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Out of the Blue

Chapter 5

The evening was cool, and dark clouds filled the sky. The occasional rainstorms that prevented Hope from being a Sahara type desert usually arrived at night, during the winter months. Thunder rumbled in the distance.

Casey snuggled closer to Daniel as they lay in front of the fireplace. The kids were at her parents for the night. Tonight, they would make love to one another, with one another until they were too exhausted to move.

Her head was on his chest, her arm around his waist, and she had snuggled closer three times. When he'd started to close the French doors, she'd begged him to leave them open. She loved the smell of the rain, the sound of it as it hit the thirsty, sun baked ground. The breeze that blew into the room was cool, but not unbearably so. And the warmth of the fire would prevent her from being chilled, when they were naked and writhing on the quilt.

"It's been one hell of a week," she said softly.

"Yeah, it has."

"We missed last Saturday."

"I know," he replied, kissing the top of her head. He was anxious to make love, to hold her, taste her, feel her skin against his…to have her body beneath him, taking all that he could from her, giving back as much in return. They'd made love that morning, just like every morning. It didn't lessen his desire…or his need…for her.

She ran her fingers lightly over his bare chest. They'd showered together not more than an hour ago. He was wearing just his jeans. She suspected he had gone commando. She had on jeans and a tee shirt. And a thong. Don't wanna make it too easy for him. That thought made her smile.

"Are we okay?" He asked softly. The previous forty-eight hours had been heart wrenching. He hadn't come through as shiny as he would have liked…holding her at arms length…doubting the parentage of the baby she carried in that sexy body. Once again they had raced towards the cliff of ultimate destruction. Had avoided it…again. Thank god. Bitter experience had taught him that living without her was not an option for him.

"We're…very…okay," she replied, punctuating her words with soft kisses around his nipple. Delighted when he jumped slightly, then shivered, a tiny gasp leaving his lips.

He worked his fingers through her hair. Tugged gently until she moved up so that he could kiss her. Sweet…so damned sweet, his brain sighed as he moved his lips over hers, his tongue working the combination that would give him access to her warm mouth. When she gasped against him, he slid his tongue inside; touching her, tasting her…eagerly taking what she so lovingly gave him. He cupped her chin with one hand, holding her, the other hand working through that long blonde silk, letting it fall through his fingers before filling them again. He smiled mentally to feel her fingers running through his hair. God, he loved it when she did that!

Best kisser in the universe. Yep, that was Daniel. He could kiss her to orgasm…not that he actually had…yet, but he'd certainly come darned close! When he slanted his mouth over hers, deepened the kiss, she couldn't help but sigh. One hand remained in his hair, the other arm dropped down and tightened around the back of his neck, holding him close, her fingers moving over the smooth, warm skin of his shoulder, the tactile input sending shivers up and down her spine. She couldn't help but press her body closer to him, needing to feel him, to have as much contact with him as possible. Too damned many clothes!

He rolled to his side, putting her on her back, his lips never leaving hers, his hand moving from her chin to her throat, then slowly to the breasts that made him breathless with need. Worked his fingers beneath the hem of her tee shirt, her warm skin sending sparks of electricity up his arm and down his spine, straight into his aching cock. He cupped that soft, firm flesh, ran his thumb over an already hard nipple. He moved his lips to her throat, tasting, licking that fragrant skin. "Take it off," he whispered, just before dragging his tongue along her jaw.

Her body screamed in protest when he pulled away from her. She grabbed the bottom of the shirt, tugged it up to her shoulders. Lifted herself off of the floor far enough to take it completely off. She tossed it at the chair that was nearby, pushed out of the way for the evening. Settled back down on the quilt. "Better?"

"Much," he replied, his mouth going back to her throat. His hand moved from one breast to the other, gently massaging…squeezing…tugging at her nipples until they were standing hard and firm against her flesh.

She put her arm around his shoulders, applied enough pressure to let him know that she wanted him closer, wanted to feel the warmth…the heat of his skin against hers. She could feel his nipples as he shifted over her, straddling her hips, holding his weight on his legs. He was always so afraid of hurting her. She smiled mentally. Tugged him closer still.

He loved how she wanted him close, wanted to feel him on top of her. God knew that feeling that soft, warm body beneath him was enough to drive him out of his mind. A sudden surge of need overwhelmed him, and he clamped his mouth onto her throat, sucking hard, his tongue moving over the skin he knew he was bruising. Her gasp, the way her arms tightened around his shoulders let him know that she found the action arousing. He started to slide down, felt the resistance of his jeans against hers.

"I want you naked on top of me," she moaned softly.

"I want you naked under me," he whispered in reply. "So what do we do about the situation?"

She opened her eyes, looked into cerulean blue depths that laughed at her. "Very funny, smartass. Lose the jeans."

"Okay." He rolled away from her, stripped off the blue jeans, tossed them in the direction her tee shirt had flown.

She watched, loving the way his body was exposed to her view. The way his erection sprang free of the confinement of his clothes. She grabbed the button of her jeans, only to have his hand close around hers.

"That's my job," he said softly. He let his fingers run against the very top of the waistband, barely touching her skin. Smiled when she shivered. He slowly unbuttoned them, then tugged the zipper down, let his fingers move inside to stroke her mons gently. "Lift your hips, Angel," he instructed.

She did so, locked her thumbs on the waist band to push. Once again he stopped her. He was kneeling beside her now, and he carefully tugged the denims from her legs, his hands caressing her as he did so. He threw the pair of pants on top of his.

"What's this?" he asked, running his finger along the band of the thong.

"Something to make you work for the prize," she replied.

"Cruel. Very cruel," he said. He slid his hand between her thighs, rubbing his fingers against the cloth. He tugged slightly, until the crotch of the thong was tight against her body, pulled between her swollen nether lips. Again he smiled at her soft gasp.

"If you want them off, you're pulling in the wrong direction," she told him.

"That explains why they're still in the way," he teased. He pushed the thong off her hips, down her thighs, his fingers never stopped touching her, caressing her.

She sat up, tugged the thong until it was at her ankles, then kicked it across the floor. "And the prize goes to the winner, the Stud Muffin with the sexy smile."

"I like winning," he grinned. He kissed her, pushing her back to the floor once again. He settled himself on her, making sure that his weight was on his legs as much as possible. His attention returned to that elegant neck. The fastest way to turn her on, to make her begin to squirm beneath him, was to pay attention to her throat and neck. He left his mark there once more before licking his way from one collarbone to the other.

She shivered as he moved his mouth over her, each touch sending fingers of pleasure down her spine, into that warm center of her being. Once again he would orchestrate the perfect symphony in her body, taking her exactly where he wanted her to go, taking his time, until she was delirious with need…the Fire raging out of control. He could build the perfect Fires, frenzied infernos that left her breathless with need, begging for release. Then he would quench that Fire, leaving her spent from the intense pleasure.

She was holding him close again, her back arched, pressing those tantalizing breasts into his chest. And it was so turning him on! He didn't think it was possible to be any hotter than he was at the moment, but he knew that once he'd sent her flying, she'd torment him until he was burning completely out of control. Then she would use that sweet, warm mouth and her soft hands to put out those flames. He shivered in anticipation. Slid down to make love to those beautiful breasts. He held them, one in each hand, caressing the soft curves of those perfect globes, moving his mouth from one taut, rosy peak to the other and back again, suckling with such abandon that she was making those tiny little noises. He loved it when that happened, when she found it impossible to remain quiet as he made love to her.

No matter how many times they made love, no matter how many times he touched her, the sensation of him suckling would always be one of her favorite things. She loved it when he lost control and began to suck hard, tugging at her nipples, his hands squeezing her breasts. She tightened her arm around his shoulders, let the fingers of her other hand fill themselves with his hair. Her back was arching higher as he continued to move his mouth back and forth, giving each breast his undivided attention, making certain than not one inch of them was left untasted. Could feel the tremors in his body; the throbbing of his erection that told her that he was enjoying what he was doing, that he was deriving as much pleasure as he was giving.

He was taking his time. He had all night. He wanted her out of control. He shifted slightly, pushed his aching cock against her; the soft warmth of her skin against that throbbing flesh enough to send a shiver down his spine. The taste of her skin, the sweet taste of her nipple, the way it hardened and rolled against his tongue made his entire body ache with need. She had always affected him this way. From the first time he'd touched her, held her, tasted her, to this moment…she'd always set his very soul on Fire. Made his body burn out of control with lust…with need. How many times had he made love to her, wishing he could crawl inside her body, needing to be closer, ever closer to her? Was that what she felt as she snuggled against his chest when he held her after they made love? Was that when she felt the need to be as close as possible, to be inside him? He smiled against her skin when she moaned softly as he licked his way up and down the valley between her breasts. Felt her tremble beneath him. He tugged at a sweet nipple, felt those slender hips pressing up against him, the heat of her womanhood against his belly. She was pushing against him, moving those hips, wanting more of his attention. Time to move on.

His eyes locked with hers as he teased…tormented her, his tongue moving around and around the platinum ring in her navel. She couldn't help but gasp when he thrust it into her bellybutton, moving it in and out of her, then tugging on her navel ring...then doing it all again. Her body was writhing from his attention - the flames of desire, of need, all-consuming and growing hotter by the second. He was holding her, his hands around her waist, keeping her from moving away from him, although that wasn't what she wanted to do…exactly. Her belly was rolling as he continued to stimulate her. It seemed that he wouldn't be pleased until she was begging for him to move on, to touch her where her need was now focused. She could see the glee in those beautiful blue eyes…she was gritting her teeth in an effort to remain silent, and he knew it. She let out a sigh when he began to place warm, tender kisses on her belly, down to her mons, and back up again. When he pushed his tongue into her belly button and wiggled it, she couldn't hold back the moan that escaped.

Oh, yeah, that's what he'd been waiting for! Her green eyes held a warning. He would suffer for teasing her the way he had. She'd make sure he was damned near dead before letting him go over the edge when she had her turn at making love to him. He didn't care. That was part of the fun of Saturday nights. Taking their time…driving one another insane with need, giving one another the most intense pleasure possible. She was so turned on, so hot, that it wouldn't take much to send her over the edge. And he wasn't going to rush to get her there. Her fingers were in his hair as he slid down once again, the sweet scent of her arousal filling his lungs, his mind, making his body shake with anticipation…with need. He was denying himself as much as he was her when he carefully kissed her hips, licked the sensitive skin at the top of her inner thighs. He sucked lightly at that junction, where her legs met her body, delighted in the sharp little jumps that resulted. His fingers weren't still, he was moving both hands up and down her legs as he kissed all around that succulent flesh, drawing out the wait, building up the anticipation in both of them.

She could feel her body tense, waiting for that first intimate kiss, the touch that would send her sailing among the stars. Her breath was coming in gasps, her body so close to the edge of the cliff she could feel the air beginning to move around her. Every touch was done with such precision, with such love…he knew that she was nearly out of her mind with need, yet he continued to prolong the wonderful agony. The overture was building in intensity, would be overwhelming when he conducted the final movements. Once again he had coaxed a moan from her, the first touch of his tongue against her swollen nether lips sending sparks of electricity dancing up and down her body. He watched her, his eyes sending his love to her as he began to worship her, giving pleasure to her as he took pleasure, took what he needed from her. "That feels so good," she whispered. "You always make me feel so good!"

He smiled against her skin. 'I'm glad, Angel.' He moved down to that sweet opening, thrust his tongue inside, rewarded with a flow of that sweet, sweet honey. He couldn't hold back his own moan of pleasure as he partook of all that she gave him, his body shivering with appreciation. Her hips were beginning to move…soon she would demand from him, try to force that hard, swollen little clit right where she wanted it. He ran his tongue over her folds again, flicking his tongue against that little nub, then back down to gather more of her honey before repeating the process. She pushed against him when he slid two fingers into her warm, wet well. He slid his other hand beneath her, let his thumb press against that tiny puckered opening. He didn't to anything else, just gently caressed it as his mouth continued to move over her.

Her entire body was throbbing with need…in anticipation. She wanted to scream with frustration. Shout with joy. Instead, she moaned once again as he started working that oh so talented tongue over her aching clitty. Her legs were locked around him, her hands in his hair, her fingers curled…although she was completely unaware of tugging on the short, dark blonde locks. Her hips were moving up and down against his face…reaching for that beautiful climax that was shimmering just out of reach.

How about a little back and forth, he thought, wagging his tongue over her. The jerk of her hips told him that she approved. A little swirl around and around…then a bit of up and down…She was panting, her belly rolling, those beautiful breasts beginning to heave. She was almost there. He moved his mouth up to her mons, pressing gentle kisses against her, moving back down and licking that sweet slit once again. He ignored that swollen nub as he carefully examined and tasted every fold of her womanhood. She was whimpering with need, her body shaking. Time to fly, Angel. He clamped his mouth over her, sucked her clit into his mouth, teasing it with his tongue, three fingers pushing hard and deep and fast.

The whimper she could never hold back filled her throat. She could feel her thighs quiver. The climax she'd been reaching for exploded above her…below her…inside her, sending her shooting toward the stars. She danced amid streamers of color and flashing lights, her body throbbing…shaking with pleasure. "Daniel!"

His heart soared when his name echoed around them, as she sang her love to him while her climax overtook her. He took every drop of sweet nectar that poured from her well as it convulsed from her orgasm. Not wanting to waste any, he licked his fingers clean, made sure that any honey that was clinging to her thighs was cleaned from her as well. He moved back up her body, stopping, as always, to play with and taste her breasts. "Better?"

"Amazing," she whispered.

He smiled. Watched her eyes. Knew that he was about to enter heaven…by way of hell. She would take him to the edge, and keep him there until she decided he'd been punished enough for teasing her as he had. When he finally took the plunge, it would probably kill him. What a way to go, he thought. When she put her hands against his chest and pushed, he offered no resistance.

"My turn to play," she said softly. Reveled in the shiver that moved over his body.

Yep. She was going to do her damnedest to kill him! And he was going to love every minute of it as much as she did.

His kisses were the breath of life to her. And so she would never deny herself the opportunity to kiss him. Her tongue traced his lips, she suckled on that full lower lip, then pushed into his mouth; wanting, needing to taste him. There was still a hint of the wine he had drank earlier, a bit of her honey. She cleared those things with her tongue, searched again to find the taste that was him, and him alone. She was on his chest, letting her hands move from his shoulders, down his arms, to his hands, then up his sides…in a slow, repetitive pattern. His shoulders - broad and strong and perfect for clinging to when she was afraid. His arms - strong, yet able to hold her so tenderly, with such love. His hands - warm and strong, those long slender fingers that could take her to paradise, could touch her with such gentleness.

He swallowed when she pressed her lips to his Adam's apple. She loved to do that. He raised his chin as she began to kiss and nip at his throat. As much as she enjoyed having her throat kissed, he liked it as well. Every kiss, every caress her lips and fingers paid to his skin were filled with such love that it filled him completely. Her gentle touch was all that was needed to send him soaring. To calm him…to keep him from slipping to the 'Dark Side'. Her love was all he needed to survive.

She pressed kisses to his shoulders, took time to lick and nibble at his collarbones. Kissed her way down his arm, to his hand; pressed more kisses against his knuckles, then took his other hand and started the journey back toward his throat. She didn't do it every time they made love, but there were times, like tonight, when the need to pay homage to those wide, strong shoulders, and those strong, loving arms was a necessity. She made certain that her body was just far enough above his that her breasts would drag over his skin as she moved down toward his belly. His nipples were stiff, and it just wouldn't do to ignore them, or to see if she couldn't make them just a bit harder. Her fingers ran over the smooth, firm skin of his chest as she suckled. The fact that his breath was coming faster, harder, pleased her. She wanted him as needy as he'd made her, before she finally gave him what he wanted, what he needed.

When she kissed her way to his belly, he couldn't hold back his grin. She was more sensitive because of her piercing. Didn't mean that he was unaffected by the attention, and she wouldn't be happy until he was squirming. Which he was damned close to doing now! When those soft hands began to caress his sides, her lips leaving a moist trail over his skin, he was certain that he was going to shoot his load, right there, right then, because it felt so damned good! Making love with her was amazing…she gave back more than she ever took from him. He wasn't sure she knew she was sending her love. But she was, and he sent his back gently, slowly. Wanting it to envelope her as surely as hers was wrapping around him, keeping him warm, keeping his heart, his soul safe.

The soft flow of his love made her smile against his skin. She must have been sending hers. Often that happened without her even being aware of it. That soft, gentle touch against her mind was comforting as much as it was pleasing. There was no fear when she was with him, in his arms. His love was a gauntlet with which she protected herself; strong and warm, it kept her safe. She looked up at him. Payback, baby, she thought gleefully, just before her tongue invaded his navel. He gasped, and she couldn't help but giggle. His anaconda waved at her, begged for her attention, the head shiny with precum. She ignored it. Plenty of time for that…later. More kisses across that firm belly, then back to play with his belly button again. She laced her fingers with his, holding his hands while her mouth moved over him again and again.

He couldn't get any harder than he was now. If she didn't do something soon, he was going to be reduced to taking matters into hand. He had to smile at that thought. How many times had he teased her until one soft hand slid down between her thighs, intent on finding some relief? He never allowed it, of course. But he certainly understood the need. He hissed a breath when she ran her fingers through his pubic hair…god how he loved that! Almost groaned when she slid down and began to kiss his hips and thighs. Tit for tat. Little minx was trying to kill him!

The breeze that blew through the open door was much cooler now. She could feel the goose bumps rise on her flesh as it moved over her back. The front of her was warm enough, the heat from his body was enough to keep the chill away. He was close to bursting into flames. Which was just where she wanted him. She knew what he wanted…what he needed. Tossing an impish grin at him, she slid down, began to lick his balls, then carefully sucked each one. Then moved back to his thighs. The groan he gave made her do a mental happy dance. Oh, yeah, that's what revenge is all about, she thought gleefully. Time to make it worse. She put her hands on his thighs, licked him from the base to the head, swirled her tongue to get all of the precum that waited there, then licked her way back to his balls. She did it again. And again. Felt his body shaking with need…with anticipation.

Mind going. Can't take much more. His hips were moving up, trying to force her to give him what he so desperately needed. He almost cried out when she began to lick the girth of his cock, moving so slowly from top to bottom and back up that he decided a few more seconds and he was going to come. Then she pulled away. Only to lick up and down again. If she didn't get down to business soon…

She wrapped her hand around the base of that magnificent erection, and took as much of him into her mouth as she could. Quickly established a rhythm that had his hips moving in time with her ministrations. Velvet and steel. Warm. Throbbing. And he tasted so good! She pressed her tongue against the underside of his cock and bobbed up and down on him, making sure to keep the pressure steady. Felt him throb harder…faster. Not just yet, Stud Muffin, she thought. She let him fall out of her mouth, began to lick him again.

"No more…gotta come…need to come…"

She giggled mentally. She'd once again driven him to the point of 'speaking in tongues'. She knew it was Abydonian. One day she was going to learn that language. So she'd know just how much begging he really was doing. Once again she wrapped her hand around him. Once again she took as much of him into her mouth as she could. Once again she found the rhythm he needed. This time there would be no stopping.

His hands were clenched into fists, his toes curled in expectation, waiting to go hurtling off of the cliff. He moved his legs farther apart when she wiggled between them. Felt her kneel over him. His heart was pounding like a hammer against steel…It was time to fly!

She relaxed her throat, took him as deeply as she could, and began to swallow. 'Come for me, Daniel…don't hold back.'

The stimulation of her throat, the movement of her hands, that sweet whisper in his mind were enough to set him off. He leapt off the cliff, wave after wave of pleasure pushing him ever higher. "Oh, god! Casey!"

She took down every drop of his precious white love, gently licked him clean until the last of the spasms were over. Just as he did, she kissed her way up his body, settled on his chest. "Did I please you?"

"Very much," he replied. He wrapped his arms around her, held her close.

A particularly loud clap of thunder made her jump. The sound of the rain pelting the ground drifted in to them. "I used to be afraid of the thunder," she said softly. "It was rare to hear thunder in Tacoma. The first thunderstorm in Silver Springs scared the crap out of me."

"I remember," he replied. The storm had arrived in the middle of the night. The first rumbles of thunder had awakened her, and she'd clung to him, her body trembling. He had turned the radio on, hoping that the music would help her to relax. Between the soft jazz, and the fact that he'd continued to rub her back, she'd finally been able to go back to sleep.

"I used to be afraid of a lot of things. Then you came along, and showed me that nothing was there in the dark that I didn't see in the light."

He tightened his arms around her. "You came into my life, filled every dark corner with your sunshine," he told her.

"Love you."

"Love you, too."

She sighed.

"What's wrong, Angel?"

"I'm going to miss being able to lay like this."

He smiled. "It won't be for long," he replied.

"Long enough," she complained.

He grinned, pressed a kiss to the side of her head. "It'll be worth it."

She crossed her arms on his chest, rested her chin on them so that she could look into his eyes. "You're okay with this?"

"Don't have much of a choice, do I?" he asked.

She frowned. "Actually, you do…well…I suppose technically I do."

His frown matched hers. "Are you talking about an abortion?"

She nodded. "I don't…I don't-" she broke off, turned her head.

"I couldn't…I wouldn't ask you to do that," he whispered. "I know how much you've wanted another baby. And that's my baby, too. I couldn't bear to lose it. Not now, not knowing that he…or she…is growing there inside you."

"Thank you," she whispered in return, looking up at him again. "I know it wasn't planned, but maybe Carly was right. Maybe this baby wants to be born."

"I suppose that's possible. I'm going to try to get word to Wade. I'm sure he'll want to be here when the baby is born, or as soon as possible afterwards."

She nodded. "Well, it wasn't exactly what I had in mind for a birthday surprise, but I'm not complaining."

"I think I can still come up with something for your birthday," he teased.

"Mark Diamond?"

"Sorry, that was a once in a lifetime deal."

"Too bad, he was cute." She giggled as his hands pinched her sides. "I'd rather you strip for me."

He grinned. "I'll think about it."


Daniel rolled over, putting her on her back. "Ready for round two?"

"Always," she replied softly.

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