him, her need for him, was every bit as great as his. She smiled at the ceiling. Maybe she should have the doctor check and see what kind of pheromones he was putting out…she was certainly addicted to Daniel! Couldn't live without his kisses.




In a holding cell, three levels down, Betsy was privy to a private show. Sam knew that Casey and Daniel would never be aware that they were being watched. Not this time. And she knew, with a woman's intuition, what Betsy had wanted from Daniel. Sam was also intuitively aware that Betsy hadn't gotten it. She wanted the bitch to suffer for what she had done to her best friends and her little goddaughter and godson.

Betsy tried not to watch, but her brown eyes were pulled back to the monitor that Lieutenant Colonel Carter-O'Neill had brought in. The colonel stood outside the door watching her through the window. Betsy tried to arrange her features into an unaffected expression. But the soft whispers, the giggles, the gentleness with which Daniel made love to his wife stabbed at her. Watching the scenes of love before her, she understood that not once had he ever made love to her. He had fucked her, only because she demanded it, and with no more emotion than he would have given a blow-up doll.




Daniel tugged lightly at one of those sweet rosy nipples, felt her hips push up against him. Time to move on. His tongue bathed every bit of the sweet flesh on her flat belly, toyed with the tiny platinum ring in her belly button, followed the muscles as they undulated beneath him. His brain was near overload. He couldn't force himself to wait any longer. He slid down yet again, wrapped his hands around firm, slender thighs and gently pushed them apart. He inhaled deeply, that sweet familiar scent made his body shake, his aching cock twitch, and his soul sing. Needy…so damned needy! He moaned when he ran his tongue over that sweet, honeyed flesh. How much will be enough this time, he wondered, when he began to lap that nectar straight from the well. He shoved his tongue as deeply inside her as he could, overjoyed when she came, thrilled that his ministrations were enough to give her that much pleasure. He drank greedily, took every bit that she gave him…wanted…needed more.

Casey arched her back, her hands full of short, dark blonde hair. She was as needy as he was, and that first rush of heat and wetness made her sigh. His attention in this manner always took her to the heights and beyond. When she felt him tracing every inch of her skin with his tongue, she shivered with absolute pleasure. She gave a tiny whimper of approval when his lips closed around that hard, swollen nub, and when his fingers began to stroke her deep inside, she moaned softly.

"Like that, don't you, Angel?" he asked, his breath moving over that sensitive skin, making her shiver again.

"Yes! Please…more…" she begged, pushing her hips toward his face.

"What's the magic word, my Little Slave?"

"Please…Master," she whispered. Her eyes were full of fire…full of love…full of laughter as they locked with his.

"That's the one," he grinned. He moved his mouth back over that delectable flesh. His tongue danced over, teased, tormented that swollen clit, making her hips jerk against him. He could feel those soft thighs begin to quiver. Any second now…yep… there it was…he sucked hard, held that button between his teeth and flicked his tongue over it. That soft whimper became a moan that thrilled him from the top of his head to the bottoms of his feet. He pulled his fingers from her body and once again drank his fill from her warm well.

Still panting from the incredible ride he had taken her on, Casey tugged at his shoulders. He kissed his way up her body, stopping at her breasts for several wonderfully satisfying minutes, then moved up, locked his lips against hers. She wrapped her arms around him, hugged him closely, then slid her hands to his chest and pushed. She wanted…needed to taste him.




In the holding cell a single tear slid down Betsy's face. Except for those fleeting seconds the first night, when Daniel had been so…rough…he had never made love to her orally. In fact, he never wanted to kiss her either! He certainly hadn't spent much time fondling or kissing her breasts. She studied Casey's body. The skinny bitch looked exactly the same as she had the few times Betsy had seen her in the locker room at the SGC on Earth…firm…perfectly shaped …beautiful. Betsy shook her head sadly. Even with the 'help' of the drugs, he had never loved her. Never.




Daniel laid back, let his beautiful Wife make love to him. She kissed him…deep…hard…he could feel her love in every stroke of her tongue against his. He couldn't help but sigh when she began to nuzzle his neck, her lips and teeth and tongue moving over his skin, taking what she wanted. He wrapped his hand in her hair, rested it against the back of her head, the other moving slowly over her slender back and shoulders. He closed his eyes as the tactile input melded with the sensations of pleasure that she was creating in him. This wasn't just about physical needs…emotional and mental and physical addictions. This was about love. The deepest, strongest, purest love that he had ever known to exist.

There was no doubt in her mind as she moved her tongue over his collarbones, sucked at his Adam's apple, nibbled at his throat. None whatsoever. Daniel was addicted to her. She was just as totally addicted to him! The taste of his skin sent the flames roaring higher around her, the masculine scent of him had her wet and needy and eager for more. Her mouth followed her fingers over his shoulders, down his chest, stopping to toy with those flat brown nipples. She marveled…delighted in the fact that they hardened so against her tongue. She moved her mouth to his belly, teasing his navel with her tongue. She couldn't help but giggle when those hard abs rolled beneath her lips.

"What's so funny?" he asked softly, a smile on his face.

"You're turned on," she replied, giggling again.

He laughed. "Whatever gave you that idea?"

She moved her tongue into his navel, flicked it around, felt his belly move again. "Um…that," she replied. She looked up at him, her eyes flashing with a dozen happy emotions. "But that's not what you want, is it?"

He looked down into her green eyes. "Help me out, Angel, I'm hurting," he replied softly. Indeed, his cock was so hard it was painful.

A look of concern flashed over her face. "Oh, Daniel, why didn't you say something?" She moved down to his hips, wrapped her hand around the base of his magnificent cock, the other gently caressing his heavy balls. She took him into her mouth, as much as she could, and started the rhythm that would bring him total ecstasy.

He closed his eyes. More fuzzy memories moved over his brain…memories of red hair moving between his legs, a mouth unable to give him the pleasure he craved. Again he pushed them away. Casey could teach a pro a thing or two about giving head, he thought, almost chuckled out loud as it moved across his mind. She was taking her time, licking him like a lollipop, teasing him with her tongue. He pushed his hips up toward her, trying to force his cock back into that sweet, warm mouth.

She moved her mouth from the tip of his cock to his balls, licking, sucking, tasting. With a wicked little grin, she made sure to get the fingers massaging his balls nice and wet. When she moved her mouth back to that throbbing shaft, she once again started a steady rhythm, her tongue pressed against him, her hand moving in concert with her mouth. The fingers of the other hand began to caress him. When she moved up to her knees, she slipped a finger inside him, began to suck him using long, steady strokes, pushing him against the back of her throat.

Sweet Jesus! His hips came up off the bed, he grabbed her head with both hands, and with a roar that could be heard up and down the corridor, exploded like Mount St. Helen. His eyes were rolling back in his head when the first spurt of warm come went down her throat. She didn't stop licking him until the spasms ended. He pulled her to lay on top of his chest, wrapped his arms around her, held her tightly. "You were trying to kill me again, weren't you?" he asked, a smile on his face, still panting slightly.

She giggled, her back arching up ever so slightly to meet his hands as they moved up and down her spine. "No. Just trying to make you feel good."

"You succeeded," he murmured, then kissed the side of her head.

"So, uh…how are the cravings?"

He laughed. "Not as bad as they were a little bit ago. But I don't think I've had my full…fix… yet."



"You have a problem, Doctor. Serious addiction," she told him. Her eyes were dancing when she looked up at him.

"Nope. Not a problem at all. Not as long as you love me," he replied. His blue eyes were full of such happiness that it could be seen even over a monitor.

"I do," she whispered. "With all my heart."

"You were afraid that I would stop loving you, that I'd hate you. I never did, Angel. Never. Even when I was so out of it that I couldn't think, deep inside, I loved you," he told her. "Even when I was doped up and thought you were with someone else, I was angry, I was hurt, but I still loved you. Forever, Casey. I love you…need you…I want you at my side forever."

"I'll be at your side forever, Beloved," she replied softly. She settled her head on his shoulder. She knew that he had been in bed with Betsy. Wondered if he could even remember what had happened to him. Had he been abused? What horrible things had he suffered, besides being addicted to the damned drugs?




Three levels down a woman cried out as she listened. She clutched both hands to her chest and began to weep.




"Penny for them, Angel," he said softly.

"Not even worth a penny," she said. She crossed her arms on his chest and rested her chin on her wrist. "So what will happen to her?"

"I don't know," he replied honestly. Emily, and the wound she had suffered because of Betsy Harris flashed in his mind. "Personally, I'd like to wrap my hands around her throat and break her damn neck," he said.

"You and me both! My baby…oh, Daniel, her little leg will have a scar on it!" Tears filled her eyes.

"I know, Angel. The upside is, she's okay. It could have been worse," he said, closing his eyes against that thought. Had Emily been killed, she would have become Immortal. And remained an almost four year old for eternity. He shuddered involuntarily.

"If she had…we would have had to-" she broke off, swallowed hard, "wouldn't we?"

He nodded slowly. Felt the hitch in her breath. "Shh…don't cry, Angel. Emmie is fine. Waiting for us at home. She'll be okay."

Casey nodded, cuddled closer, gratified when his arms tightened around her. "Love you, Daniel."

"Love you, Casey," he replied.




Betsy tried to look away, her cheeks wet with tears. Maybe she should have killed both of those brats. They were the connection to that skinny blonde bitch, her muddled brain told her. That was her mistake, not completely wiping out his family. Without them, he would have loved her. She wasn't fifty yet, she still could have given him children - beautiful redheaded babies…sure she could! There were women her age getting pregnant. Her eyes wide, she continued to watch.




Casey wiggled her hips. "So, do you think you're ready for round two?"

Daniel grinned, pushed his hips up against her. "What do you think?"

"I think you're insatiable. I kinda like that. No…I do like that. A lot!" she giggled. She sat up, lifted her hips and guided his erection between her folds and into the embrace of her warm well.

He hissed a sigh as she settled over him, taking him all the way into her body. Home…his cock was home! "You're mine, Angel, all mine," he whispered as she moved back and forth over him.

"All yours; heart, mind, body and soul," she whispered in reply. "You belong to me, Stud Muffin. You're mine!" She arched her back, pushed her breasts against his hands as he caressed them

"All yours, Angel; heart, mind, body and soul." He grabbed her hips to slow her down, she was already trying to speed up the rhythm. "Easy, babe. Make it last," he whispered.

She obeyed, grasped him with the muscles deep inside, moved her hips back and forth at a more sedate pace. "You feel so good…love the way you fill me," she whispered.

"You feel good, too, Angel. So right…you're the perfect fit," he replied softly.




Again a cry of pain escaped from her lips as Betsy listened, watched. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't turn away. The love that Daniel felt for that skinny blonde bitch, and her love for him, was tangible; it was obvious in the way they touched one another, pleased one another, the words they shared. She could see that the little bitch had no trouble taking all of him. She'd had no trouble bringing him to a shuddering orgasm, either; Daniel's satisfied roar of release still echoed in her ears. Betsy could see in his eyes how much he loved that body…that firm, young body. She wondered fleetingly what he had thought when he had seen her naked for the first time…then shook her head. His words echoed in her head. He had never found her attractive…pleasing…not even a little bit.




Casey was moving up and down, moving up slowly, grasping him firmly with those muscles, then shoving her body back down, hard and fast. She smiled as Daniel began to moan softly each time she moved down. His hands tightened against her hips, his fingers digging into her flesh as he pushed up against her with every downward motion she made.

Daniel watched her face as they made love. Every emotion she felt, every bit of pleasure she derived from their actions was reflected there. He was entranced by the love that he saw in those delicate features. "I love you," he whispered. "Only you, always you."

She looked down at him, her hair hiding their faces from their secret spectator. "I love you, only you, always you."

"Let me feel it, babe. Let me feel it while your body loves me," he begged. He closed his eyes as her love filled him, flowed through him, wrapped him in its warmth. He reached up, cupped her cheek with his hand, and sent his love just as gently.

So safe…so warm…so much love, she thought. She kissed the palm of his hand, then laid down on him, her hips moving up and down against him. Snuggled closer when his arms wrapped around her and held her tightly. She couldn’t resist nibbling his neck. Wasn't surprised when he rolled them over and put her on her back. She wrapped her arms and legs around him. "Take me, Daniel. Take what you need," she whispered.

"No taking, Angel, only giving," he replied. His mouth moved over her neck, smiled against her skin when she shivered beneath him. He was moving faster now, her hips meeting his every step of the way.

She knew what she wanted, what he needed. She put her hands on his chest and pushed gently, until he was supporting himself in his outstretched arms. Her fingers moved over his chest. She traced his tattoo. "Chosen," she whispered.

He leaned down and kissed the blue-black tattoo above her breast. "Heart of the Chosen," he whispered in return.




It was only now that Betsy realized that Casey had a tattoo similar to Daniel's, and in the same place on her chest. She wondered again what the symbols meant. The look of love on Daniel's face had her closing her eyes in pain. Not even when he'd been high had he looked at her like that. Not when she was offering him his next fix, waiting until she knew he needed it, making him beg for it. No, he had never loved her. Her fevered mind began to pull apart her scheme to find the flaw that prevented her from having his love…More time, her mind screamed …she had only needed more time to make him love her…then he would have loved her the way he loved that skinny bitch…




"Daniel…I need…faster," she whispered, pushing her hips against his.

He moved faster, thrusting deeper and harder each time. The tiny sounds from the back of her throat told him that she was enjoying what he was doing as much as he was. Her hands were on his shoulders now, gripping him, holding onto him as he took her on that glorious ride. Her legs were locked around his hips, he could feel her thighs begin to quiver. "Give it to me, Angel, come for me," he whispered.

That sweet whimper ended in a moan of delight. Once again he had taken her to fly above the clouds, straight to the stars, twirling and tumbling and spinning amid sparks of color. "Fill me Daniel, fill me with your love," she begged, her legs pulling him back each time he moved away from her.

He could feel that hot, sweet sensation filling his belly, moving into his balls, ready to erupt. He thrust hard, deep, fast, and then cried out her name as he flew over the cliffs and into the clouds. She was waiting for him, dancing among the stars; he joined her in that pirouette of love. She was still trembling beneath him, around him, when he lowered himself. He kissed her, telling her with his lips, his tongue, how much he loved her.

When he rolled to his back, she snuggled against him. She loved laying this way, in his arms, safe, warm, loved. "Feel better?"

"Much. You?"

"I'm wonderful, thanks for asking."

He chuckled. "Guess I should go see Doctor Montigue, huh?"

She sat up, looked into his eyes, wrapped her hands around his face. "Together, Daniel. We'll face whatever it is together. No matter what that bitch did to you, we'll beat it."

He reached up and traced her face with his fingers. "Together. Always."

"Together, always," she whispered.




Betsy tried to hold back the sob that escaped from her throat. He had never held her, never whispered to her…never declared his love for her. He had always moved away from her as quickly as possible when they had…finished. He had denied her what she wanted. She wanted what he gave his Wife…gentleness…tenderness…kindness. Love. That skinny bitch had managed to get him back. Now she had to start all over…


A  A  A  A  A  A


A hot shower, clean BDUs, and twenty minutes later Daniel and Casey entered the medical deck. Dr. Montigue had already tested the residual contents of the syringe. It was a potent and potentially dangerous narcotic used to control seriously ill mental patients. Used with the Ambryxodyle, it was no wonder that Daniel had very little memory of his time in captivity. It was also a miracle that he hadn't OD'd sooner.

"When was your last fix of the Ambie?" Dr. Montigue asked.

He frowned. "When I was talking to Casey," he replied.

The doctor looked at the digital display beside the com port. "Then you shouldn't need one for awhile. Daniel, I'd like to wait as long between each fix as possible. In about a week, we'll start cutting down the amount that you take. I'll prescribe a mild sedative that will help you to deal with the withdrawal symptoms. It won't knock you out, but it will probably make you drowsy."

"Can't I just quit…go cold turkey?" Daniel asked.

"You could. It would be…painful," the doctor replied.

He looked at Casey. "I don't want this dragging out."

"Let's go home and see the kids. They need to see that you're okay. Then we'll go to the infirmary, and deal with this," she said softly.

Dr. Montigue looked at them. "There is another way," he said softly.

"Which is?" Daniel asked.

"I can sedate you, keep you unconscious while your body rids itself of the drug. Because of the…symptoms…of withdrawal, 'diapers' would be necessary, and you would have to be kept on your side to prevent suffocation. You'll have to be in a five-point restraint. You'll be given all the nourishment you need through an IV, as well as muscle relaxant to deal with the muscle spasms."

Daniel had stopped listening at the mention of diapers. "Uh, no thanks."

The older man nodded. "I'll set up a room for you in the hospital. You'll need a private room with a private, attached bathroom. It won't be easy," he warned.

Casey moved to stand next to Daniel, took his hand in hers. "He's the Chosen. He can do this. I'll be right there with him."

Again the doctor nodded. "Very well. You were given the drug for three weeks. Your addiction was almost immediate because of the strength of the drugs used, and the combination of the drugs used. She was double-dosing you, I'm amazed your body could handle the amount of toxins as long as it did. But, given that you're a young, very healthy Immortal, I wouldn't think that the withdrawal process would take more than three days or so."

Daniel and Casey nodded. They listened as the doctor explained exactly what to expect. Casey insisted that she would be his primary care giver. Dr. Montigue agreed that too many people, especially strangers, might make the process all the more… uncomfortable…for him. He was smart enough to know that there was no way that Daniel's wife or friends would be absent from his bedside.

"Now, I want you to go eat. You need as many good, healthy meals in you as possible before this…process…begins."

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