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When Destiny Calls

Chapter 6

He worked his arm beneath her hips, rolled over, keeping her on top of his body, maintaining the intimate contact between them. "Are you okay?" he asked, when he could breathe normally again.

"Mmmhmm. Is it always that amazing?"

He smiled. "For us it will be, I promise."

She snuggled closer to him. She glanced at the clock on the bedside table. Three hours. They'd been making love for three hours! And they weren't finished yet. She thought about the fact that he'd been ready to take her within a few minutes of coming when she'd made love to him orally. Grinned against his chest.


"What what?"

"What are you smiling about?"

She giggled, raised up on folded arms to look at him. "You have amazing recovery time."

He looked at her, took in the look of smug satisfaction. Which resulted in making him laugh out loud. "Think so, huh?"

"Mmmhmm. Most of the women I work with say if a guy can get it back up in fifteen minutes he's good. Which means that you're…I dunno…a real stud, I guess."

He laughed harder. "I think it has more to do with the fact that it's been awhile since I've been with a woman, and I've never been with a woman as incredible as you."

She blushed. "Does this mean that since you've now…um…'been with a woman', it'll take you fifteen minutes to recover?"

If he laughed any harder, his side was going to start hurting. Laughter. Something that had been woefully missing from his life for far too long. It seemed to happen so easily with her. He hugged her tightly. "Guess we'll just have to wait and see."

She wiggled her hips. "We still have one stop left on that trip Around the World," she said.

"Don't you worry, I'll be ready," he grinned. His cock was already proving him right as she wiggled her hips again.

"Definitely a Stud Muffin," she said, grinning wickedly at him.

"Only because of the Seductress I'm with," he replied.

Her eyes went wide. "Me? Seductress?"

"Oh, yeah. Beautiful. Tantalizing. Definitely a seductress."

"I'm not so sure that's a good thing," she said softly. It sounded too much like 'slut' to her ears.

He frowned slightly. Could see something in her eyes he didn't recognize. Along with something he did…fear. "It is when it's me your seducing," he said softly.

She smiled. "You're the only man I'd ever be interested in seducing."

He rolled them over. "Good." He began kissing her. Time enough later to talk. His body was demanding attention again, demanding to know more of this beautiful, enchanting…seductress. He was still inside her, he began to move slowly, afraid that she'd be sore from her first sexual experience. She continued to move against him, her hips meeting his thrust for thrust.

She had absolutely no idea how he was going to move from…well, where he was…to where he needed to be to complete their 'trip'. But she had absolute faith that he'd never hurt her. His hand was moving over her breasts, squeezing, massaging, tugging on nipples that grew harder with every passing second. Her own hands were on his chest, toying with his nipples, felt them answer the stiffening in hers.

He had to make her ready, make sure that she'd feel as little pain with his first entry as possible. He pulled out of her, moved his mouth to her breasts, began to make love to them. His hand slid between her thighs. He found that hard, swollen nub at the top of her folds, began to tease it, worry it with his fingers. Within seconds her hips were moving against his hand. He slid two fingers inside her, pushed his thumb against that ever swelling clit, and continued to stimulate her, his mouth never leaving her body as he moved from one sweet, hard pink nipple to the other and back again. When she began to whimper, he slid another finger into her warm well, pushed deep and hard, rewarded when her hips came off of the bed, she cried out, and a rush of warm honey washed over his hand. He gently began to move that wetness to that tiny opening behind her well, rubbing her honey around and around it.

When he first touched her…there…she jerked slightly. His mouth never stopped moving, he never stopped suckling, his hand stilled until she relaxed again. His ministrations to her breasts were working her up all over again, and when he slid a finger into her ass, she was ready. It was an interesting sensation as he moved his finger gently. Pleasing, even. She was surprised when he took his hand away from her, moved over her and slid his magnificent erection back into her warm, waiting well. Maybe he's changed his mind, she thought briefly, before the intense sensations of being full pushed all thought away. He reached down and put one arm under her leg, brought it up to her shoulder.

"Curl up, just a little bit," he whispered.

She obeyed, her hands on his shoulders, moving them up and down his arms.

"If it hurts too much, we stop. If you get scared or don't like it, we stop. Just tell me, okay?"

His eyes were full of love…concern. Which sent such a rush of love to her heart that she shivered. "Okay."

Satisfied that she understood that she was in complete control, he nodded, thrust into that sweet warm well a few more times to completely coat his aching cock, then he pulled out of her. He reached down and gently rubbed his shaft against that tight little opening. He pushed slowly, knowing that there was no way that she wouldn't feel a bit of pain.

She closed her eyes. Felt the head of his cock move past that tight ring. For just a few seconds sharp, intense pain flooded her senses. She bit back a gasp, although her body reacted by tensing.

"Relax, babe, just relax," he whispered. He lowered his head and kissed her, moved his mouth to her jaw, her throat, the hand holding her leg caressing her gently.

She concentrated on what his mouth was doing, felt her body begin to relax. "I'm ready," she whispered.

He moved slowly, inching his way inside her body. So damned hot and tight! He heard her gasp again, froze in place. "Case?"

"I'm okay…it's just…different."

He couldn't help but smile. Yeah, it was different. The heat was intense, and she was so tight it hurt. But god what a feeling! He continued to move slowly, gasped himself when he realized his hips were against her body. Once again she'd taken every blessed inch of him!

If she lived to be a thousand she'd never understand why this was suppose to be a bad thing, she decided. The feelings were much different than when he was in her well. But not unpleasant.

As her body became accustomed to his presence she continued to relax. Now the sensations were nothing short of phenomenal. Years ago he'd made love to Sarah like this. Once. It had been her idea. But it had only happened one time. Shortly after that was a missed anniversary dinner, and the turbulent argument that followed. Three months later he'd left Chicago. Two months into the disastrous lecture tour, Catherine Langford had approached him.  Within a month after that he was working for the Air Force in Cheyenne Mountain. He knew that it had never been this…good. Never. His body was demanding more than just being inside her. "Case, I need to move," he said softly.

"Whatever you want…or need," she whispered, her hands moving over his chest.

Slowly he pulled back a bit. Pushed in. Pulled out. Pushed in. Dear god he was going to lose his ever-loving mind! It was incredible! He felt something against his groin, looked down to see her eyes closed, and one hand working between them, caressing that nub at the top of her folds, her fingers slipping down inside that sweet well. He groaned out loud. A fine sheen of sweat broke out over his chest, his shoulders, his upper lip as he fought the urge, the need, to drive into her body as hard and fast as he could.

Her hips were moving against him. She couldn't help it. She'd slipped her hand down between her legs before she realized what she was doing. She wanted…needed the stimulation. She watched his face, his eyes, from beneath her lashes. The look of pure lust had made her heart jump in her chest. He wasn't upset, or repulsed by her action. He was turned on! She opened her eyes slowly, smiled up at him. "Do you like it?" she asked softly.

He smiled. "Oh, yeah. How about you? Are you all right?"

"I'm fine. I need…I need more," she whispered.

Once again she shredded the self-control he'd been desperately clinging to. He put her ankle over his shoulder. Did the same with the other. Took her hips between his hands and began to move faster, harder, deeper. Could feel her fingers moving on her beautiful body.

Now this is interesting, she thought, breathing hard as she felt her climax building. Not bad at all. The sensations were much different, but every bit as strong, as pleasing.

Her first whimper startled him, he was afraid he'd hurt her. But when it turned into a full-throated moan of completion, his mind let go, his body took over, and he began drive into her as hard and fast as he could. She cried out again, her hips bucked against him, and he could feel the rush of warm honey run down on him. Within seconds he was following her into that abyss of pure pleasure, riding the waves of ecstasy that tossed them into the clouds. They clung to one another as their bodies slowly drifted back down from the heights.

She closed her eyes, smiled with satisfaction. Not only was she no longer a virgin, she'd just taken her first trip Around the World. And it had been absolutely mind-blowing. Daniel moved her legs so that he could lay on top of her again, and she wrapped them around his hips, her arms around his shoulders and held him tightly. He kissed her; his lips, his mouth, his tongue thanking her for what she'd given him.

Not only had this incredible woman given him the most precious gift a woman could give a man - her virginity, she'd given him the honor of being her first in every way. The first to hold her, taste her, feel her. He couldn’t help but grin knowing that her body belonged totally and wholly to him. He waited until he was certain that he wouldn't hurt her before he pulled away from her. He rolled to his side, completely spent.

She caressed his jaw with her fingers, then moved to the side of the bed. She wanted to clean up before going to sleep. When she put her feet on the floor and stood up, her knees nearly buckled. She grabbed onto the night table for support, gasped when she felt pain take hold in both tender places between her legs.

"Oh, god," he muttered, watching as she nearly fell. She couldn't even put her legs together! He had hurt her! He moved off the bed as quickly as he could, scooped her into his arms, carried her into the bathroom. He held her while he turned the water on, got it warm, then gently sat her in the bottom of the tub. Blood began to swirl through the rising water. He flipped the lever to let it out, grabbed the two washcloths from the rack and took them to the sink. He got them as hot as he could, then knelt down and pressed them firmly, but gently between her legs. "I'm so sorry," he whispered.

She looked up at him, the pain fading quickly. She put her hand against his cheek. "I'm not. Please tell me you don't regret what we just…what just happened."

"No! I don't regret it! But I hurt you! Why didn't you say something?"

She smiled. "Daniel, I was a virgin. A little blood is to be expected. As for hurting me, it never hurt, not while we were making love. I swear to you it didn’t! It was the most amazing thing I've ever experienced!"

Daniel couldn't help but smile at the light that danced in her eyes, the smile that told him that she had enjoyed making love with him. He continued to rinse the cloths, get them hot, hold them against her body. When he was certain that the bleeding had stopped, he filled the tub once again, slipped in behind her.

She leaned back against his strong, broad chest, the warmth of his body protection from the chill of the room. "Did I please you?" she asked softly.

He wrapped his arms around her, pulled her back against him, pressed his face against her hair. "More than any woman I've ever been with," he replied truthfully.

She smiled. He couldn't have said anything more perfect, she thought happily. To think that just a few hours earlier she'd been sitting on her bed, hoping for a miracle…she burst into giggles.

"What?" He was already grinning. If she was giggling, it was funny.

She shifted slightly so that she could see his face. "Just before you rang the doorbell, I was wishing that the Goddess would send me a miracle, send my Mr. Right into my life. I never expected Her to answer…or send you knocking on my door! I don't think I've ever had a prayer answered that quickly, or that perfectly!" She giggled again.

He chuckled. "I'd say that the Goddess had started this a few hours before you sent that prayer up. Guess She was answering mine," he replied.

Casey leaned against him. "I don't care whose prayer She answered, or answered first. I'm just glad that you found me," she said softly.

"Me, too, babe." He leaned his head back against the tiled wall. Realized that when he'd awoke that morning, he hadn't known Casey, only of her. She'd had no clue he existed. Now, he was sitting in a bathtub with her after five hours of the most intense, incredible sex he'd ever had! No, not just 'sex'. It would never be just sex with Casey. It would only be - always be - making love. Another thought occurred to him. "Do you have to go to work in the morning?"

She shook her head. "I asked Kelley to tell my boss I wouldn't be in."

"I'll go with you to talk to your boss sometime tomorrow," he said.


"To let him know why you're quitting all of a sudden," he replied.

Quitting? She smiled. Yeah, she thought, I'll have to quit. She was moving to Colorado. To be with Daniel. Her Destiny. She felt more than heard the yawn he tried to hide. She grabbed the closest wash cloth, and the little bar of soap the hotel provided. As soon as the cloth was filled with rich lather she turned and began to gently wash him. "You need to sleep. What time did you have to get up this morning?"

"Six," he mumbled, his eyes closed, her gentle touch relaxing him completely.

"What's the time difference between Colorado and here?"

"An hour."

"So that was five here. It's after one. No wonder you're exhausted," she said. She finished washing him, quickly washed her own body, then ran clean water to rinse in. "Come on, Daniel, let's get dried and go to bed."

"I thought we already went to bed," he replied, a grin on his face, although his eyes were still closed.

"Yeah, and I managed to wear your sexy ass out. Come on, you need sleep. I could use some sleep myself."

His eyes opened, his heart thumping with pleasure at her comment. "Are you always going to be this bossy?"

She grinned. "Yep."

"Uh huh. That's what I figured."

"Sorry you found me, now?"

He chuckled, wrapped his arms around her. "Nope." He helped her out of the tub, noticed that despite her protestations, she was still moving slowly. They dried one another, and then he picked her up and carried her back to the bed.

She stared at the sheets. In the middle of the bed was a large wet spot, slightly stained with blood. "Oh, hell!"

He glanced at her, saw the color of her cheeks, the embarrassment in her eyes. "Get used to it. Our bed will have a permanent wet spot."

She looked at him, then burst into giggles. "Let me get a towel. I can at least clean it up."

Daniel shook his head. "We can put a towel over it for now. We'll let the maid service worry about it."

"How utterly embarrassing," she complained.

"Honey, I'm sure it happens more than you realize. Don't worry about it," he said softly. He put her on the edge of the bed, left her long enough to grab the only dry towel left in the bathroom, and spread it over the tangible evidence of their lovemaking. "There."

She watched him settle into the bed. When he held his hand out, she took it, let him pull her into his embrace. They pulled the covers up, arranged the blankets over their already entwined bodies. She snuggled with her head on his shoulder, her arm around his waist. "Daniel?"

He reached over her, turned the lamp off. "Hmm?"

"Love you."

He pressed his lips to her forehead. "Love you too." The warmth of her body wrapped around his sent a shiver of happiness, of contentment down his spine. He hadn't slept with a woman in his arms since Sha're. Hadn't realized how much he'd missed the feeling, the comfort of a woman's soft touch, her gentle presence. He pulled her closer, smiled into the darkness as Casey cuddled as close as she could get to him. Sleep claimed both of them quickly and quietly.

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