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When Destiny Calls

Chapter 5

Daniel watched her walk toward the bed. Sweet Jesus in Heaven! He swallowed hard…twice. Was damned glad he hadn't taken off his glasses. "Jesus, Casey! You're…you're…my god you're breathtaking!" he gasped softly.

She couldn't stop the smile that spread over her face at his wide-eyed reaction to her. She'd taken the time to look at him. There wasn't a Greek god in existence that could stand next to this man! His shoulders were broad and tanned, his arms muscular; he must lift weights, she thought briefly. His chest was solid, a small cleft led between his pecs to an abdomen that was almost washboard. His legs were long and muscular as well. And she couldn't help but notice the large and swiftly rising bulge in his white cotton boxers.

He held out his hand, smiled encouragingly when she took it, knelt down on the bed beside him. Reached up and pushed her hair back over her shoulder, let his fingers trail down her arm to her wrist. Wrapped them around that slender, delicate part of her and tugged gently.

She stretched out on the bed beside him, nervously shifting to her back. He was on his side now, looking down at her. There was no mistaking the look in his blue eyes. Love. Oh, there was plenty of lust as well. But it was tempered by the love that flared. She wasn't sure what she was supposed to do. Didn't know how he'd feel about her making the 'first move'. So she lay there, waiting, her heart pounding so fast and hard that she was sure he could hear it.

He took off his glasses, reached across her and put them on the night table. Then looked at her face. Her beautiful face. It was oval shaped, with delicate features, her jaw sharp, yet soft at the same time. Her eyes were wide - he knew she was nervous - and such deep green that once again came the thought that he could drown in them. Her nose was narrow, and turned up the tiniest bit at the tip. Her lips were full and pink, and he knew just how sweet they tasted. His fingers were moving over her, following the path of his eyes. Her neck was long and elegant and soft, and when he wrapped his hand gently around her throat, she didn’t flinch or pull away from him. He rubbed his thumb over her jaw. Leaned down and kissed her. Ran his tongue over her sweet lips until she granted him access to the warm depths of her mouth. He moved slowly, gently, not wanting to frighten her, or rush her. They had all night. Hell, they had all week!

His kiss, his caresses, fanned the flames of the fire that had been smoldering in her since the first time he'd kissed her earlier in the evening. Those flames raced up and down her spine, settled in that secret place between her thighs, creating a warmth, a need like she'd never known before. She wrapped her hands around his face, needing to touch him, to know that it was real, that he was real. When he moved his tongue out of her mouth, she shyly followed, accepted the invitation to learn his mouth as he'd learned hers. She'd watched him, his mouth, as he'd talked all evening. Now she would not be denied. Gently she caught that full lower lip with her teeth, suckled on it, felt his body shiver beside her. Discovered that when she ran her tongue across his, and then softly over the roof of his mouth, the result was the same. Realized that his response to her caresses served only to excite her further, made her eager to do more to please him, to make him shiver.

He slowly took back control of the kiss. Her actions, every touch was done so shyly, so hesitantly at first, let him know that even kissing wasn't something she'd done a lot of. That thought pleased him. For not having much experience, the woman was one hell of a kisser! He sought to know her mouth again, memorizing the feel of her, the taste of her, feeling the tremors in the body beside him, where his hand moved slowly up and down her side, over her arm to her shoulder. His fingers traced her collarbones. His lips became jealous. He moved his mouth to the corner of hers, placed tiny kisses over her cheek to her jaw. The skin of her throat was soft and fragrant and tasted like ambrosia. He nipped slightly at the muscle that connected her elegant neck to that soft, slender shoulder. Felt her shiver in response. Moved his mouth to suck gently on that tender spot just behind her ear. The sharp shudder that moved over her body in reply made him smile against her skin, and do it again.

Her arms were around his shoulders now, although he was still leaning on one arm beside her. His hand was moving so gently over her body that it was as relaxing, as reassuring, as it was arousing. His attention to her neck was making her crazy! It felt so good; she felt every kiss, every nibble, every bite in the hardening of her nipples and the increasing heat between her thighs. He was pushing the strap of the teddy off her shoulder, his lips following the satin down her arm. He took her hand, gently kissed her fingers, then suckled each one. He kissed and licked her palm, then her knuckles. He nibbled her wrist. Kissed his way to her inner elbow, which he licked until she began to giggle. Kisses back up to her shoulder. To her throat. Her lips. Oh, god how she loved kissing him! He'd shifted slightly, and was kissing his way down the other shoulder, pushing the strap of the teddy down with his fingers,  his lips following closely. Again he licked at her inner elbow until he had her giggling in response. Kisses to her wrist. Which he nibbled. Her right hand received the same loving attention as her left hand.

Sweet. Soft and fragrant and sweet. That was the thought that kept echoing in his head as he made love to her, tasted her. He pulled away slowly. It was time. He wanted…needed to see her…all of her. Needed to taste her, touch her. Needed to make love to her. "As sexy as this is, let's get it off," he whispered.

She nodded slightly. Let him push the material away from her breasts. Lifted her body up so that he could push it from her torso, then over her hips. She pulled her legs up to her chest so that he could get it over them. Watched him toss it carelessly over his shoulder as she stretched back out beside him.

"Sweet Jesus!" he breathed, looking at her for the first time. That elegant neck led to a creamy décolletage, which in turn led to round, firm breasts with pink areolas and pink nipples that were already standing firm. They were perfect and beautiful and he could spend hours making love to them, he was sure of it! Her waist was indeed narrow, and led to hips not much wider. Her legs were long for her height, and slender, just like the rest of her. At the apex of those firm thighs was a neatly trimmed vee of dark blonde curls that couldn't quite hide the pink flesh between them. "You're exquisite!" he whispered.

She blushed. "You're…pleased?"

He looked into her eyes, brushed a strand of blonde silk from her face. "Pleased. Honored. Blown away. You're so very beautiful!"

Her blush deepened, her eyes danced with happiness. He liked her! In spite of all her physical flaws, he liked her!

He wanted to taste her. Touch her. All of her. All at once! He shook his head mentally. Easy, Danny boy. You have all night, he told himself. He hastily pulled off his boxers, tossed them in the general direction of the floor, then lowered his head to kiss her once again. Slow and easy and gentle. He rolled until he was lying on her, the majority of his weight on her legs. He wanted both hands free to touch, feel, play with those beautiful breasts! He kissed his way to her neck. Nibbled those prominent collarbones. Then down to that valley between those enticing orbs. He wrapped his hands around them, felt the hard nipples pushing against his palms. He massaged them, then began to kiss and lick his way around one breast, moving slowly toward the nipple. When at last he took that hard bud into his mouth, he almost moaned with delight. Sweet, so damned sweet!

Casey gave a soft sigh when he began to suckle. She'd never allowed a man…or boy when she'd been younger…to touch her like this. She'd been felt up by a couple of her boyfriends. Never had their hands touched her bare skin. Never had their mouths touched her. The sensations were mind-blowing. Her eyes were closed, her body arching toward the hands and mouth that were offering such pleasure. One hand was in his hair, she wasn't even aware that her fingers were clenched tightly, the other moved over his shoulder, his neck.

Her fingers were burning a pattern into his skin as they moved so softly over him. He loved the way she arched toward him, offering more of her body to his mouth, his hands. Her breath was coming hard and fast. His own breathing was a bit ragged. He had to reach down and adjust that aching flesh that throbbed between his legs, his ministrations affecting him as much as her. He continued to kiss and nibble at her breasts until her areolas were swollen, and her nipples hard pebbled points against her skin. He could wait no longer. He moved down slowly, his mouth never leaving her body. Her belly rippled beneath him as he thrust his tongue in and out of that sexy 'inny' navel. The heat from her womanhood was warming his chest, heating his entire body.

When he moved down, wrapped his hands around her thighs, she tensed for just a moment. No one had ever seen her…touched her…as intimately as he was about to do. She felt him hesitate, waiting for her to relax. She looked down at him, saw the question in his eyes. With a smile, she ran her fingers through his hair. And let him move her thighs apart. He smiled up at her, began to place gentle kisses on her hips, her mons. She moaned out loud when he lowered his mouth and licked her from stem to stern and back again. Her hips reflexively moved up to follow this giver of such intense pleasure.

Dear god, a man could lose his mind smelling and tasting such sweetness! Daniel Jackson was a far cry from being a 'player'. But he'd known - intimately - at least a half dozen women in the course of his life. And never had he ever been with a woman who smelled so good, so sweet; never had he tasted such sweetness. He recalled the Daniel of the other timeline saying something about the 'Hathor-gene'. And that it was 'natural' in Casey. His brain puzzled over this for a few seconds while his mouth worked that delectable flesh. He pushed the thought away. He'd worry about it later. Right now all he wanted was to know her…please her.

Was it possible to go insane from pleasure? If it was, she was definitely in danger of doing so! Casey had never hesitated to stroke herself to completion when her body just would not be calmed in any other way. But never had she experienced the sensations that were racing from the top of her blonde head to the tips of her scarlet painted toes. She knew that for her, the only man who could orchestrate such a response in her was Daniel. Never before had she wanted from a man what she wanted from Daniel. Had never wanted to give a man what she wanted to give him. She licked her lips at the thought of being able to make love to him, to taste him.

The soft sounds from the back of her throat were turning him on, urging him on. Pleasing him. She was too close. He wanted her first orgasm with him to be mind-blowing. He began to kiss her thigh. Kissed and licked and nibbled his way to her knee. He took her leg in his hands, licked the sensitive skin behind her knee, then worked his way to her ankle. Over her instep. God, what an incredibly sexy color she had her toenails painted! He kissed each toe, sucked each one gently. Put her leg down, lifted the other foot to his mouth. Watched her eyes. The green was so dark; the lust that filled them made him throb all the harder. He kissed and licked and nibbled his way back up to her thigh. Back to that sweet flesh that made him crazy with desire…need.

It was official. He was trying to drive her insane. She'd read romance novels where the hero had treated the heroine to such…worship. She'd never once believed it happened in real life. Now here she was, the recipient of such loving treatment that her mind was near overload. By the time he was settled back between her thighs every nerve ending was vibrating. Her body was reaching for that beautiful climax that she could feel…could see shimmering just out of her reach. He was teasing her, tormenting her, ignoring the very spot that needed his attention the most. Her clit was crying out for his touch, and if he didn't do something soon, she would! He continued to lick her, kiss her, she could feel him work his tongue in and out of her hot, aching well. But that wasn't what she needed! She slipped a hand down over her mons…

Daniel caught her hand, kissed her fingers, held them tightly. No way, babe, he thought gleefully. No cheating. Her body was shaking, she was panting, tossing her head from side to side. She was ready. He slipped two fingers inside her, began to stroke. At the same time he took her hard, swollen clit into his mouth, teased it with the tip of his tongue. When she was moaning, he began to suck hard, pushed three fingers into her, stroking deep and hard. A soft whimper filled her throat, her thighs began to quiver against his shoulders. Suddenly she was crying out his name, her back arched off of the bed, her hips in motion against his face, a flood of honey washing over his hand. He moved down, lapped at her, took the sweet nectar she gave him. He licked his fingers clean as well, then moved up slowly, kissing his way back to her lips, spending several delightful minutes on those luscious breasts.

She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, kissed him with all the love and gratitude that flooded her being when his mouth finally reclaimed hers. She'd never experienced anything as wonderful, as incredible as what had just happened. She was still trembling from the intensity of her orgasm. "That was the most amazing thing I've ever felt," she said softly.

He smiled. "Good."

"My turn."

He hadn't thought his cock could get any harder. But it did. Those two words turned his aching flesh to steel. He couldn’t help but grin when she put both hands on his chest and pushed. He rolled to his back, ready to let her do as much as she wanted to do. Not expecting her to do more than touch him a bit.

Casey looked down at the man who now owned her; heart, mind, body and soul. Her hair fell down around them, like a curtain hiding them from the world. She lowered her head, began to kiss him. He allowed her to maintain control of the kiss, giving her the chance to learn what pleased him. The need to touch him as he'd touched her, to know him, grew until she could fight it no longer. She kissed her way over his jaw, the roughness of his day-old beard against her tongue exciting to her. He smelled so good! Tasted pretty darned good, too! She kissed and licked and nipped at his throat. She giggled when she suckled at his Adam's apple, forcing him to swallow. She glanced up to see him grinning as well. She nipped at the muscle behind his ear. He shivered in response. She kissed her way to the other side of his neck, to give that muscle the same attention. Nibbled on his earlobe.

It had been a long time since he'd been with a woman. He was pretty sure that he'd been with that woman…Kegan, if he remembered correctly…when he and the rest of the team had been 'memory stamped' and placed as slaves in an underground power facility. He had - images - in his mind of a hurried, forbidden coupling…no foreplay, just straight down to business. But that had been over a year ago. The one thing he knew with absolute certainty was that never had a woman made love to him with such…enthusiasm! He could only hope to last long enough to make her come again! He closed his eyes when she began to give his hands and arms the same attention he'd given hers. There was love in every touch, every caress, and it was making him so hard it hurt!

When she turned her attention to his chest, she tried not to be intimidated by the size of the erection that rose almost straight up from his body. Virgin that she was, she was aware of the fact that Daniel was very well endowed. Stallion was the word that flittered through her mind. She sent up a prayer to the Goddess that she'd be able to please him. She kissed her way from one flat, brown nipple to the other. Never realized that making love to a man in this manner could be such a turn on! The fire that had burned in her before was beginning to grow again, she could feel the flames licking at her. She moved down to his belly, tickled his bellybutton with her tongue. She'd never touched a man. Never. The need to touch Daniel, to please him urged her on. For a few seconds the paragraphs from one of Kelley's books explaining the male reproductive organ and fellatio flashed across her brain. She almost giggled out loud. Okay, she understood the mechanics. It was time to find out if she could deal with reality.

When she ran her fingers through his pubic hair, then wrapped her soft hand around the base of his cock, his hips rose off the bed, and Daniel was afraid he was going to blow his load right then and there. He had to think about something else, anything but the incredible feeling of her hand on him. Paperwork! Yeah, all that damned paperwork the Air Force demanded for every mission. Pre-mission and post-mission paperwork. Request forms for the tools that he required. Sweet Jesus, what is she doing? He opened his eyes. Watched as she took as much of him into her mouth as she could. He dropped his head back on the pillow and moaned. It felt so freaking good! She was moving up and down, her hand working him with the same rhythm. Her mouth was hot and wet and eager, and what she was doing with her tongue had to be illegal somewhere! Oh god, that feels so goddamned good!

He was throbbing hard and fast. According to the books she'd read, that meant he was close to his climax. She wasn’t quite ready for him to come…not yet. She grinned mentally. Besides, he'd teased her before giving her relief! She let him fall out of her mouth, and let her body, her hands, her mouth decide what she should be doing. She held him gently with one hand, the other massaging his balls…they felt heavy…did they always feel this heavy? She licked them. Sucked them one at a time into her mouth. Moved back up to that magnificent shaft. She licked him like a lollipop, then like an ice cream cone. The precum that flowed so copiously from that tiny opening only made her want more. He'd been moaning; at first she thought it was because she'd hurt him somehow. Now she realized it was because she was pleasing him. Making him feel as good as he'd made her feel. That thought excited her even more. He was so hard! Yet the skin was warm and soft. Like velvet and steel in her hand, against her tongue. She knew that he was ready. Knew what she needed to do. She could do this. She would do this! She took him back into her mouth, re-established the rhythm that would give him the most pleasure. His hips were moving up to meet her each time she moved down on him. When she felt him throbbing hard and fast again, she knelt between his legs, putting herself directly over him, relaxed the way she'd practiced, let him slide back, felt him touch the back depths of her throat.

When she began to swallow he couldn’t hold out any longer. He cried out her name at the same moment he began to send hot come down her throat, his shoulders off of the bed, his toes curled. She continued to swallow until he stopped throbbing, then she slowly, gently licked him clean. Not once had a woman ever done that for him. Most of the women he'd been with gave him a cursory lick, maybe sucked the head a little bit. He'd certainly never been taken all the way like this! It was the most incredible thing he'd ever felt in his life! She was kissing her way back up his body. When she was more or less on top of him, he wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly. "And you were worried that you'd disappoint me," he said teasingly.

"I did it right?" she asked shyly, her cheeks the faintest shade of pink.

He grinned. "You did an amazing job, babe. More than any other woman I've ever been with."

She thought about this for a moment. Folded her arms over his chest and rested her chin on them. "You mean you've never had a blowjob before?"

He chuckled. "Not like that one. Never all the way."

"They have no idea what they've missed," she mused softly. Licked her lips.

He heard what she'd said, watched that pink tongue move over her lips, and felt his cock stir back to life. He pulled her closer, held her tighter.



"Have you ever gone Around the World?"

His heart began to pound in his chest. "No, can't say that I have."

"Want to?"

She was looking up at him, her green eyes full of innocence and excitement and love and dear god she was amazing and he loved her so damned much! She was a virgin, and she was offering herself to him in every way. Her faith, her trust, had his heart pounding ever harder. "Yeah, I'd like that. But if you get scared, or it hurts, at any time, we stop. Okay?"

She nodded. "Okay."

"Do you want a safety word?"

She shook her head. "No. We don't need one."

The faith in that simple statement filled him with such a rush of love that he felt as if he would explode. "You're sure?"

She nodded again. "I'm sure."

He rolled them over, putting her on the mattress beneath him. "I love you." This time he did mean to say those words. Needed to say them.

She shivered. "I love you," she whispered in return. Just before his mouth claimed hers. Oh, how she already adored his kisses! His hand was moving over her again, from her breast to her hip and back again.

"I want you ready for me," he whispered, as he lowered his head to her breast. His fingers slid between her thighs, stroked that swelling nub. He'd taste that sweetness once more before he took her. He made love to each breast until her breath was coming in soft gasps. He moved down between her legs once again. Smiled when she opened willingly, eagerly to him.

She couldn't help but moan when his mouth began to move over her. As eager as she was to feel him inside of her, the sensations he was giving her right now were so wonderful that she didn’t want him to stop. They were so pleasurable that they were enough to make her come. She could feel the rush of honey, felt him move down to catch it with his tongue. She wondered briefly if she tasted as good to him, as he did to her.

His cock was screaming at him. He wanted…needed to feel himself buried inside that sweet, beautiful body. He moved up, kissing her breasts on the way. "Are you ready?" he asked softly.

She nodded.

"If it hurts, let me know."

She nodded again.

He shifted completely over her, lowered himself so that he was supporting his weight on his forearms. He reached down with one hand, rubbed the head of his swollen shaft against her, gathering that sweet honey for lubrication, then gently aimed for paradise. Pushed forward slowly. Sweet Jesus! She was tight and hot and wet and he was going to lose his mind!

She had her legs around his waist, her arms around his shoulders, holding tightly; not exactly sure what to expect. Again, she knew the mechanics. Just not the particulars. Her fingers...and a wine bottle...were one thing. A man, especially a man like Daniel, was something entirely different. He was moving slowly. Gently. She could feel him filling her inch by delicious inch. So full! It was amazing!

As slender as she was, his hips were against hers. She'd taken all of him. Just for me, he thought happily, she was made just for me! He remained still, allowing her body time to become accustomed to his presence. He felt her move her hips up and down, not much, but enough to send flames of white-hot pleasure shooting through his cock and up his spine.

She moved slightly. Wondered why he wasn't moving. Was something wrong? Was there something wrong with her? Trembling, she looked up into blue eyes filled with love.

"Are you all right?"

"I'm fine. It's amazing…you feel…amazing," she replied.

"So do you," he whispered. Her eyes were full of wonder. Of love. She had no idea what that look did to his very soul! His body was demanding action. Now. He began to move, pulling out a bit, then pushing back inside her. Her hips were meeting his with every gentle move he made. He pulled out farther, pushed back deeper. She gasped, and he stilled his movements, terrified that he'd hurt her. "Casey?"

"Don't you dare stop," she hissed, her hips moving against him.

He grinned. Began moving once again. Found a nice, slow, steady rhythm. She met him step for step in this dance of love. His own eyes went wide with surprise when he felt her shiver, the sudden rush of heat, of wetness that signaled that she'd come.

If she'd known that this was what making love was like, she'd have tried it sooner, she thought fleetingly. Before her heart pointed out that only Daniel's touch could bring her such pleasure. She'd never gone all the way with a man because she'd never felt the desire, the burning need, like she did with this man. When he lowered his head, began to mark her throat as he thrust in and out of her, she thought she'd lose her mind from the combined sensations of pleasure.

Once before he'd taken a virgin. She had become his wife as well. But even the pleasure he'd felt with Sha're couldn't compare to this! Especially since it had taken nearly a month before she was able to take him in all the way. For me, Casey was made just for me, his mind rejoiced once again. His body was demanding more…faster, harder, deeper. He increased his pace slightly, still afraid of hurting the beautiful woman lying beneath him.

She closed her eyes as he moved, taking her higher, ever higher, climbing a mountain she'd only heard about, dreamed about. Soon she'd dive off that cliff and soar among the clouds, she could feel it. She wasn't sure whether or not she should be moving as much as she was. But her body just wouldn't remain still. More, she cried out silently, more!

He knew what he wanted. What he needed. Struggled to maintain control of passion that threatened to break loose at any second. Her fingers were digging into the muscles of his back. Her hips were still moving with his, he could feel her grind up against him every time he pushed into her.

"Oh, god, more," she moaned softly.

That soft demand shredded what little control he had. He raised up on outstretched arms and began to pound into the willing body beneath him. Every time he thrust into her, he could feel her hips push against him, demanding, begging for all that he could give her.

Every romance novel she'd ever read flashed through her mind, the descriptions of the hero taking the heroine in just this way. Mere words would never be able to describe the intensity of the act, the wonder of making love. Oh, goddess, what a feeling! She never wanted it to end! She wanted to stay on this incredible ride forever!

He was getting close, it wouldn't be long now. He felt her thighs begin to quiver against his sides. Then that soft whimper, the most beautiful sound he'd ever heard in his life, filled his ears. She was almost there. The whimper turned into a dulcet song of love, her body arched beneath him, her fingers bit into his shoulders, and he could feel her warm well contracting around his throbbing cock, showering him with that sweet honey, soaking his balls and thighs. It was enough to send him over the edge. He hurtled over the side of the cliff, cried out her name, flew to the tops of the clouds and joined her there, his body pulsing deep inside hers. "Sweet Jesus," he whispered, dropping down on top of her.

She smiled. Held tightly to the man who had just made her a woman.

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