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Trio of Blessings

Chapter 12: The Arrival

Mrs. Peterson, that wonderful neighbor who babysat Evvie for the O’Neill’s, had been at the Jackson’s barbecue, and so was aware of the impending birth. She, along with everyone else in Hope, was also well aware of the close, strong bonds between SG-1 and the MacLeod’s. She knew that they would all want to be with Casey and Daniel. She had hurried to the hospital, bringing a satchel of toys and books, and was busy entertaining Emily and Evvie in a nearby waiting room.

Casey was laying on her side, Daniel was rubbing her back, using one of the tennis balls. Sam and Tessa were with her, helping her to concentrate on her breathing. Jack and Duncan were sitting on one side of the room, their presence offering moral support.

Dr. Montigue came in, pulled the curtain, and checked the progress. After three hours, the contractions were seven minutes apart, and Casey had progressed to five centimeters. He was pleased with the pace at which things were moving. He patted Casey’s shoulder, and told her he would check on her again in another hour.

The Immortal Council had been in meetings with the First Four, but when news of Casey’s labor had reached them, the two Immortals and two Ancients had ‘gated back to Gamma, and were now on their way to Casey’s room.

Erin reached her daughter’s bedside first. "How are you, my darling daughter?"

Casey smiled. "I’m fine, Mom, really. Most of the pain is in my back, and it’s not quite as bad as it was with Emmie."

Aaron looked at Daniel. The young man looked tired. "Show me what to do, son. You need to take a break."

Daniel gave a weary smile. "Thanks, Aaron. Just run this tennis ball across her back, like this…be sure to put a bit of pressure on it." He demonstrated, then allowed Aaron to take over. He watched long enough to make sure that his father-in-law was doing all right, then dropped into a chair beside the bed.

Tessa was holding a cup of ice for Casey, watching as the green-eyed woman spooned some of the frozen chips into her mouth. "Do you want one of the lollipops, Casey?"

She shook her head. "Not yet, thanks. You aren’t getting too tired, are you? Sam, you either?"

Both women shook their heads. "I’m fine," Tessa smiled.

"Me, too," Sam replied.

Casey nodded. "Tessa, it’s okay that I asked for Duncan, isn’t it?"

Tessa leaned over and kissed Casey’s cheek. "Of course, mon amie! If I cannot help you, then I am thrilled that Duncan can."

She smiled. "Thanks, Tess. I’ll still need you and Sam in here to hold my hands…hopefully I won’t break any fingers!"

The two women laughed.

She looked over at her mother. "Mom, would you bring Emily in here when it’s time? She doesn’t necessarily need to see the birth, but I want her here in the room when her little brother comes."

"Of course, Casey. Just tell me when you want me to get her," Erin replied with a quiet smile.

Another hour passed. Jack, Duncan, Methos, and Oma had started a game of poker. Daniel was once again rubbing his wife’s back.

Two nurses began to bring in equipment in preparation for the birth. One of them spoke briefly with Daniel, having learned that he would be delivering his son. She made sure that he understood that anything he needed, he only had to ask for, that she would be assisting him. He smiled and thanked her.



"Do you suppose I could get up and walk a little bit? I feel…restless," Casey said, shifting again on the bed.

"I’ll find out." He kissed her forehead, then went to look for the doctor. Ten minutes later he was back. "No problem, babe. Is your robe in the tote?"

She nodded.

Sam and Tessa helped her sit up.

Daniel helped her get the robe on, then helped her to her feet. His arm around her shoulders, the other hand holding hers tightly, he led her to the door.

"Hey, don’t you drop that kid in the hallway!" Jack called out.

Casey giggled. "You give the weirdest orders, general." Everyone laughed.

"Are you okay?" Daniel asked softly as they walked past the nurse’s station.

"I’m fine, Sweetheart." She gasped slightly, but continued to walk as the contraction hardened her abdomen. They had just turned the corner, on their way back around to her room when she stopped. As with Emily, she felt a ‘pop’, as if a balloon had burst inside her. She felt the warm, amniotic fluid flow down her legs. "Oh, hell," she said softly.


"My water broke," she said simply, looking at the floor.

"Yeah, I’d say so," he smiled, looking down at the floor as well. He motioned for an orderly who happened to be passing by. "Her water broke."

The orderly smiled. "No problem. But you’d better get her back to her room. When this happens, usually things speed up."

With a nod, Daniel led Casey back to her room. He pulled the curtain around the bed, helped her into a clean dry gown, and then onto the bed.

The contractions started coming every three minutes. Another hour passed. Casey ate a lollipop, and sucked on more ice chips. The poker game was still going, with Oma holding most of the toothpicks being used as chips. Tessa and Sam were dozing in the recliners that had been brought into the large room for them.

As it had with Emily, transition hit without warning. The contractions were ninety seconds apart, barely giving her enough time to breathe between each one. Casey looked up into Daniel’s blue eyes as he counted out the seconds, her hand squeezing his as the pain increased with each passing second.

His heart clenched as he looked into her eyes. She was tired, and she was in a great deal of pain. He cursed himself. Why hadn’t he encouraged her to get the epidural? The final minutes of Emily’s birth had been so hard on her! He brushed blonde locks from her face, lifted her hand to his lips.

She arched her back and cried out. "Oh, god! I have to push! Now!"

Erin raced out to find Dr. Montigue.

"Breathe, babe," Daniel said softly. "I know it’s not easy, but you can do it. Look at me, Angel, and breathe."

Casey focused on his eyes, saw the love, the worry, the excitement. His warm, strong fingers were wrapped around hers, she clung tightly to him, panting as the ever-increasing need to push filled her being.

Dr. Montigue hurried in, checked her, and smiled. "Daniel, it’s time to deliver your son." He looked at Duncan and Jack. "I understand that you two are going to be holding her up?"

The two men nodded, hurried to the bed, Jack on one side, Duncan the other. Sam and Tessa found chairs and settled at Casey’s sides, just in front of their husbands. Daniel allowed the nurse to help him scrub up. Erin was sent to get Emily. Aaron, Oma, and Methos watched from a quiet corner of the room.

Sam was calling the time on each contraction, Tessa was helping Casey pant, keeping her attention on a picture of Emily...

Now the contractions were coming less than sixty seconds apart, and Casey was finding it difficult to catch her breath. One of the nurses put an oxygen mask over her face...

Casey cried out again, the need to push now overwhelming. Daniel settled himself on a stool at the foot of the bed.

"Scoot down, babe," he said.

Jack and Duncan helped Casey to comply.

When the next contraction hit, he slid his fingers inside her and checked, could feel the baby’s head entering the birth canal. "Just another minute, babe, I promise," he said softly.

Jack and Duncan positioned themselves, ready to lift her when the time came. Sam and Tessa stood up, so that they could move out of the way if need be, but still held her hands.

"Now, babe, push!" Daniel said.

Casey held her breath and pushed, focusing on Daniel’s voice as he slowly counted to ten. She had just barely laid back to catch her breath when the next contraction and that urge to push wracked her body again.

The contractions were almost one now, with a mere few seconds between each.

"I know you’re tired, Angel," Daniel said softly. "It’s almost over."

She nodded wearily, then was hit with another contraction. Jack and Duncan held her, felt her body shake with exhaustion and effort.

"You can do this, babe," Daniel said, his voice calm and soothing. "Push, Casey, push!"

"I am pushing!" she gasped.

"I know, babe…keep pushing…keep pushing!"

The contraction ended, and she dropped her head back. She was so tired. She couldn’t catch her breath. With a moan she brought her head back up as another contraction hit her.

"When I tell you to stop, you pant, okay?" Daniel said.

She nodded again. "Oh, god!" she moaned. She was pushing, her body nearly at its limit.

"Stop!" Daniel said sharply.

She began to pant, Tessa and Sam holding her hands tightly.

"Okay, babe, this is it. Give me one good push."

With the last bit of strength she possessed, Casey pushed, and felt the baby slide out of her body.

Daniel felt his heart stop. Just as it had when Emily had dropped into his hands. He forced his finger into the baby’s mouth to clear it, used the syringe given to him by the nurse to clean his throat and nostrils. There was no sound. He panicked for a second. He gave the baby a light slap on the bottom, and Daniel Nicholas Jackson protested loudly. His heart was beating again. It was pounding in his chest now. He stood up, and put his son on his wife’s chest. "Say hello to Mommy, Nicholas," he said softly.

"Oh, baby," Casey said softly, her arms going around her newborn child. "Oh, Daniel, he looks just like you! Exactly like you!"

Daniel moved to her side, leaned down and kissed her. "You really think so?"

"There is no doubt that this boy is yours," Casey said, a smile on her face.

He turned to Erin, took a wide-eyed Emily into his arms. She clung to him, he hugged her tight. "Come meet your baby brother, Princess." He took her to Casey’s side.

"Baby!" Emily said, pointing, her eyes even wider.

"That’s right, Emmie. That’s Baby Nicholas," Daniel said. He kissed her cheek.

Dr. Montigue had settled himself on the stool at the foot of the bed. "All right Casey. I need one or two more good pushes, and we’ll get the placenta take care of."

Casey complied, felt something drop from her body, then went back to examining her son. He was beginning to root at her breast.

Daniel helped her move her gown to the side, and just as had happened with Emily, he watched his son latch onto that dusky rose nipple. Tears of consummate joy filled his eyes. He looked around the room at the people, their family, who watched with such love and happiness on their faces.

"Daniel, let’s get this cord cut, and then we’ll send you and your son down to the nursery to take care of getting him cleaned up," Dr. Montigue said.

Daniel handed Emily back to Erin, cut the cord, then took his son, wrapped him in a blanket that the nurse provided, then followed her out of the room.

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