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When Two Hearts Collide

Chapter 23

The little wiggles she made with her hips were arousing. He could feel the heat from that sweet little twat. Knew that she would be willing…would want to feel him inside her, as much as he wanted to be there. Had he ever had a lover so in tune with his own needs…his own desires? He didn't think so.

Sha're had never turned him away. But she hadn't always been the most willing, either. There had been times when his need had been too strong to care that she was merely lying beneath him. Nor was she willing to try anything new. She refused to 'mate like an animal', her view of the 'doggy-style' position. She didn't like to be on top of him…perhaps because she'd never been able to take all of him comfortably. There had been a few times when she'd allowed him to snuggle up to her back and take her that way, but again, she would only lie there, expecting him to do whatever made him feel good. 

He frowned mentally. The way they had flirted, and kissed, and fondled one another before going to bed the first time, he had expected so much more from her…with her. He was well aware that his size had…hell, it had scared her to death! After their first night together, she would kiss him, with all of the passion she always had…until she could tell he was becoming aroused. And then she would back away from him, often emotionally as well as physically. So love making hadn't happened often between them. Which meant taking things into hand…a lot! He knew that she'd masturbated quite often…he had come into the tent a time or two and caught her, she was too far gone to notice his presence. He'd slipped back out, leaving her in privacy to find the relief she obviously needed; hurt…confused…angry that she wouldn't let him please her. She was a beautiful, passionate woman, and he often thought that it was the fact that she'd been given to him, not allowed a choice in the matter, that had been their biggest problem, even if she did love him. It probably hadn't helped that he'd started wandering off and exploring the still mostly buried city just days after their marriage. Talking to Kasuf hadn't helped much. Listening to the other men talk, he understood that there weren't any taboos against what he wanted to do with, and for his wife. 

No, he'd never had a lover who loved him with so much enthusiasm, so much tenderness, so much desire. He'd never been with a woman so eager, so willing to give, so generous with her attention, until Casey.



"Is everything okay?"

He smiled. "It can't get any better," he replied gently.

She'd been watching his face, knew that he was remembering something…something not…not unpleasant, but not the most pleasing of memories either. "You're sure? I didn't…I didn't do anything…wrong… did I?"

It took a few seconds for him to understand what she was talking about. "No! Oh, Angel, no! Whatever we do together, to please each other, is all right. It's nobody else's business. If we like it, and we're happy, that's all that matters."

She searched his eyes, his face, making sure that she could see what she was hearing. Found the reassurance that she needed. "Good."

"You keep moving like that, and you're going to have to tame it again," he teased.

"Is that a threat, or a promise?"

"Oh, you are such a smartass!" He rolled them over, looked down into those green eyes. A man could drown in them. He could. Would do so willingly. Dive in, go under without a fight, and with a smile on his face. His fingers traced her face - her sweet, gentle, beautiful face. "I love you."

"I love you, too."

He kissed her, the need to be inside her suddenly urgent. She felt it as well, her arms and legs were already encircling him, pulling him closer to her body. He gasped when he felt her hand between them. She guided him to those soft, wet folds. Her hips were pointed upward, waiting for him. He closed his eyes, pushed gently, and slid home. "Oh, yeah," he murmured, feeling her warm well close around him, welcome him, hold him. Felt her using those muscles.

"So good," she whispered.

"So good," he agreed in a whisper. He moved slowly, savoring every inch, every sensation. Soon enough their need would drive them to the brink of madness…they would lose control and demand greedily from each other.

She couldn't help but sigh with absolute contentment as he filled her…felt her body welcome him as he moved slowly in and out of her…felt her back arch more as she struggled to maintain that intimate contact with him. Her arms pulled him closer, wanting…no, needing to feel the weight of his body on her…to know that he was real and not a beautiful dream that she had created to while away long, lonely, empty hours.

Her nipples were hard and pointed and pressing into his chest and it was driving him crazy! She'd tugged him closer again, until as much of his weight was on her chest as it was on his arms. When he tried to pull back, her arms tightened, her legs tightened, and he heard a barely murmured, "no, please don't go". He was certain that she wanted the burden of his weight. Probably to reassure herself that he was real. How long before she would…could…accept that her life was different now, that he was never going to leave her…abandon her, always going to love her, need her? "I love you," he whispered in her ear. "I need you, Angel, so much. You're so beautiful, so special…you're amazing. You feel so good…make me feel so damned good."

She closed her eyes, his words of love filling her heart as completely as his magnificent cock filled her body. She loved it when making love with him was wild and passionate and drove her to the brink of insanity with need. But it was just as pleasurable…as fulfilling…when he took her gently, slowly, as he was doing now. "I love you," she whispered, "I need you…I'm so alone without you…you're my hero, my knight in shining armor. I love the way you make me feel."

The soft whispers wrapped around his heart. His weary, battered, broken heart. Something stirred in him, a need that he had no name for. He tried to push it away. Finally realized that it was something that he needed to do. If he was ever going to let go completely of his late wife's memory, tuck it safely in his heart, and not let it control his emotions…he needed to deal with his feelings of frustration… "Would you do something for me?"

"Anything," she whispered in reply.

He moved away from her, his hand moving over her breasts, her belly as he pulled out of her body. His cock screamed in protest. "Roll to your side, Angel."

She had no clue what it was he wanted to do. Her heart knew that he would never hurt her, in any way…she trusted him implicitly. And so she rolled to her side. Felt him settle behind her. She bent one leg, offering him access to her body, felt him gently re-enter her.

He pushed into her, being as gentle as possible. He reached around her hip, his fingers searching for, finding that swollen little nub. When her hand reached back, began to move up and down his hip, he closed his eyes. Sha're hadn't touched him when he took her this way. When her other hand settled over his, slowing the movement of his fingers slightly, he smiled. Sha're usually pushed his hand away from her, and then lay there, waiting until he was finished and she could move away from him and go to sleep. He nearly cried out when he felt her hips pushing back against him. Casey was making love with him, rather than just submitting in order to satisfy his needs.

"Oh, this is nice," she whispered, letting her eyes close so she could simply enjoy the sensations that moved over her body.

"Like it?"


He kissed her slender shoulder. Smiled again when she didn't flinch or pull away from him. If anything, she was pushing back against him, trying to maintain contact between their bodies as much as possible. He continued to thrust slowly, gently.

When she felt his pubic hair rubbing against her ass, she shivered. Right or wrong, it turned her on…and…right or wrong, she wanted to feel him in her ass again. She just didn't know how to go about asking.

He could feel the cleft of her sexy ass against him, and he broke out in a sweat thinking about her sweet, tight, hot back door. Did he dare? "Feel like doing…more?"

"Like what?"

"I want your ass," he whispered.

She tried to hold back her giggle. Wasn't able to do it.


"I was just laying here wondering if I would totally freak you out or turn you off if I asked you to do that…I want to try it again," she said softly.

"You're amazing, Casey, so damned amazing!" he whispered, nuzzling her neck. He started to move away from her.

"No! Please…I should be able to take you this way," she whispered, her hand grabbing for his hip.

"You're sure?"


"If it hurts, or you get scared, or you don't like it, we stop," he said firmly.

"It won't, I won't, and that won't happen," she replied just as firmly.

He couldn't help but chuckle. He thrust a few more times into that sweet twat to fully coat his aching cock with her sweet honey. He was already caressing her, his hand moving from her throat to her breasts, down to those soft curls, and back again, trying to help her relax. "Whenever you're ready, babe," he whispered. He positioned himself, felt her push back against him.

"I'm ready," she whispered in reply.

He began to kiss her shoulder, moving slowly toward her neck, his tongue leaving a moist trail over her skin. He felt her shiver, and her hips pushed back farther. She had taken his hand, placed it between her thighs, her fingers over his as he began to stroke her. Once again she gave him subtle indications of how fast and how much pressure she wanted.

She could feel him, waiting to enter her body. Memories of the pain she had experienced the first time flashed through her mind. With a deep breath she pushed back against him again, felt the head of his shaft pressing against her ass. "Take me, Daniel," she whispered.

Did she have any idea what that sweet whisper could do to a man? It was an effort to keep from grabbing her hips and shoving his cock into her. As gently as he could he pressed forward. Felt the resistance. Heard her gasp. "Case?"

"It's all right," she said. "Don't stop."

He was shaking as he continued to push forward, until once again he was buried to the hilt in that sweet ass. The heat was unbelievable. She was tight and hot and goddamn it felt good!

Definitely not a bad feeling…once he was actually in. His fingers hadn't stopped their ministrations, and she could feel her climax building. She grabbed his hand, stopped him, needing a few seconds to come down a bit before letting him continue. She didn't want this to end before it actually got started.

"Still okay?"


"Let me slip my hand beneath your hip," he whispered. Let his mouth move over her neck as he slid his hand under her. The other hand moved over her mons, down her thigh, and back again, waiting until she was ready for him to begin stroking her again.

Every movement of his mouth, of his hand, the feeling of his chest pressing against her back served to soothe her, relax her, so that she would enjoy what they were doing as much as he did. When she guided his fingers back to her aching clit, he began to move slowly, gently. She knew that it wouldn't be long until they were both ready for him to pound into her.

Sweet. Amazing. Warm. Passionate. Beautiful. Funny. Caring. His mind continued to toss out words that described the woman in his arms. Her hips were moving with his, pushing against him each time he thrust gently into that tight ass. She was going to make him lose control again…he just knew it.

Most definitely not a bad feeling. A rather good feeling, actually. She gave a soft moan of approval when he began to push hard…deep…and increased the rhythm of his movements slightly.

Yep. Out of control. He was going to be pounding into that sweet ass like a mad man. His body shivered in anticipation. The fact that he'd never before been with a woman with whom he had allowed himself to lose control, had never been with a woman who had been able to take him, made his heart pound harder. She'd been a virgin. And though he had known what sex was, what making love was about, had experienced it, he was as much an innocent when it came to absolute, total pleasure as she had been.

That white-hot feeling was beginning to build, she could feel it settle in her belly before it completed its journey to explode deep inside her. She was pushing back harder, faster, needing more from him. "Do it, take me," she begged softly, her eyes closed, her fingers pressing harder against his.

There it was…the whisper that tore his restraint to shreds. He slid his hand to her hip, held her firmly, and began to drive into that warm, willing body. The way she pushed and wiggled and pressed back against him was enough to set him on fire. The soft little sounds of pleasure she was making filled his ears, echoed in his mind.

"I'm gonna come," she whispered.

"Do it…give it to me," he panted. That sweet whimper filled the air around them, and he could feel the contractions of her well as he continued to pound into her ass. And then he was there, leaping off of the ledge and soaring toward the heavens. He cried out her name as he began to pump his seed into her, throbbing hard and fast against those tight, hot walls.

She snuggled back against him when his arm wrapped around her waist and drew her closer. "Did I please you?"

He moaned. "Oh, god, Angel, so very much!"

The smile that lit her face was one of contentment.

"Are you all right?"

"I'm fine. A little hungry maybe."

He chuckled. It was nearly two a.m. "I know a place that delivers pizza all night."

"Sounds good. Of course, you realize that this means we'll get a really late start on what we need to get done tomorrow…I mean today," she amended, glancing up at the clock also.

"Mall stays open until ten. Piggly-Wiggly is open all night."

"We'll decorate the tree tomorrow," she decided, realizing that with the shopping trips to get the tree, and ornaments and then groceries, and then there was the dinner she planned on fixing, it would be too late to try and start what usually took several hours to do.

"Whatever you want," he replied. "Ready to get up?"

"I suppose so," she sighed.

He kissed her shoulder. Gently moved away from her. Followed her to the bathroom and into the shower.

She yawned as she pulled on the flannel pajamas that had little hearts and ribbons on them. "Could I just have a peanut butter sandwich?"

"You can have whatever you want, babe," he said softly. "Peanut butter sounds good."

Casey quickly put together two sandwiches. They stood in the kitchen to eat them, sipping from glasses of milk in between bites. When she'd finished, and rinsed her plate and glass, she brushed her teeth, then turned back the bed. 

She glanced shyly at Daniel when he pulled his sweats from his hips and climbed naked into bed. "Um…do you mind if I take these off?" she asked, tugging at her pajamas. Her cheeks filled with color. "I like feeling your skin next to mine while we sleep."

His eyes blazed with love. "I like that feeling, too. Take those damned things off and c'mere." He couldn't help but grin at the smile that brightened her face, lit the room. He watched her drop the pajamas to the floor, held the blankets up as she crawled into the bed beside him. He wrapped an arm around her shoulders, pulled her close, smiled as she snuggled closer, and drifted into contented sleep.


A  A  A  A  A  A


It was just after eleven when he opened his eyes. To find a cold spot beside him where she should have been lying. He frowned, until he heard a soft voice…singing? Yep, she was singing. He grinned, tossed back the blankets, grabbed his sweats and pulled them on. Stopped in the doorway of the kitchen and watched her as she took the Kitchenaid mixer from the box, ran her fingers over it lovingly. Her pajama top was cropped, and when she leaned forward, her lower back was exposed. Why should that turn him on so? Just seeing that creamy skin lit the fire in his heart, and in his belly.

"…and folks dressed up like Eskimos," Casey sang softly, "Everybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe, help to make the season bright…Tiny tots, with their eyes all aglow will find it hard to sleep tonight…They know that Santa's on his way, he's loaded…"

He grinned when she turned around and saw him standing in the doorway.

She blushed, ducked her head. "I woke you! I'm sorry."

"No, you didn't wake me. You have a beautiful voice," he said softly, stepping into the room. Empty boxes were stacked against one wall, and the counters were covered with small appliances, dishes, mixing bowls, casserole dishes, and the various other items he had purchased the day before.

"Not rea…" She broke off at the look in his eyes. "Thank you," she murmured.

"That was Nat King Cole's song wasn't it?"

"Mmmhmm. 'The Christmas Song' is the actual title, but I think most people think of it by the first line, 'chestnuts roasting on an open fire'," she replied.

"Looks like you've been up for awhile," he said, nodding at the counters.

"Just an hour or so. I ran the dishes through the dishwasher. I have the rest of the baking dishes in there now," she explained. "I didn't know where you wanted everything…" she waved at the counters.

"Casey, I don't cook. I can open a can. I can throw together a casserole if forced into it. As far as I'm concerned, this is your kitchen. You put things where you want them, arrange it however it suits you," he told her gently.

She wrapped her arms around her slender waist. "Are you sure?"

His stance mirrored hers. "Yep."

"It can't be real," she whispered. "You're too perfect."

His grin widened. "I'll lay odds that in about…oh, two weeks, give or take a day or two, you'll be able to name my faults alphabetically."

The giggle that erupted filled the room with its soft sound. He'd said that same thing before. She hadn't believed it then, either. "I doubt it."

Unable to resist touching her any longer, Daniel moved into the room, wrapped his arms around her, his heart sighing happily when her arms locked around his neck. "I don't. Now, where do you want all of this stuff?"

She'd already decided where she thought everything should be stored. "Let me start another pot of coffee…"


"Hey, I can't get started without coffee."

"I take it you had trouble getting started?" He found a mug, poured the last cup of coffee that remained in the glass pot into it.

"Bite me. I had a late night." She squealed, then giggled, when he grabbed her and gently bit her neck.

"You could have slept in." He took a sip of the hot coffee. She made great coffee.

"With all of this waiting to be taken care of? Not likely," she snorted.

He chuckled. "Be honest, Case, you're as excited as a little kid at Christmas about all of this stuff."

"I never said I wasn't," she murmured.

"No, not exactly. You were too busy protesting that it cost too much."

"Well it did!"

"I got some of this on sale, I'll have you know!" he teased, grinning broadly.

She rolled her eyes. "Please…they just jack the prices up, mark it down to what it had been, and then pretend to be giving customers a great deal. The best sales are after Christmas…when stores are desperate to get rid of stock before inventory and tax time."

"Let me ask you a question."


"Do you plan on using this stuff?"

"Of course I do," she replied. "In fact, we need to make a trip to the grocery store, so that there's actually food in this house to cook!"

He laughed. "Already on the agenda, babe. Anyway, if you're going to use this stuff, I think I'm getting a great bargain."

"Is there anything special you'd like for dinner tonight?" she asked shyly.

Daniel shrugged. He was fairly sure she had already planned a meal. "Whatever you feel like making."

"Do you like veal parmigiana?"

"Yes, I do," he replied.

"That's what I thought I'd make. My cookbooks are still on their way here, but I can remember the recipe for the sauce. I guess I should warn you," she said softly.

"About what?"

"Grandma Rose was Italian. Grandpa Henry was Italian on his mother's side. Anyway, I learned to cook in Grandma Rose's kitchen, at her side."

"I love Italian food," he grinned.

She flashed a nervous smile, then finished filling the coffeemaker with water. "I guess I should get busy putting this stuff away."

"Want some help?" When she nodded, flashed that beautiful smile again, he knew for certain that she owned him…completely. If she had told him to pick up one of the new knives, go downstairs and kill the doorman, he would have happily complied. You've got it bad, Danny-boy, his brain told him. You've never let a woman get to you like this! How is this going to affect you at work? His heart responded with a rousing Bronx cheer, and reminded Daniel of the way she felt in his arms, the way she gave to him, the fact that he could let go completely with her, and make love without holding back, without reserve of any kind, for any reason. He followed his heart.

For the next hour they filled the empty cupboards. When he asked why she was leaving one cupboard bare, she explained about her Grandma Rose's china and crystal. He stepped back, looked at the counters that now sported several small appliances, a set of ceramic canisters, a knife block with a set of knives that she had declared perfect. It looked…it looked like a real kitchen…like…home.

"Let's take a shower, grab a bite to eat, and then head to the mall," he suggested.

"We should get the tree first, so we know how many decorations we'll need," she replied softly.

"This is why I need you around. I'd have bought a few boxes of stuff, picked up a tree, and tossed the stuff on," he declared. If I even bothered to get a tree, he thought.

She looked at him, then shook her head. "That's not the best way to do things. You need a plan, so you can set a budget, and know how much you have to spend on what."

"Okay smarty-pants, how much do you plan on spending on a tree?"

"Not more than twenty dollars," she replied quickly. "Just a small tree is all I ne…we need," she replied.

"Okay, here's the deal. We're gonna get the biggest tree that we can find."

"This is an apartment, Daniel. Whatever you get has to fit into the elevator," she reminded him.

"Okay, I'll concede that. But the elevator has a eight-foot ceiling. So we're getting at least a seven-foot tree."

"Do you know how many ornaments it will take to decorate a tree like that?"

"Nope, but I'm sure you do. So you will get exactly what you need…but more importantly, it has to be what you want. And no discount bins!"

She opened her mouth to object.

Daniel held his finger up. "Ah, ah, ah. No arguing. After we bring said tree and assorted ornaments back here, we will then go grocery shopping. At which time you will get everything on that list."

Her eyes brimmed with tears. He was so very generous. The light that danced in those blue eyes told her that he was enjoying this. Janet and Sam had admonished her to allow him to spoil her, telling her that he had never been happier, and that he'd been more excited about providing her with the things she needed…and wanted, than they'd ever seen him about anything. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, pressed her face against the warm skin of his neck. Felt his arms go around her, pull her close. "I love you," she whispered.

"I love you too, Angel."

"It's...it's not easy," she admitted. A lifetime of abuse…neglect…would not be readily overcome.

"I know," he replied. "But it's all right. I'm here to take care of you. I want to take care of you; give you everything you need, everything you want."

"You don't need to do it all at once," she said.

He chuckled. "It only seems that way. Now, how about that shower? I'm hungry."

She took his hand, led him to the bathroom. Locked her gaze with his as she stripped off her pajamas. She stepped closer, slid her fingers inside the waistband of his sweatpants, and began to push them from his hips. She was already lowering herself to the floor, her lips, and tongue following the progression of the sweats to his ankles.

He stepped out of the pants, certain that she was going to…Sweet Jesus! She had sucked him into her mouth so hard and fast it left him breathless. He watched as she raised him to instant hardness, that sweet mouth and those soft hands working magic on his body. His hands were on her head, holding her steady as his hips moved gently back and forth, his shaft filling that warm, eager mouth.

She'd barely finished bringing him to a shuddering climax before he was tugging her to her feet and dropping to his knees in front of her, his mouth working her moist flesh with determination. Making love to him had excited her, she'd realized that kneeling in front of him, pleasuring him, was one of the greatest joys she had ever known…and that tasting him, loving him in that manner aroused her nearly to the point of coming. It didn't take long until his tongue and fingers had her moaning, and shaking. She cried out her release, clinging to him as she slowly drifted back down from the heights he had sent her to.

Daniel turned on the water, waited for her to step into the shower first. He had fantasized about this…taking a shower with a woman who loved him as much as he loved her. In his fantasies the woman had remained faceless, but the body had been damned close to the one standing beside him now. "Good morning, my sweet beauties," he said softly, caressing her breasts gently, leaning over to kiss the pink tips.

Casey giggled. "You are just weird."

He grinned. "Me? I never named my cock, never would have called it an anaconda!"

Her giggle turned into a full-throated laugh. "You've never seen that thing from this point of view."

He laughed. "Good point."

"I'm hungry," she said, grabbing the soft scrunchy she used. Smiled when he took it from her hand, applied her shower gel to it. When he'd bathed her, washed her hair, put the conditioner in it, she took his washcloth and gently, lovingly washed every inch of his incredible body. Washed and rinsed his hair. She smiled as he washed the last of the crème rinse from her hair. This was something that she would enjoy doing for the rest of her life.

When they'd finished dressing, they walked to the elevator hand in hand. Stood with their arms wrapped around one another as they rode the car to the parking garage. She glanced at the closed gate, the one she'd wiggled past when she'd been escaping from him, needing distance in order to come to grips with the reality that he would never love her, unaware that he'd fallen in love with her at nearly the same time her heart had flown into his hands. She could remember how badly she'd been hurting that early morning. Glanced at the man behind the wheel of the jeep. Sent up a prayer of gratitude that she had found her Destiny. And that he loved her. Almost as much as she loved him!

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