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When Destiny Calls

Chapter 27

The week passed quickly. Casey was in the bathroom, getting ready for her night out with Sam and Janet. Daniel was leaning against the doorframe, watching her put on her makeup, marveling again at how beautiful she was. Felt that burst of excitement, of pride, that filled him every time he realized that she was in love with him.

"I promise I won't stay out late," she was saying.

He grinned. "Until Sam and Janet talk you into it.'

She glanced over at him as she finished putting on lip-gloss. "Just tell me what time you want me home," she said softly.

The grin faded. "Casey, you're a big girl. You can stay out as late as you want."

Her hands went to her hair, fluffed it one last time. Then she turned to look at him. "Daniel, I've never…I had a couple of boyfriends in high school. I…we…mostly it was just talking on the phone, holding hands in the hallways. The only thing I know about…relationships…is what I've read. I don't know what to do, what not to do, what you expect from me…" she shrugged slightly, lowered her gaze to the floor. "I'm not…sophisticated. Not the kind of woman a man like you deserves. There's still time to back out," she whispered.

He crossed the room, took her chin in his hand, tipped her head back, waited for those green eyes to focus on his. "There is no way in hell I'm letting you go. To be honest, I'm not too good at relationships myself. I've screwed up the few I've had. Sha're…that was different from the beginning…different culture, different world. So what do you say we just muddle through this together, figure out what works for us, and not worry about what the so-called experts say we should be doing, or not doing?" The smile that lit her face could have provided illumination for the entire city, he thought briefly.

"I like that idea. So do you have any preferences for what time I should be home?"

Daniel smiled. "No, Angel, I don't. I want you to have a good time with your girlfriends. Do me one favor?"

Casey nodded.

"When you're ready to come home, call me? I don't want the three of you doing any drinking and driving."

"I promise," she replied. She wrapped her arms around his neck. "You realize that except for dinner at Red Lobster, we've never even had a date."

"Maybe that's how I managed to get lucky," he chuckled. "I didn't give you a chance to shoot me down before we were able to get to know one another."

It didn't take a psychic to figure out that he'd been deeply hurt, she thought. "Well, Sam says we're going to O'Malley's. So if you happen to come in for a beer or something…and wanted to dance…or something…"

He grinned. "Wouldn't that blow the idea of 'girls' night out'?"

"Not for me," she replied.

"I'll think about it," he said.

She had no chance to reply, the doorbell echoed through the apartment. Sam had arrived to pick her up. Daniel went to let her in, while Casey found and put on her shoes.

Daniel watched her walking down the hallway toward him, that short black skirt hugging her hips, showing off the graceful legs that wrapped so tightly around his waist when they made love. The little black bustier that gave just a peek at the top curves of those beautiful breasts. The red, long-sleeved bolero jacket accentuated the shapely arms that held him so closely to her body. She was a knock-out, and for a few fleeting seconds he was tempted to forbid her to leave the apartment, afraid that she'd attract a crowd of men, and find someone more handsome, more charming, more…macho…than he. Until he looked into her eyes. Saw love so deep, so strong that his fears flittered away. He sighed inwardly. If only he could rid her of her fears as easily!

"Wow!" Sam said. "You look great!"

Casey smiled shyly. "Thanks. You do too!"

Sam was indeed looking good. She was wearing a short skirt as well, in deep blue, with a long-sleeved silk top that draped dramatically low in the front. It was the same shade of blue as the skirt. She was wearing makeup as well, and looked as stunning as Casey.

"Maybe I should tag along," Daniel said, grinning. "You two are gonna need a body guard."

The blonde major giggled. "That's a sweet offer, Daniel. Really it is. There's no way we're going to let you in on our conversations!"

He chuckled. "Gotta give me credit for trying!" He turned to face Casey. Pulled a silver credit card from his pocket. "This came today, Angel."

She took the card, looked at it. An American Express Card. For Casey R. Jackson. She looked up at him, her eyes full of love, of awe. "I promise I won't spend much."

Daniel shook his head. "I'm not worried about that. Here, be sure to sign it." He handed her a pen, watched as she signed what would soon be her full, legal name.

She hugged him tightly. "I love you," she whispered.

"I love you, too," he whispered in reply. He kissed the side of her head. "Have a good time, Angel."

"I will."

"Call me when you're ready to come home."

"I will." With a flutter of her fingers, she followed Sam to the door. Hurried back to him and kissed him, rubbing the gloss from his lips with her thumb. "You're my Destiny," she said softly.

He smiled, hugged her again. "You're my Destiny." He went out to the balcony to watch them get into Sam's car, which was parked across the street. Watched the Volvo pull away from the curb and disappear into the traffic.

When he went back inside, he looked around the room. Casey's things had arrived, and she'd spent two evenings deciding where she wanted everything. Her beloved stereo was in the cabinet beneath the television. The tea jar that had belonged to her grandmother was on the sofa table. A dozen candles were scattered throughout the room, three large iron candle holders and candles were on the coffee table; more candles of various shapes and sizes were in the bedroom and bathroom. The pot rack glistened with the copper pans that she had inherited, and three hand-woven baskets graced the top of it. He grinned. Everywhere he looked, he could see her touch.

Hands in his pockets, he headed toward his office, determined to finish a rather long translation. He stopped at the door to his…their…bedroom. One of her sexy little bras was still hanging off a Babylonian fertility statue, tossed there when they'd undressed in a rush, needing to touch one another, taste one another. He'd thrown it over his shoulder, not caring where it landed. The little lace panties that matched it were on the floor beside the bed, on top of a pair of his boxers. Her robe was tossed across the foot of the rumpled bed, messed up because they'd made love as soon as they'd walked in the door earlier. He wandered into the bathroom. The counter was covered with her things…makeup, jewelry, hairbrush, curling iron…His grin broadened. No doubt about it, there was a woman living here! He went into his office, the only room in the apartment where none of her belongings could be found, settled down at his desk and began working

An hour later a growling stomach propelled him to the kitchen and the remains of the lasagna she'd made the night before. Casey was certainly a good cook! He'd had more home-cooked meals in the past week than he'd eaten in at least a year! A discussion with Teal'c about the increased amount of calories had resulted in meeting the Jaffa every day for an hour of lifting weights and working on the cross-training machine, rather than just three times a week. Although he was certain that he was burning up a lot of those calories making love. Casey was a passionate woman, an incredible lover. And he couldn't seem to keep his hands off of her. Not that she complained. And he was thrilled that she turned to him just as often. With a sigh of contentment, he dumped the lasagna onto a plate. He warmed up the leftovers in the microwave, took the plate back into the office and managed to lose himself in the work.


A   A   A   A   A   A


Casey looked around. Janet and Sam had declared O'Malley's to be 'dead', and had decided a trip to Little Joe's was in order. It was a dance club, and the music was thumping when they walked toward the door. There were approving and appreciative looks from the men who lined the long bar, but the three women paid them no heed.

"So how was your first week in Silver Springs?" Janet asked, shouting to be heard above the music once they were seated in a booth near the wall.

"A little overwhelming," Casey admitted.

"Daniel said that the two of you have an appointment with a wedding planner tomorrow," Sam said.

"Yeah, we do. He wants to get married right away."

Janet and Sam exchanged slightly worried glances. "Do you?"

"Oh, yeah!" Casey grinned. "I want to belong to him legally, as well as technically!"

The two women giggled. The young blonde had already told them about the conversation that had occurred at Denny's after her first night with Daniel. The two military women had managed to get a few other...details...from Casey as well. 

"I think Daniel wants to get married to make sure you can't get away," Janet teased.

"I'm not going anywhere," Casey replied. "I'll stay with him as long as he wants me."

"Daniel is a forever type of guy," Sam said.

"I know," Casey replied. "That’s what he says he wants for us…forever."

"Do you believe in forever, Casey?" Janet asked. The thought that this woman might someday leave her friend worried her. She was well aware of how deeply in love with her Daniel was. If Casey ever left him, he wouldn't survive the pain.

"Only with Daniel," she replied.

The response brought a relieved smile to the doctor's face. The smile became a grin when a group of men who had been watching them from the bar approached the table. "Look out, we have incoming!"

Casey began to giggle. When one of the men dropped down onto the bench beside her, she slid away in surprise.

"Hello, beautiful ladies," the man said, smiling at them.

"Well, his eyesight is okay," Janet announced. Bringing giggles from Sam and Casey.

"So why are three lovely ladies like yourselves alone?" he asked, not discouraged in the least by the comment. His three friends were standing beside the table, grinning down at them.

"We aren't alone," Casey replied. "We have each other."

Janet and Sam grinned. The men exchanged glances.

"I'm Randy, these are my friends Allen, Brian, and Tim," the man said. His friends nodded as he introduced them.

"I'm Janet, this is Sam, and that's Casey," the petite doctor said.

Introductions made, the three men grabbed chairs and settled around the front of the booth. Randy sat back, tried to put his arm around Casey's shoulders.

Janet saw the green eyes go wide. "Randy, I want you to look very carefully at Casey's hands."

The man obeyed, his own eyes going wide. "That's some rock!"

Casey managed a small smile.

"You know, if you were mine, I sure as hell wouldn't let you go out alone," he continued.

"Good thing I'm not engaged to you, then," Casey replied. Sam winked at her. By now the slender blonde was as close to the wall as she could get.

Janet could see that the young woman was on the verge of panicking. "Randy, why don't you and your friends move, we need to go visit the little girls' room."

More exchanged glances. He moved slowly, clearly unhappy that the women were going to leave the table together.

When they reached the ladies room, Casey leaned against the wall.

"Are you all right?" Janet asked gently.

The young blonde nodded. "I just don’t like to let men…I don't like them close to me."

"Is there any particular reason?" Sam asked softly.

Casey smiled. "If they get close, they want to touch. If they start touching, they might not take no for an answer. If that happens…then I'll be…that…what she called me." Slender shoulders moved up and down in a nervous shrug. "So I just avoid the entire situation as much as possible."

Her two friends gave silent sighs of relief. Both had feared more…heartbreaking…reasons, given what they had already learned about her life. "Okay, I'll sit next to randy Randy," Janet said, winking. "I can drop his sorry butt if he gets out of line."

When the three women returned to the table, Casey slid into the booth, and Sam followed her. Janet pushed Randy into the corner. She knew that with a group of men they didn't know, it was the safest way to sit.

Conversation was stilted at best, the women obviously not all that interested in getting to know their admirers. It didn’t take long for the four men to realize that they were not going to get 'lucky' with the women at the table. They excused themselves, zeroed in on a table of five young women who were quite obviously drunk.

"Not your type?" Casey asked, her green eyes twinkling.

Sam laughed. "I prefer a man with more than two working brain cells."

"They had brain cells?"

Janet snickered. "Not in their heads, they didn't!"

Casey shrugged. "Depends on which head you're talking about." Sam and Janet exchanged a glance, then burst into giggles. She sipped on the glass of wine that she'd ordered. For a time, she'd been quite a drinker. It helped to dull the pain, the weariness. For a time. It didn't take long for her to realize that the escape never lasted, the hangovers were killer, and the money she was spending could be better used…for rent and food. Now if she went out, she could nurse a glass of wine all evening.

The band was taking a break, leaving eardrums ringing in the low din of multiple conversations. Janet looked around, then sighed. "Pickings are getting mighty slim around here," she said.

Sam nodded. "You'd think that between the base and the university we'd have more choices."

"University?" Casey asked. She frowned. "Into boy toys, are you?"

Janet giggled. "You have wicked sense of humor, Casey. I like it!"

The young blonde blushed, but smiled broadly. Her sense of humor had seen her through many a dark day, an uncomfortable situation. It had caused her a fair bit of grief, as well. If she was nervous, or frightened, the sense of humor engaged, the mouth opened, and she was on a roll. Sometimes, like tonight, it was merely there to entertain friends.

Sam bit back a yawn. "I don't know about the two of you, but this is doing nothing for my fun meter."

"Mine either," Janet agreed.

"I had mine pegged before I got into the shower," Casey said then ducked her head as the warmth flooded to her cheeks.

"I take it that Daniel is still…" Janet started, grinning, her own cheeks slightly pink.

"Very needy," Casey finished with a smile. "No more so than I am. I never knew that it could be so wonderful…so…like…like a religious experience! Making love has got to be the most incredible thing in the world! It's more than just the physical connection, and that's mind-blowing enough. But…it fills my heart, my soul…Daniel takes me to the stars and beyond."

Sam recalled what Daniel had said about his first night with Casey. He'd called the experience beautiful…special…sacred. To learn that the woman he loved felt the same way reinforced the approval she felt when she watched the two of them together. "Sounds like you have what every woman longs for," she said, a bit surprised at the twinge of jealousy that she felt. She and Jack were still waiting to hear from the President about their own…relationship. And since returning from the mission where they'd been thrown into a future, alternate reality, Jack…the colonel, she reminded herself firmly…had seemed determined to remain aloof. She was certain it was because he expected them to be refused permission to…to what, date? Become lovers? Get married? She shook her head mentally. To be able to admit that they had feelings for one another. That was a big enough step.

Casey cocked her head to one side, studied the tall blonde beside her. "It's going to happen, Sam. Very soon," she said softly.

The major jerked slightly. "What's going to happen?" she asked. It had to be a challenge, living with a seer, she thought. She'd have to remember to ask Daniel about it.

"Your dreams will come true. The heart that yours calls to, that heart that answers that call…you'll be together soon." She looked at Janet, and smiled. "And you shouldn't be afraid to take that step."

Now it was Janet's turn to jerk. "Excuse me?"

Casey smiled. "Just ask him to have a cup of coffee with you. You'll see."

Janet shook her dark head. "You're going to be annoying that way, aren't you?"

"Probably," Casey admitted with a grin.

The doctor's cell phone began to ring. "Doctor Fraiser…Hi, honey. Did you have a good time?…That's great!…No, I don't think I'm going to be out much longer…be sure the door is locked before you go upstairs…All right, I'll talk to you when I get home."

"Cassie?" Sam asked, a smile on her face.

"Yep. They just got back into town from the game. Silver Springs won the night."

"Basketball?" Casey asked.

Janet nodded. "She's in Pep Band. Having the time of her life."

"That's great," Sam replied. "I'll get all of the details tomorrow afternoon." She looked over at Casey. "I spend a couple of hours with Cassie every Saturday, if I can."

The two women had already explained who Cassie was. Casey nodded. "I'm looking forward to meeting her. She sounds like a great young lady."

"She is," Janet beamed proudly. The relationship between her adopted daughter and herself had improved greatly after the entire 'mind fire' crisis. The young Hankan woman had learned just how much her Earth mother loved her, how far she was willing to go to protect her. "And, to be perfectly honest, I should get home. I hate to think of her being alone."

"Is she still having nightmares?" Sam asked.

"She hasn't for a couple of weeks now. Still, I want to be there if she does."

The women agreed that they'd spent a lovely evening together, vowed to do it again as soon as possible, and walked to the parking lot. Sam and Casey each hugged Janet before she climbed into her SUV, then got into the Volvo.

Sam dropped her off in front of the building, watching to make sure she made it into the lobby safely. John, the night doorman for the building, held the door for her, punched the button for the elevator. "G'night, Ms. Webster," he called out as she stepped into the lift.

"Goodnight," she said. She leaned against the wall of the elevator and smiled. It had been an amazing two weeks. She'd met the man who was her Destiny, had moved to Colorado to be with him, had made new and already dear friends, and had learned about Earth's greatest and most important secret…the Stargate, and the SGC. How much more incredible could her life get?

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