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Trio of Blessings

Chapter 4

The one thing that Daniel hadn’t been able to master was using the blow dryer and hairbrush to dry and ‘style’ his daughter’s hair. That was Casey’s job. He rinsed the tub out while his wife took care of that particular task. Once again the feelings of complete, absolute, mind-bending happiness surrounded him. He closed his eyes for one brief second. His memory took him back to the days right after his return to the SGC, following his return from Ascension. He remembered the loneliness he had felt. The pain of remembering that Sha’re was lost to him forever. The cold acceptance that had crept into his soul; acceptance that he was to be forever alone. Then that wonderful, glorious day when an angel with green eyes and long blonde hair had fallen into his arms. That first kiss. The first time they made love. Emily’s birth. If anyone had told him in those first lonely days that he would ever be this happy, he would have called them a liar to their face. He glanced over at his daughter and wife. His pregnant wife. He couldn’t contain his happiness…he grinned. He wanted to just laugh and shout out loud.

Casey smiled at him. He looked…happy. Content. She was feeling the same way. Emily was on her knees, facing the mirror as her Mommy dried her hair. She was singing her favorite song, a little ditty about itsy bitsy spiders, her little hands doing motions. Daniel put a hand on Casey’s shoulder, and kissed her cheek as he walked by, heading back into the living room. Her heart hammered against her chest. Every touch, every kiss, sent her soul flying, sent flames shooting through her. She shivered slightly, her body on fire and in need. She carried Emily into her bedroom, got her undies on her, found the little red velvet dress with green and red ribbons, and put it on her. Red tights and her black patent Mary Jane’s and she was dressed. "Okay, Baby. Tell Daddy that Mommy is ready for a shower."

Emily went running into the kitchen, looking for her father. She found him in the den. "Daddee, Mommee say show'w now."

Daniel looked at his daughter, smiled at the bright Christmas colors of her outfit. "Okay, Princess." He picked his daughter up, hugged her tightly, then carried her to her playpen. "We won’t be long, Emmie. Play here while we take a shower."

Emily nodded her head, settled contentedly among her toys. "Be good, Daddee," she promised.

He almost laughed out loud at her words. I plan to be, Princess, he thought, grinning wickedly.  "That’s my girl," he said.

Casey was already standing under the water. He stepped into the shower behind her, wrapped his arms around her waist. "Need some attention?" he asked softly.

She leaned her body back against his. "Always need your attention, my heart," she replied, her voice a mere whisper.

He lowered his head and kissed her shoulder, nipped lightly at the soft skin. Smiled when she shivered. His hands found her breasts, began caressing them, kneading the soft, firm flesh with his fingers.

His touch was sending the fire raging out of control. She turned in his arms, lifted her face, begging for his kiss…her hands moving over his shoulders, down his arms, up over his chest.

He captured her lips with his own, his tongue moving in, tasting her mouth. Her every response had his body reacting ardently. He gasped against her lips when he felt her hand close around his now throbbing erection. He almost moaned out loud as her soft hand began to stroke him, slowly, gently.

She loved how he felt in her hand, loved the way his body shivered from her touch. Her hips arched toward his hand when he slid his fingers between her thighs. His lips had moved to her breasts, he was sucking and licking each one in turn, taking the aching nipples into his mouth. She wanted…needed to taste him. She pulled away from him, waited until he was standing upright once again, then kissed his chest…began lowering her body to the tile floor of the shower. She planted a kiss on the swollen shaft, then took him into her mouth.

He closed his eyes, let her sweet mouth and tongue make love to him, drive him crazy, make him ache with need. He wrapped his hands in her long, wet hair, held her close. "Oh, god babe…that’s it…just like that," he moaned softly.

Her heart beat faster, knowing that she was pleasing him. He was close, he was throbbing hard and fast. Just as she knew he would, he pulled away from her, pulled her to her feet. She sighed when he knelt in front of her, carefully moved her legs apart and began to worship her.

She tasted so sweet, she always tasted sweet…he loved making love to her like this. His own need was growing, the need to feel himself buried in her warm body. He stood up. "Wrap around me, Angel," he whispered.

She wrapped her arms around him, waited until he was ready to lift her, then wrapped her legs around his waist. She reached down between them to guide him between her folds. He felt so good! She loved the way he filled her.

He pushed her against the wall, and began to move in and out of her body. He buried his face against the soft, fragrant skin of her neck, overwhelmed by the love, the sensations that flooded his mind and body. It didn’t take long before her thighs were quivering, and that beautiful whimper filled her throat. "Give it to me, Angel. Come for me," he whispered in her ear.

With a soft cry she arched her back, pushing her breasts against his chest, her climax was flowing through her, just like the warm water that flowed over them. She was still trembling when she tightened her arms around his shoulders. "Fill me, Daniel. Fill me with your love," she whispered.

He began to thrust harder, deeper, and suddenly he was there, waves of pleasure rolling over him as he throbbed inside of her. "Love you, Case," he said, when he could breathe normally again.

"Love you, too, Daniel," she whispered. "We’d better get washed and out of here. Emmie isn’t going to stay happy in that playpen much longer."

He smiled against her skin. "Probably not. Okay, babe, down you go." He made sure she was standing firmly before releasing her. His hand moved to her flat belly for just a moment before he reached for her soap.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Daniel was in the living room with Emily, watching the Macy’s Christmas Day Parade, which was being rebroadcast for the SGC colonies. He glanced up when Casey came in, wearing the green dress that he loved. He grinned at her. "You look beautiful," he said.

She smiled. "You like it because it’s short and shows off my cleavage."

"And what’s wrong with that? I happen to like seeing your legs and cleavage."

She giggled. "As long as you’re happy. You look beautiful, too," she said, referring to his black suit. The new one that he had picked up on their trip to Langara.

He gave her that shy smile, the one that always made her heart do funny things in her chest. "Thanks."

The doorbell rang, and family started arriving. More gifts were piled under the tree, more food was shoved into the refrigerator or onto the overflowing counter.


A  A  A  A  A  A


The ensuing chaos of opening gifts filled the house with happy laughter, and squeals of delight from two tiny girls. Casey had taken one look at the bangle bracelets and knew exactly why Daniel had bought them. The smile they had shared had left the others in the room curious. As soon as all of the gifts were opened, exclaimed over and admired, Emily grabbed Daniel’s hand and pulled him outside. She wanted to ride the new trike that Santa and her Peepaw had brought her. Evvie followed, eager to take a turn as well. The men took the two little ones out doors, while the women straightened up the living room and made ready for the meal.

"So, how is Duncan taking the news?" Casey asked.

Tessa giggled. "I haven’t had this much attention in years! And he keeps putting his hand on my tummy."

Casey rolled her eyes. "Daniel is the same way. He sleeps with his hand on my tummy!"

"Duncan too!"

Sam giggled. "Well, that part is unanimous!"

They burst into giggles. Carlotta and Erin exchanged smiles.

Casey looked over at Carly. "How soon can you tell what the baby is going to be?"

The dark haired woman laughed. "I suppose we could try now, if you want. I don’t guarantee that it will be as accurate."

Casey went to the hall closet and grabbed her sewing kit. "Let’s try." She sat down in one of the bar chairs.

"You two sit down as well," Carly said, looking at Sam and Tessa. She held the thread and gold ring above Casey’s flat belly. When it was not moving at all, Carly spoke softly. "Spirits of Life, tell us now, is this child a son or a daughter?"

For several seconds nothing happened. Then, it began to move slowly back and forth. "Yes!" Casey whispered, her eyes shining. "A boy!"

The results were the same for Tessa, and the ring spun on the thread above Sam’s still flat tummy, another girl for her and Jack.

Dinner was a success, the day full of love and laughter as the group, a special family unit that had come together, enjoyed one another’s company.

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