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When Two Hearts Collide

Chapter 22

General Hammond signaled at the end of the song that had been playing. The crowd gathered around him respectfully. "It has been our tradition, since I arrived here, and Doctor Jackson arrived here, that he recite the Christmas classic, 'The Night Before Christmas'. Doctor Jackson, if you please," he said, waving the young archaeologist forward.

Daniel stepped forward. This entire 'tradition' had started when there had been a heated discussion about the words of the time-honored children's poem. He'd been able to recite it, why, he wasn't sure. He hadn't even been aware that he knew it until he'd started. And, if he remembered correctly, he'd been plastered that night. He often thought that listening to the children's story was a way to grasp at the innocence that these people had lost the minute they became a part of the SGC. No longer able to look at the night sky and see only stars. Never again able to listen to news reports about the political goings-on around the world with the same attention, because what was happening out there was a hell of a lot more important than who had gotten caught doing what, or which political party was in power at the moment.

He glanced over at Casey. Held his hand toward her, put his arm around her shoulders when she stepped close enough. "'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse," he began.

Casey listened to his voice…she could listen to him read from the freaking phone book, just as long as he was talking! She'd only heard the story once or twice, at school she was sure. Christmas traditions in the Webster home had included a plastic tree, a few mismatched ornaments, a strand of lights that didn't work half of the time, and the sight of her adoptive parents getting drunk. Christmas day…the highlight was going to Grandma Rose's for dinner. Traditional meal of turkey and stuffing and cranberries and pumpkin pie. That holiday, and Thanksgiving, were the only times of the year when she had actually walked away from the table with a full stomach.

"…when out on the lawn there arose such a clatter, I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter…"

On the drive to the base they'd passed a parking lot where Christmas trees were being sold. Daniel had promised her that on the morrow, they would find a tree. He'd also informed her that several of the stores in the mall had a variety of decorations available, as well as a seasonal store that was open. When she had protested that he'd spent far too much money earlier in the day, he had taken her hand, kissed her fingers, and informed her that he was more than capable of buying the things they needed to decorate the apartment the way she wanted to for Christmas. Oh, how the ideas had begun to flow, the creative impulses in her freed after years of being suppressed. She'd never been able to afford much. Spending Christmas with Vicky and Kelley and Ricky had helped some, being able to help decorate the Campbell tree taking the edge off of being alone…and broke.

Then she'd asked if it would be all right to invite Jack, Sam, and Teal'c for dinner on the holiday, if they had no other plans. He'd smiled and told her he thought it was a great idea. He had told her about his holiday the year before, the day spent at Sam's; he, Jack, and Teal'c keeping her company while she recovered from a broken leg. They had ordered Chinese food delivered, and had rented and watched every sappy Christmas movie they could find. He'd laughed when he told her about explaining several of the films to Teal'c.

"…I laughed when I saw him, in spite of myself…"

She looked at the faces around them. Smiles tugged at each mouth. Several of the men were watching her, and she ducked her head quickly, blushing brightly. It was only because they'd never seen her before, she told herself. She unconsciously stepped closer to Daniel, felt his arm tighten around her shoulders.

"…He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work, and filled all the stockings, then turned with a jerk…"

How different her life was now. She shivered when she realized that just a week prior she had been alone, and so lonely! A week ago tonight she had taken a long bath, eaten part of a frozen pizza, and sat down to read one of her favorite romance novels. Again. Now, she was standing beside the most handsome man she had ever laid eyes on, wearing a diamond ring that proclaimed to the world that she belonged to him. No longer a virgin…having been taken by the incredible man beside her to places she hadn't even dreamed existed. No longer alone. How quickly her life had changed! What a difference a few hours had made!

"…heard him exclaim ere he drove out of sight, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight."

Applause broke out, accompanied by calls of Merry Christmas. Several of the men and women who had families waiting at home bid their friends and colleagues goodnight, and left the party. Those who remained headed for the bar.

"So, stay or go?" Daniel asked quietly.

"Your choice," she replied.



"Do you want to stay here, or go home?"

Home. Her home with him. She shivered slightly from the very pleasant thought. "I really should finish putting my things away, and if we're going to get a tree tomorrow we should get an early start, and then we really should-" she broke off.

"Should what?"

She looked down at the floor. Looked into his eyes when his finger raised her chin.

"Should what?"

"It's not important," she whispered.

He tried to rein in his impatience. She was still overwhelmed by what he had done earlier. He knew Casey well enough by now to know that if she were in dire need of something right now, she wouldn't mention it. "Well, maybe we can squeeze it in between getting the tree, getting decorations, and grocery shopping." He still had that list. And it would be filled as well.

Her eyes went wide. She'd wanted to suggest a trip to the grocery store, just to stock up with a few basics, a few things so she could fix proper meals for him. But after his unexpected…and very expensive…trip to the mall, she didn't want to ask. "Maybe," she said softly.

"Let's go home, Angel," he said softly.

Major Louis Ferretti had a sprig of mistletoe attached to a long stick, and was holding it over the heads of any of the women who remained at the party. With a grin he approached the quietly talking couple, held it above Casey's head.

Jack had watched where the Marine was going, and with a grin of his own, had followed. As soon as the greenery was above her head, he marched up and planted a kiss on her cheek.

Startled at first, Casey put a hand to her cheek and stepped backwards. She looked up, and when the grinning Marine put the mistletoe over Jack's head, she leaned up and kissed his cheek.

With a chuckle, Ferretti put it back over her head. And watched as Dr. Jackson wrapped his arms around her slender body, dipped her slightly, and proceeded to kiss her breathless. Hoots and cheers filled the air around them.

It was the first time that anyone had seen Daniel actually kiss a woman…at least, on Earth. Whenever the game had started in years past, he would either disappear, slipping to his office to hide, or place a chaste kiss on the cheek of whichever woman was under the mistletoe. If he was under it, he made sure that the only contact between him and the woman eager to kiss him was his hands on her arms, holding her away from his body, and her lips on his cheek.

"Daniel, you dog!" Jack laughed, watching as Casey adjusted her grip on the archaeologist, kissing him back as passionately as he was kissing her.  Several calls of approval echoed behind him.

Oh, god she tastes good! Her arms were locked around his neck, and those beautiful breasts were pushed against him as he held her tightly. He slanted his mouth over hers, took more from her, as she gave with all of her heart, gave back to her in equal measure.

If Daniel had wanted to take her right there, right then, she'd have let him. Her body was on fire, she needed his touch, only he could put out the raging inferno he built in her. When he deepened the kiss, she completely forgot that anyone else was near. All she knew was him.

"Ready to go home?" he whispered in her ear when he finally moved his lips from hers.

"Oh, yeah," she whispered back.

He smiled down at her, then put her back on her feet. Her eyes were slightly glazed, her lips swollen, she was breathing heavily, and her gaze was focused on his mouth. He grinned when she reached up to wipe her lipstick from his lips.




There had been a few protests when Daniel had led her toward the door, several of the men complaining that they hadn't had a chance to 'wish her Merry Christmas'. He'd seen the panicked look in her eyes. For once Ferretti had been paying attention as well, and when he had subtly shaken his head, the Marine had headed toward Janet and Sam with the mistletoe.

She was quiet as he drove down the dark streets of Silver Springs toward the brick building they called home.

"Case, is something wrong?"

She looked over at him and smiled. "I had so much fun tonight," she said softly.

"I'm glad. I think this is the first time I've actually enjoyed one of those things," he admitted.


"For three years I was looking for Sha're. Most of the…people…there respected that," he said quietly.

She understood that by 'people', he meant 'women'. "And after she died, they felt more free to pursue you?"

"Pretty much. Last year was…" he shuddered.

"I never would have believed a man could be raped, until I saw what happened to you," she said gently. "Your body might have been ready, but your heart, your mind…your emotions, certainly weren't."

Again the thought that living with a seer was going to be damned interesting crossed his mind. It seemed that when it came to him, she could easily see events that had happened in his past. Hmm…did that mean that she could 'see' the present or the future just as clearly?

She looked up, out of the sunroof of the jeep. The stars were brilliant and beautiful. "Oh!" she said suddenly, making her wish quickly.

"What?" he asked, concern in his voice.

"Falling star," she replied. "Silly to wish on them, I know. But I can't help it."

"I don't think it's silly at all. Did you make a wish?"

"Just a little one," she admitted.

He grinned. He hoped that he was fulfilling her wishes…her dreams…her desires. Was pretty sure that he was at least making her happy.


A   A   A   A   A   A


She cast a glance at the boxes that still cluttered the kitchen and entryway. Couldn't stop the excitement that bubbled up inside. A thought moved over her mind, she turned to face him. "Daniel, I want you to promise me that you won't buy anything else for me…I mean, nothing for Christmas. This…" she said waving her hand toward the boxes, "is much more than enough."


Shocked, she looked up at him. "Excuse me?"

"I won't promise that Casey. These things," he said, pointing to his purchases, "aren't gifts. This is all for the house. They're necessities. Jack couldn't believe I didn't even have a toaster." He had to grin when he remembered how Jack had looked at him as if he had grown a second head when he'd read the list...


"Daniel, do you mean you don't have anything but a coffee maker?" the gray haired man had said. "You're just sad!"


"But you've spent so much…" Casey objected.

He put a finger on her lips. "I want you to think about something. Let's say that I was finally ready to…get a life again, spend more time here in the apartment, rather than almost 24/7 at the SGC."

"Okay," she said softly.

"I would have walked in here, looked around, then called Janet and Sam, and asked for their help. And I would have wound up with a list probably damned close to the one you made out. And I would have gone to the mall, and bought it all. And tried to figure out how to use it," he added with a grin. "Just to impress some woman that Sam and Janet would fix me up with; who I wouldn't find attractive enough, or funny enough, or smart enough…or special enough."

Her heart was pounding. She understood what he was trying to tell her. It was just so hard to believe that he would do all of this…for her. And he had done it for her. "Chances are you would have just gone on as you were, or maybe picked up a few things, maybe a toaster. Or a blender. Who doesn't have at least a toaster?" she asked incredulously.

He chuckled. "Me. Or at least, I didn't have one. I rarely ate here. When I did it was a TV dinner, or take out, or delivery."

She wrapped her arms around her narrow waist, stepped into the kitchen. "It's just so much," she whispered, looking at the profusion of boxes.

Daniel stepped into the room behind her. "No, Angel. Never enough. I can never give you enough, never tell you often enough, never show you enough how much I love you…how much I need you."

Tears filled her eyes. "You say the sweetest things…the most perfect things," she whispered. She put her hands on his face. "You can't be real…it's too beautiful…too perfect."

He could hear the unspoken 'and I don't deserve it'. "I love you, Casey. So damned much!" He scooped her into his arms, and carried her to the bedroom. "I need you, Angel," he whispered, nuzzling her cheek.

"I need you…I need you more than I need the air I breathe," she whispered in reply. "You're my sun, my moon, my stars…you're everything to me." She'd thought those words sounded corny…sappy…when she'd read them in one of her novels. They couldn't even begin to convey how much she needed him, what he meant to her.

His heart took flight as her words echoed in his ears. "I want to make you happy, Casey."

"You do," she replied. "Just being with you…sitting beside you, holding you when we make love, listening to your heartbeat, feeling your chest rise and fall as you breathe…makes me so very happy."

He didn't think it was possible to love her any more than he did in that moment. He wasn't at all sure that he could contain the love, the happiness…the joy…that raced through his veins. He put her on her feet beside the bed. "Do you have any idea what you do to me?"

She shook her head shyly.

He yanked off his tie, tossed it onto the dresser. Which was filled with her things. A fleeting thought that made him smile. He unbuttoned his shirt, took her hand, pressed it against his chest. Let her feel how hard his heart hammered against his ribs. "Feel that, Angel?"

"I feel it," she murmured, her fingers caressing his warm skin.

"That's love, that's need, that's happiness like I've never known before," he whispered. He slid her hand down to his crotch, and the raging hard-on that had tormented him since he had kissed her beneath the mistletoe. "That's my love, Angel. My need. I've never been as…needy…before. I can't get enough of you. I've never been able to make love to a woman like I can love you. Holding you, loving you…I never knew it could be so good! You make me wild…crazy; you make me lose control…and god I love it!"

"For you," she whispered. "I was made for you." The sense of belonging, of being needed, being loved…simply being wanted, was still so new that she was overwhelmed by the emotions.

He grabbed her, held her close, buried his face against the soft, fragrant skin of her throat. "Love me, Angel, god, please love me!"

"I love you," she whispered, trembling fingers unbuttoned the rest of his shirt, tugged it from his trousers, pushed it from his shoulders. "I love you," she repeated, her hands making quick work of his belt and the button and zipper of his pants. Her hand caressed the hard, throbbing flesh that rose to meet her fingers. "I love you."

He gasped when her soft hand closed around him, began to stroke him gently. He found the hook that kept her collar together, unfastened it. Unzipped the back of her skirt. Gently pulled her dress from her shoulders, down over her arms. Past her hips. Let it fall to the floor. She stood there, wearing black, lacy bikini panties, the sheer black stockings and her heels. "Sweet Jesus!" he murmured. He'd never seen anything so damned erotic!

She was ready to drop to her knees, give him as much pleasure as she could. He held firmly to her arms.

"No, Angel, let me worship you," he whispered. His gaze remained locked with hers while he hurriedly pulled the clothes from his body, not giving a damn where they landed. Naked, he knelt in front of her, nuzzled the soft curls at the apex of her thighs through the thin silk and lace, her sweet scent driving him mad with desire…with need. He kissed her belly…her thighs, as he slowly, gently pulled the panties from her hips. His lips followed his fingers as he carefully rolled each stocking down to her ankle. He put her hands on his shoulders, then lifted one foot at a time and removed her shoes, and then the stockings. He stood up, picked her up and gently laid her on the bed, not bothering to pull the comforter down. He settled beside her, his hand moving over her from throat to hip and back again. "So beautiful…so sweet…my goddess," he whispered. Smiled at the shiver that moved over her body.

She shivered…from his touch…from his words. Watched his eyes as they followed the path of his hand, over and over again. The way the blue darkened…the lust that filled them as he massaged her breasts before his fingers caressed her throat again. The love that radiated from them when he looked up at her face, caught her watching him. He made her feel…special; made her feel as if she were the most precious thing in the world to him. Such a warm feeling…to be treasured…worshipped. This was what it felt like to be loved! What a wondrous feeling! She smiled at him. After he'd sent her spiraling among the stars, she would conduct her own worship of him, her god…her very heart and soul. She couldn't hold back her sigh when he finally leaned forward and kissed her, his tongue moving over her lips until she gasped against his. He pushed into her mouth, she could feel his need as he stroked her, tasted her, touched her.

He moved his lips against hers, sent his tongue in search of the depths of her throat, his need…his desire driving him like a hunger. When he tempered the kiss, let her take her turn at tasting him, he couldn't help but smile mentally. No matter what they were doing, whether he was kissing her, or making love to that beautiful body with his mouth, or pounding his aching cock into her sweet little twat, or her tight little ass, he could let go…lose control. Because she could take him. Delighted in taking him…in 'taming the anaconda'. Because she gave as good as she got…when he'd finished sending her soaring, she would return the favor, kiss for kiss, caress for caress, lick for lick. She wouldn't stop until she had him moaning, until he was nothing more than a blob of quivering jelly beneath her fingertips, her lips, her tongue. She would ride him hard and fast, taking pleasure even as she sent him spinning among stars so high it took forever to come back down.

He rolled until he was lying on her, his hands cupping…cradling her breasts as his mouth moved back and forth from one hard nipple to the other. She sighed when he began to suckle, pushed her fingers through his hair. Not even her wildest, hottest dreams had been a match for the reality of making love with Daniel. Every move he made, every kiss, every caress was done with the explicit purpose of making her feel good…making her climax as mind-blowing as possible. And the man was a master at what he did. The tiny sounds that filled the back of her throat in spite of her determination to remain silent never failed to spur him on, to put glee in those incredible blue eyes. She curled her legs around his hips as much as she could, her feet moving up and down the firm globes of his ass. Felt him shiver from the touch.

A shiver moved over him again as she moved her feet over his ass. She was bound and determined to drive him crazy before he could do the same to her. He grinned against the skin of her soft, firm breast when her fingers began to tug at his hair. He suckled harder, pulled that sweet nipple as far into his mouth as he could. Felt her back arch beneath him, offering more of her sexy body, trying to force more of her breast into his mouth. He loved every reaction her body made to the attention he gave her. Those soft little sounds that let him know he was pleasing her, that she was moving ever closer to the edge…totally turned him on. He tried to remember what he'd been doing a week ago at this time. Found that he couldn't. Most probably zoned out in front of the television. He knew he hadn't been working on anything. He had, however, been alone. And damned lonely. Now, here he was, making love to the most beautiful, amazing woman in the world…and she loved him! Gave everything she was to him…belonged to him, and to him alone. No other man had touched her…not her heart, not her soul, certainly not this amazing body. He shifted, could smell that sweet scent of her arousal. His brain began to fire off messages to his body, making him shake with need.

She closed her eyes when he settled between her thighs. The soft moan he uttered every time he gave her that first intimate kiss always made her heart beat a bit faster. To know that he enjoyed pleasing her as much as she enjoyed what he was doing to her…for her, made the experience all the more special.

"The only altar," he whispered. "You're the only altar where I worship."

The man has the heart of a poet, she thought again. His sweet declarations of love went straight to her heart, strengthened the love that grew there, made him all the more necessary for her very survival.

His tongue moved over those slick, soft folds, taking every drop of her sweet honey before diving into the warm pot. Oh, god, so damned good! His body shook as he took what he needed from her, his heart raced to keep up with the blood that pounded in his veins. She honored him with a flood of sweet nectar; he lapped it up like a man dying of thirst in the heat of the desert. Once again those soft sounds of need filled the air. He slid two fingers into her well, began to stroke her, his tongue dancing over that hard, swollen little clit, felt the reaction in her body. Her hips were moving up and down against his face…she was almost there. When her thighs began to quiver against his shoulders, he slid a third finger inside her and began to push hard and deep, satisfaction rolling over him when she began to pant…just before the sweetest of all sounds filled her throat. He gently tugged at that swollen clit with his teeth, flicked his tongue over it, and listened to her sing her love, her body shaking beneath his hands and mouth.

She was flying - so high…so fast; colors spinning, lights exploding like fireworks, wave after wave of pleasure making her tremble like a leaf in a storm. Her fingers unclenched, she began to massage his scalp; every muscle in her body relaxed, the need that had been so overwhelming now satiated completely. Her arms went around his shoulders when he moved up to make love to her breasts once again.

"Did I please you, my beautiful goddess?" he asked, taking the time to mark her throat as he waited for her reply.

"Oh, yes," she breathed. "My Adonis, my god, Master of my heart, you please me so very much!"

He settled on his side next to her, his hand caressing her still trembling body. "Master, huh?" he asked softly, grinning, her soft words filling his heart, his mind…until he thought he would explode from the joy they gave him.

"Of my heart," she repeated. She reached up and ran a finger over his jaw. "Of my body. Of my soul."

He shivered. "I'm the one enslaved, Angel," he whispered. "To your love, your body, your heart."

She rolled to her side to face him. "Just as I'm enslaved to you," she whispered. She leaned forward and kissed his throat. "Now it's my turn to worship you, to pay homage to the man who owns me; heart, mind, body and soul."

He ran a hand through her hair. "Love me," he begged softly. "Love me like no other woman can."

Her heart thrilled at his words. Just as he started with her lips, she did also, her tongue seeking entrance to his mouth, pushing forward shyly when the invitation was given. She was a quick learner, knew when and where to stroke him to bring forth the tiny tremors that pleased her so. She'd read about the sweetness of a kiss…had never understood what it meant until she had kissed him. Nor had she ever understood about the unbridled passion that a kiss could unleash, or how the kiss itself could bring on such a flood of sensations that they were nearly overwhelming. He had just sent her to the stars, and yet she could feel the fire beginning to burn again as she kissed him…as he kissed her back.

His hand held her head steady as he drank again from those sweet lips, took what she so generously offered, gave back what she begged for, demanded of him. Her touch was still shy, still hesitant, although each time they came together she grew bolder, more assured of what she was doing, what pleased him. Her hand moved over his shoulders and back, her body pressed against his as she kissed him…long…hard…deep…until he was such a mass of need that he was shaking from head to foot. He rolled to his back when her soft hand pushed gently against his chest.

She took her time kissing, licking and nibbling his throat, making sure to repeat any caresses that brought a gasp or a shiver. He'd driven her crazy, and she was going to return the favor. He smelled so good…tasted good…and the soft moan he gave when she left her mark on his shoulder made her pulse race. Her hands moved up and down his arms, over his chest as she kissed her way to his stiff, flat nipples, his body strong and warm and hard beneath her fingers. He hissed a sigh when she teased him, suckled gently at him before moving to his belly. He was leaking precum, several drops hit his abdomen as his erection waved frantically for her attention. She licked him clean, then ran her tongue over the tip of his swollen, throbbing shaft.

He couldn't hold back the moan that left his throat when that hot, sweet mouth wrapped around him at the same time that her soft hand circled the base of his shaft. His hips were moving up to greet her before she even found a steady rhythm. He was so worked up, had been for some time now. It wouldn't take her long to send him over the edge and into glorious oblivion. He filled his hands with her hair, felt more of it against the skin of his belly, and his inner thighs as she moved up and down on him, intent on making him come.

Oh, how glad she was that Kelley insisted that they practice! To know that there hadn't been any other woman in his life who'd been willing to make love to him like this, willing to give him pleasure, to make him come this way left her feeling smugly superior to them. Whether or not they couldn't, or wouldn't pleasure him this way, none of them had a clue what they were missing…the way his hands curled, then clenched into fists as he moved closer to his climax…the way his belly rolled, and his breath came in hard gasps, the way he moaned as he gave up that cache of creamy white love. They'd missed out on the taste of him, the feel of him in their hands and mouth, that velvet and steel shaft warm and hard and throbbing. None of them had known the delight of controlling him completely, of holding his ultimate release in their hands, and on their tongues, a thought that had her giggling mentally. Nor had they ever seen the light of love that filled his eyes when he watched her moving up and down on his magnificent manhood. She glanced up at him. His head was back, his eyes were closed, and he was beginning to breathe harder.

For so long he'd been certain that this particular pleasure would never be a part of his life. He hadn't counted on finding his Destiny, or that she would be a woman of such passion; a woman to whom making love meant giving, not receiving. A woman determined to drive him out of his freaking mind with need. She'd pulled away from him, was running that talented tongue of hers around him, up and down, teasing the sensitive underside, licking around the swollen, mushroomed head of his cock until he was ready to scream…to beg…to plead…to do whatever she demanded if she would just let him come! He almost cried out with relief when her mouth went back around him, and that gentle movement started up again. She had a way of sucking on the head, while flicking her tongue against him that nearly drove him insane. A moan from deep in his belly forced its way to his lips as his body continued to reach for the climax that dangled just out of his reach.

The hiss of frustration he gave when she stopped and moved down to his balls made her smile against his skin. She hadn't done this before, but she was certain that he would enjoy it…at least…she hoped he would. She licked and sucked his heavy balls until the sac was shiny with her saliva, and her fingers wet. Her other hand continued to stroke him gently, from balls to tip, spreading the precum over the swollen head with one finger, then back down, keeping him right on the edge. Once again she took as much of him into her mouth as she could, began to massage his balls as she stroked him, her finger coming into contact with that puckered opening over and over again. He was mumbling something, but she didn't understand a word of it, obviously he was speaking a foreign language, which had the woman in her jumping for joy.

"Do it…take me there…please…oh god…please let me come…god please let me come," he muttered between gasps. Not even aware that he was speaking Abydonian.

He was throbbing hard and fast. This was it. She shifted slightly, smiled when he moved his legs to afford her more room to kneel over him. She relaxed her throat, and slowly, very slowly took him as deep as she could…at the same time she slipped one finger inside him. When she began to swallow, that finger moved in and out, slowly, methodically.

"Sweet Jesus!" His shoulders came up off the bed, his eyes rolled back in his head, his fingers tightened around silky blonde locks, his toes curled, and he began to fire off like a rocket. For several long seconds he was quite sure he was going to have a heart attack as wave after wave of intense pleasure rolled over him, engulfed him, before finally leaving him weak and breathless.

And still the champ, she thought gleefully, cleaning him gently with her tongue, before moving up to kiss his hips. She looked up at him; his eyes were focused on her, and so full of love it took her breath away.

"That was an…interesting…little trick," he said, grinning at her.

"Um…you aren't upset, are you?"

"I should be…you damned near killed me that time. But god, what a way to go!"

She giggled. "So I take it that you enjoyed the way I worshipped you?"

"God, yes!"

"Good." She snuggled against his side. "What language were you speaking?"


She giggled again. "You said…let me see if I can get this right, or at least part of it…" she closed her eyes in concentration. "There was something I didn't quite catch…then…'take me there'…and something that sounded like 'please let me come'." She spoke slowly, enunciating carefully.

Daniel chuckled. "It's Abydonian. I guess it's the closest thing to my 'second language'. It's all I spoke, and heard, for a year."

"What were you saying?"

"I was begging."

She folded her arms on his chest, rested her chin on them, smiled up at him. "Made you beg, did I?"

"Yes, you did, and you don't have to look so damned proud of yourself. You almost gave me a heart attack!" he complained, his grin belying his words.

"No worries. I know CPR."

He chuckled loudly. "You are such a smartass!"

She smiled. "I’m glad I can please you," she said softly.

"You more than please me, Angel. You blow my mind. You give so much; I can feel the love in every touch. It's…amazing," he replied just as softly.

"That's how I feel when you make love to me…it's like…" she blushed, turned her head, stared out the window into the darkness of the night.

"It's like what?" he asked.

"It's like you're…it really is like you're worshiping me, making me feel so…special."

He pulled her close, pressed his lips to the top of her head. "I'm glad I make you feel that way. Because you are special."

Again that soft smile lit her face. "To you. And that's all that matters to me."

Tugging until she was lying on top of him, he wrapped his arms around her when she was settled, smiled when she snuggled as close as she could get. He so loved that she did that!

He watched the slight frown that moved over her delicate features. "Penny for them," he said softly.

She blushed, then looked up at him. "When we've been together awhile, will you still want me…like you do now?"

The linguist in him took note of not only the words, but the wistful tone of voice. How many people had come into her life, only to leave when they grew bored, or their attention was distracted by another child in need? "Casey, as long as you and I are together, I'm going to be every bit as needy as I am now. I'm going to want you just as often, in just as many ways I as I can have you…please you."

She smiled. "As long as you love me, that's all I'll ever need."

"Forever, Case, forever," he whispered.

"Forever," she whispered in reply.

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