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When Destiny Calls

Chapter 9

The hospital on the base was easy enough to find. The pharmacy inside the hospital, however, wasn't. After three wrong turns and confusing directions from a medic, they finally found the room they were looking for.

"Doctor Jackson? Oh, yeah. Doctor Fraiser called this in. Is she as mean in person as she sounds on the phone?" the young man behind the counter asked.

"Worse," Daniel replied, with a smile. Now Janet owed him for keeping her reputation as a fire-breathing dragon intact. He flashed his military ID, signed for the prescription, paid for it, and thanked the young man. He read the directions, opened the bottle and handed her one of the tablets. "Before every meal. Go ahead and take it anyway," he said softly.

It would take some getting used to, having someone who fussed over her, worried about her. Cared about her well being. Kelley cared, but she had a very demanding mother to deal with. Casey smiled. "Are you going to be this bossy all the time?"

"Regular tyrant," he replied.

"That's what I figured," she grinned. She took the bottle of water from her purse, opened it, and took the pill.

"Now, where is this mall you were talking about?"

"Southcenter is halfway between here and Seattle," she replied.

"Southcenter it is," he said. His arm was around her shoulders as they walked back to the car, hers around his waist.



"I can still work, and take care of the house and laundry, it's not like I'm sick or anything," she said.

He stopped walking, turned her to face him. "Casey, I don't care if you sit on the couch all day and eat bonbons. As long as you're in my life. I won't have you working yourself to death. I don't even want you working yourself to exhaustion. As for housework, I have a cleaning lady. You wouldn't want her kids to suffer, would you? Go without the newest Nintendo or X-box game just because you insist on running the vacuum yourself?"

She smiled, then wrapped her arms around his neck. "You are a wonderful, amazing man, Doctor Jackson."

He grinned. She was hugging him so tightly she was choking him. "You are a beautiful, amazing woman, Casey Webster…Jackson."

She held him tighter, buried her face against his neck. "I love you," she whispered.

He pulled her tight against him for a few seconds, then eased away, kissed her forehead. "I love you, too, Angel. No more stalling. Let's get that ring."

"Anxious to spend money, huh?"

"Yep. Haven't had anybody to spoil in a long time," he replied, holding the door open for her. He'd actually never had the chance to spoil anyone. He'd always wanted to spoil Sha're; supposed that in some ways he had. He'd assumed that at some point in time he'd bring her back to Earth, and he'd be able to buy her clothes and books and anything else she wanted. He shook his head. Sha're, as much as he'd loved her, was the past. Casey was his present, his future.

He thought about the type of ring he wanted to get for her. Jack and General Hammond had seen to it that he'd received the bonuses he deserved for some of the work he'd just finished. That money was sitting in his savings account. Just waiting for him to use it. For this beautiful, incredible woman.

Once they were on the freeway, Casey put the radio on her favorite rock station, sang along with her favorite songs, her shoulders shaking and shimmying in the seat beside him. She pulled sunglasses from her purse, put them on; held the steering wheel for him while he put clip-on shades on his glasses.

"Case, where is it that you work?"

"Hightower Containers."

"Where are they? If they're on the way, we can stop in and talk to your boss, get that out of the way," he said. He was holding her hand. Felt her fingers begin to tremble. "Case?"

"Take exit one-thirty," she said softly.

"Are you all right?"

"I'm okay."

Hmm…okay…not fine. Casey speak, obviously. So she was either nervous, or frightened, or overwhelmed. Or all of the above. "You're sure?"

"You won't leave me, will you?" she asked, her voice soft, small. All she needed was to quit her job, and then have him leave Tacoma without her! She'd wind up dancing in that strip club for sure if that happened!

His heart clenched in his chest. She sounded like a frightened child. How often had someone she cared about, someone she trusted, left her? How often had she been abandoned in her life? "Never, Angel. Never."

"I'm sorry, that wasn't fair," she said, her voice still soft.

"How do you figure that?"

She shrugged. "Feelings…change," she replied.

"Destiny, Casey. You're my Destiny. That is never going to change. I believe in forever. That's what I want with you, from you. I’m not saying it will always be…perfect…but we'll always make it through whatever tough times we'll have to face. We'll face it all together, Angel."

"Okay, are you like a robot or something? Programmed to be the perfect man?"

He snorted, then chuckled. "Do you really think a robot could do what I did last night?"

She giggled. "Well, it would explain a few things," she replied.

"Such as?"

"Well, your stamina for one.  Then there's your physique. Damned near perfection. You're the most beautiful man I've ever seen, with incredible blue eyes and the most kissable lips! You have shoulders that are meant to hang onto; and your chest…makes me hot just thinking about it! Great ass, great legs. Then there's the anaconda. I mean, no matter what we might say, size does matter to a woman! I hit the jackpot, baby!"

He was laughing again, although his cheeks were red.

"But the most amazing thing is your heart," she said softly. "So full of love, and kindness, and gentleness…and generosity. Perfection."

"I'm not perfect, Case. Trust me. In a month you'll be able to list all of my faults alphabetically," he said. His heart was soaring at the way she described him, the way she saw him.

"You're perfect in my eyes," she replied.

He lifted her fingers to his lips.

She directed him to the industrial section of the city, and to a long, low building near the docks. It looked like they were loading a cargo ship. "This is it."

He looked around. Noticed a few of the dockworkers staring at the car with unmasked curiosity. "Don't open the door. Let me get it for you," he instructed.

She smiled. "Any particular reason?"

"Yeah. I want those guys to know you're mine."

"Well, if that's what you're after…" she leaned across the console, pushed the fingers of one hand through his hair, then pressed her lips against his, the other hand on his cheek.

He ran his tongue over those sweet lips. Had already memorized the combination that would open that sweet, warm mouth. Slid his tongue inside as soon as she opened to him. He put his hand behind her head, held her steady while he drank from her.

So incredible…wonderful…amazing…addicting, she thought. Already she was addicted to his kisses. Needed them as much as she needed the air that she breathed. Could feel her body begin to tremble as he moved his tongue over hers, stroked her gently, with such love.

Better back away, his brain told him, as his cock began to stir. Back away now, or take her now, it warned. Slowly, certainly not willingly, he pulled away. But not before he kissed her cheek, her jaw, that spot behind her ear that made her shiver in his arms. He looked at her face. Her eyes were still closed, her lips swollen from his kiss. "We really should go in and talk to your boss," he whispered.

"I suppose so," she sighed. She opened her eyes and looked at him. Glanced over his shoulder at the men who gaped at them. "Well, now they know that I'm not gay!"


"Kelley and I won't go out with those guys, I'm afraid of most of them, and yes, they've asked. Repeatedly. So they say that since we have a one-bedroom apartment, we're lesbians. Just so you know, we have twin beds."

He chuckled. "Honey, after last night, I know exactly what your preferences are. And I know that you'd never been with anyone, man or woman!"

She slowly sat back in her seat. "Jan isn't going to be happy."


Casey nodded.

"She'll get over it," he replied.




When Jan saw her best worker walking toward her, wearing blue jeans and a sweater beneath her long black coat, clinging to a guy in blue jeans and a windbreaker, she knew that Casey was going to quit. With all that had been happening lately, she couldn't say that she was surprised, nor did she blame the young woman. The thought that the man could be an attorney, or someone from the Labor Department, worried her. She'd warned Mr. Hightower that his labor practices were teetering on the verge of illegal!

"Hi, Jan," Casey said softly. One hand was wrapped in Daniel's, the other wrapped around his arm, holding on for support, both physical and moral.

"Casey," Jan said suspiciously, eyeing Daniel.


"Hi. I'm Doctor Daniel Jackson. Casey's fiancé. Casey is turning in her notice, effective immediately," Daniel said quietly. "She'd have given the requisite two weeks, but things happened rather quickly, and we have to be in Colorado at the end of the week."

"I see." She hadn't been aware that Casey was even seeing anyone, let alone in a serious relationship. There was no denying the love in this man's eyes when he looked at the slender blonde at his side. Or hers when she looked at him.

"I'll give you the address where you can send her final check," he continued, flashing the smile that had won over alien diplomats, charmed Tok'ra, and befuddled female bureaucrats.

Jan was no more immune to his charm than any others he'd used it on. She smiled in return, hurried to her desk. "I'll certainly miss having Casey here," she said. "She's one of my best employees."

"I have no doubt," Daniel replied. He scratched out his address on the pad of paper that the woman handed him. "Do you know when she can expect this?"

"Payday is next Wednesday, so I'd think no later than next Friday," Jan said.

He nodded. "That will be fine. I'll call if it doesn't make it," he said. It was very subtle, but a threat nonetheless.

"I don't believe that will be necessary," Jan replied, slightly flustered.


"Would it be all right if Kelley cleans out my desk?" Casey asked shyly.

Jan smiled. "I'll have her do it before she leaves tonight."

"Thanks," Daniel said. With another flash of that smile, he turned Casey around, led her back out of the building.

Well, hell! Jan thought. Who'll do all of the inventories and the sales receipts and the travel claims for the salesmen? She'd have to hire at least two people to replace that woman! Which would make Mr. Hightower extremely unhappy!

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